Amazon Allowing 3rd Party Sales of Books

It has come to my attention through a news feed that Amazon has allowed 3rd party sellers to sell books published on Amazon’s site. Some of these sellers are counterfeiters. Other sellers take book orders and then purchase the books through Amazon or Ingram Sparks and then have then shipped to their customers, taking the profit.

I have argued with Amazon to stop this practice, but to no avail. Thus, I need to warn my customers of this practice. I did not authorize the sale of my books from those 3rd party vendors. However, I cannot stop Amazon from using their site for this practice to proliferate.

The news feed showed counterfeit books being sold by some of the third party vendors. The quality is not as good because they have poor printers.

If you use Amazon to purchase books, be sure to order only from Amazon, not the other sellers listed. There is no guarantee that the book you get will be authentic otherwise. And if it is counterfeit, then it is an illegal copy.

I will also stress that if you purchase an eBook digital version of one of my books that you do so directly on my website at That will assure you that you will receive a current copy and it has nothing else added to the file that could compromise the integrity of the file or your device.