Senate Majority Leader McConnell Should Resign

I am appalled at how Senate Majority Leader McConnell refuses to vote on bills if they are not blessed by Donald Trump. That is a travesty!

Congress is supposed to act independent of the President. Our forefathers made it clear that there are the tree points of government; the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President. Each is supposed to act independent of the others. Regardless of that intent, since Trump was put into office, the Republicans in Congress have bowed to him and have become his servants, regardless of the negative impacts to our government and county.

Congress was afraid of Trump and therefore was subservient to him during Trump’s first two years in office. The Republicans in Congress saw Trump as an opportunity to get what they wanted while stroking him to get it. They sold their dignity and their loyalty to their country for personal conquest.

The people of the United States did not like that and took action by voting for a Democrat controlled House of Representatives. The message was clear. Nevertheless, the Senate Republicans are acting like sore losers and are kicking Americans in the teeth for voting. This is a payback tactic to Americans by Senate Republicans and a tantrum fit by Trump for not being able to have his way now that one part of the triangle is not his servant anymore. How childish by both of them. They all need to grow up.

When the Senate gets a bill from the House, it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY and obligation to hold a vote on it. They should never second-guess the President and should take an independent stand based on their values and the facts presented. That is the way it needs to be done. That way, the citizens will see their elected officials taking action and know how they will vote on important issues. But no, they will not do that because they only want to vote when they absolutely know that a bill will pass so they will look like they are getting things done when they take a photo opportunity with the President. That is wrong.

The Senate needs to do their job and take a stand regardless of the threats from the President. They should send a clear message to the President that he alone does not control the United States. That is the type of representation that the people voted for. They did not vote for a bunch of lackeys that are so set in their partisan ways that they cannot function as an independent arm of government.

Therefore, we have no other choice than to vote them all out. Flush the toilet of stagnation and start over. Vote in representatives that are true representatives OF THE CITIZENS and who will act as an independent arm of the government, like it was designed to do. Refuse the let our government turn into an autocratic government like Russia and North Korea.

McConnell has proven himself to be dysfunctional and nothing more than Trump’s water boy. He should resign and do something else with his life. It is obvious that he is not fit to be the Leader of the Senate, much less a Senator at all. Quit and give somebody else a chance to get government back on the right tract. McConnell, you are no longer functional. It is clearly time for you to retire.