I was aghast when I heard a Trump supporter state that all 17-year-old boys attempt to rape girls. She described it as if it was a right to passage into adult life. She further stated that if Kavanaugh actually did attempt to rape Ms. Ford, that it was okay now and it should not keep him from being on the Supreme Court. It is days like that when I feel ashamed of what our country is turning into.

No, not all 17-year-old boys attempt to rape girls. Yes, they all want to have sex, but to suggest that all have rape on their minds is absurd. This woman’s moral compass is spinning wildly. Apparently she is drunk from Trump’s coolaid pitcher.

Hearing this woman describe “all 17-year-old boys” brings back a memory of a girl that rode to an occupational school on our Town’s bus. Our school would pick up students from another town as a shared service. I remember her as being a bit spunky and being hit on verbally by my school’s boys. She always held her own against them and kept them at bay.

One day she boarded the school bus and was deeply depressed and sad, not wanting to look at anyone. It didn’t take long for the boys to rib her about “last night”. She became furious and yelled at them for suggesting that she was a whore. As the trip progressed, the story unfolded.

A boy from our school and some of his friends picked this girl up to drive around and drink beers. He settled into the back seat with this girl and began to force himself on her. He raped her and bragged about it to his friends. He told everyone how much she enjoyed it.

This girl was not a virgin. And yes, she admitted that she liked to have sex. However, she did NOT want to be raped. She was mortified by what happened and was a changed person from that point forward. The boys would taunt her, probably hoping to be able to have sex with her. In their warped little minds, they maybe hoped that she might think they would stop if she gave them sex. I felt truly saddened for this young woman.

The story continues…

This girl did not report the incident. Nothing ever happened to the rapist. In-fact, the rapist went on to get married and have children. Sounds like he turned out alright, does it not? Maybe he “outgrew” his 17-year-old urges to rape girls, that the woman mentioned above said is normal.

For a time, the rapist appeared to be normal. He even developed into a god-fearing and Jesus-loving Christian. I say “appeared” because most people never really know what happens behind closed doors.

And then he shot his mother-in-law and wife.

No… not all 17- year -old boys are rapists, and yes; the rapist should always be held accountable for their actions, lest someday they feel too empowered and cause significantly more damage.