The Hate Must Stop!

I have been talking with people regarding current politics and the more I listen, the more disturbing it feels. The division between Americans is escalating. What is fueling it? Trump. Yes, it is as simple as that. EVERY conversation centers on him.

The dividing line is firmly between “Democrats” and “Republicans”. It is as if each side views the other side as evil and unrighteous. Trump keeps bashing liberals and Democrats and Democrats return fire and bash conservatives and Republicans. This is what Putin wants. This is what Putin is happy to see.

It MUST stop!

I am getting so tired and disgusted hearing people bash other people solely based on what political party they are enrolled in. People are no longer considered “Americans”. You are either an R or a D. That’s right; you are only one of two different peoples, neither of which is American.

It is so frustrating talking to people when they have firmly taken a stand based on what they have been brain washed to believe. The denial of the truth that I must constantly content with is exasperating.  Nobody wants to listen to the other side. Every person is digging in as if their entire life is at risk if they even dare to listen to the other “side”.  I cringe when a person suddenly blurts out “those damned Democrats trying to get handouts” or “those damned racists Republicans”.


Most of the people I talked to have a difficult time trying to figure out which party I am enrolled in because I actually listen and then attempt to present the truth. I also tell them how I see things based on facts, education, and experience. The end result is that neither side wants to hear that when I say it. They simply do not want to hear it. They have shut off communications with people that have ideals dissimilar to their own. And their own is NOT actually their own; it is a perception created by a political organization that is playing to the money that provides them a paycheck.

I have said this time after time; WE ARE NOT DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS!


So stop your hate spreading and political bashing. It gets you nowhere! If you think it will make another person change their party enrollment, you are seriously mistaken.

Focus your efforts on the people that are governing our country and find effective ways to present your views there. If that does not work, then create a monumental wave of opposition TO THE POLITICIAN. That is democracy. Democracy is not about bashing people solely based on their party enrollment.

If people continue the hate that Putin has seeded and incubated through election medaling and presumed blackmailing, then this country will face civil unrest that we have not seen in a very long time. If that escalates further, we may lose the country as we know it.

There is no alternative other than to work together to resolve issues facing our country and people. One person cannot fix everything. One person cannot make a country great. The people are what make this country great. And if half of our citizens cannot talk to the other half, then this country will never be great. In-fact, since Trump was elected, this country is no longer great. Why do I say that? Because NOBODY of authority trusts Trump, no other country respects us anymore, our policies to protect our country for our children and grandchildren are being destroyed, and the hate continues to boil over. How could a country ever be great if half of the people vehemently hates the other half? IT CANNOT!


Begin by catching yourself when you are about to blurt out some stupid sentence that bashes all “Democrats” or all “Republicans”. Simply stop the hate. Refuse to hate. If you can do this, then Russia’s influence over our government fails. You will also be able to detect the truth through the fog of disinformation. You will be able to read all articles and decipher the real truth yourself. Read articles from several sources to identify the truth.

EVERY media entity leans one way or the other a bit. But most, even when they do lean one way or the other, will generally impart the truth in some form. Some media stations are staunchly one-sided and have no qualms about presenting news in a sided fashion, often so severely bending the truth as to present it completely false. Stop listening to those stations; you are being brain washed. You know which ones they are. They are perfectly designed to brain wash you and to make you keep coming back to them like a drug habit. Just stop. Be YOU. YOU find the facts and identify the truth yourself. Liberate yourself TODAY!

Furthermore, STOP reading and participating in the comment sections of news media websites. They are filled with people trying to brain wash you into hating. They are wolves preying on your vulnerability for hate. This is where foreign countries manipulate your mind. Most of those commenters are NOT Americans. They are posers that are trying to polarize you and to manipulate our elections. Just stop reading them. Period.

If you hear somebody that is bashing all Democrats or all Republicans, then interrupt their tirade and explain to them that we are all Americans and no group should be stereotyped or hated. If they refuse to stop stereotypically bashing a group, then walk away. They will NEVER listen to you regardless if you present the truth in a video. Their brain has been brainwashed into shutting you out. And that folks is a real tragedy. When a person develops into this type of person, then they have given up their liberty to think to some fat-and-happy political boss that is bending to the whims of the entity that gives them the most money.

Don’t be their puppet. Do not play their game. Keep and defend your liberty to think on your own and to find the facts as they exist, not how they are presented by a political party or polarized group.

On a positive note, I want to welcome the visitors to my website this week from the countries of Ireland, United Kingdom, Philippines, China, Denmark, and Canada. I hope you do not judge our people by a few disingenuous government officials. Like your countries, we have a few bad apples that try to spoil the entire basket. Most Americans are kind, respecting, open minded, and tolerant of others dissimilar to themselves. Change will come and our country will once again regain the respect and adoration it once had in the global community. We are all from one, and of one. We all share this world together as spiritual equals. The more we work together for the good of all, the more assured is our journey home.

Live Strong and True,

RJ Seney