Seney Chicken Breed

Hello Poultry enthusiasts!  I have decided to resurrect parts of my old website that were dedicated to the creation of the "Seney" breed of chicken that I began working on sometime in the 1990s. In 2012 I had to make a very important decision. I could no longer simultaneously pursue the perfection of creating a unique breed of chicken, write novels, immerse myself in gardening, and work for financial gain. Not to mention the various other hobbies and activities I pursue. Something had to give. I decided to end my tenure with chickens so I could save money and use the extra time to write my novels. It was the right thing to do. The four-volume Losing Humanity series never would have come to fruition without that sacrifice. As a dedication to the breed, I made sure to include them in a roundabout way in the Losing Humanity series. Have you found it yet?

The four-volume epic series has been written and now my 5th book is available to the public. During that time I have had numerous requests to re-activate the old site so people could study my projects. This chicken addition to my website is the answer to all of those requests.

I no longer own any of the Seney chickens I created. However, I recently decided to pursue creating a super hardy breed of chicken. That project can bee see on its own web page through the link below.

The links to the chicken portion of this website are below. I broke the site up into a couple of sections to keep the page size reasonable. Click the links below to visit the various Seney chicken pages. Enjoy!