Click on the book cover image to purchase your copy of YonTathia now!

Click on the book cover image to purchase your copy of YonTathia now!

Zackary Lester is elated by the success of his latest mission on LyZeath. Many obstacles had to be overcome to reach that milestone. However, milestones are not final destinations and so the journey continues.

Elation is never long lasting. The physical universe is in a constant state of random change and there is always something around the corner that will thwart any effort to establish a sustainable normalcy.  What does the universe have in-store for Zackary and his family now?

Did he truly achieve his latest mission or was it like a mirage that quickly disappears when you think you have finally reached it? As the old saying goes, be careful of what you wish for because you might just get it. How true. And how true it is that it never feels like one expects when they finally get it.

Zackary’s journey continues as he confronts new challenges with many unexpected twists and turns. His character will be tested well beyond what most people could endure. Will he be strong enough to withstand the tribulations to complete his journey home or will everything he worked for be lost? Is humanity doomed to die like the ancient dinosaurs?

One thing is for certain; he is heading for the biggest revelation that nobody could have foreseen.

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