Torturing Children in the USA

I’ve had enough of hearing about the White House Administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Furthermore, Congress should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping up to address this atrocity. Trump, being the bold-faced liar that he is, says it is the Democrats fault. Somebody remind him that Congress and the White House are run by the Republican majority. And somebody show him footage of Democrats trying to get into the facilities holding these poor children.

My fellow Americans; we have had enough of this shit that has befallen on America. Make America Great Again? Really? Is this what being “great” is? Torturing innocent young children by separating them from their parents? Do you go to sleep at night thanking “god” for giving us a person like Trump to do this to children?

Separating a child from their parents is the absolute most terrifying thing you can do to a child. Remember back to when you were a child. What scared you the most? Put yourself back as a child and with your parents in a strange place and then think about being abducted away from your parents by strangers. Does it get worse than that? No. It is traumatizing. And we all should know by now that trauma leads to mental instability and PTSD afterwards.

We are now creating our own ISIS generation with these children. They will ALWAYS remember what happened to them and will learn to hate us. It will be firmly ingrained into their minds. HATE will grow from this sick method of handling children. It reminds me of Nazis separating Jewish children from their parents before sending them to concentration camps or gas chambers. IT IS NO DIFFERENT! Children are children. It is equally traumatizing. And yet, we grow numb and callous to it. So too did the German citizens.

We “should” be better than that, but Putin gave us a President whose entire purpose is to shatter the humanity of American citizens.  Unfortunately it is working. We should be knocking down the walls of these facilities to reunite the children with their parents; but no, we go home and sit in front of our phones or TV as if nothing bad is happening. That is part of the plan in the destruction of our country. Do so much bullshit and tell so many lies that we see it as white noise while it destroys our core values. Destroying the United States from within without having fired a single shot.

There will be a steep price to pay for this horrid conduct and complicity. Our Physical Universe assures equilibrium and our Spiritual Universe sees, hears, and feels everything. Nothing is ever done in a vacuum. Don’t be surprised to see attempted child abductions from the families of the legislators. I’m not suggesting that anyone do this. I am pointing out reality. We already had a shooter try to take out members of Congress. Kidnapping certainly is in the realm of possibility. There will soon be a lot of children that will grow into resentful adults with an axe to grind. Heck, there are probably family relatives of these children that are already trying to figure out how to seek revenge.

Every child has a spirit just like you do. Every child has a spirit that came from the same place as you did. There were no walls or containment facilities within the spiritual universe when your spirit came to you. We must always remember this when we are put into a position to make legislation that affects people.

Every country needs to control the amount of immigration; everybody can agree to that. Otherwise it would be the wild-wild west forever. However, it is not rocket science to create fair policies for immigration. It is also not rocket science to create ways to return illegal immigrants with their families that came with them. Furthermore, it is not rocket science to create legislation that would allow the necessary immigration to fill jobs that Americans simply will not do.

What we are seeing is hatred toward other humans in such a despicable scenario as to torture children to reduce illegal immigration. Really? That is as smart as we are? Torture children to reduce illegal immigration? To a child, separation is worse than being water boarded. Yet, Congress sits back and lets it happen.

Here is a better method of handing illegal immigrants, without spending much time to think it out: When illegal families are caught, put the parents into hard labor and make them care for their children while they are in hard labor. There would be no pay for their work. They would work to cover their room and board and the expenses to be returned to their native country within 1 month. Simultaneously, create legislation to create legal ways for immigrants to come into our country to work. They will be taxed a foreign worker’s fee that will be held in a trust for them. At the end of their “term” they will voluntarily return and receive their fee back or be returned to their native country at their expense, using the collected fee. But we will not separate the children. Any person forced back will never be allowed into the USA again.

Another piece of legislation is to make it so children that are born in the USA to illegal immigrants are not citizens automatically. If a person is here illegally, then they are foreign trespassers and therefore cannot have children that are Americans. Immigrants that arrive legally will fall under a different rule where their children will be Americans if born here.


We can devise humane ways to deal with people, especially children. This is not difficult.

Disincentives should NEVER be oriented toward hurting children. Never. We are better than that. Our government isn’t (at the moment), but we should be. If you sit back and let our government turn against humanity, then you are as guilty as the ones doing these atrocities. Sitting back and ignoring it because you “think” you are a “Republican” is foolish and stupid. We are NOT Republicans or Democrats. We are Americans. And it is time that we stepped forward to remind our government of that fact and hold them accountable and responsible. If they are so incompetent or adamant to not change, then we must change them.

Start by learning who is running for office in 2018. Learn everything about the candidates. Some candidates you will need to dig out because they are not funded very well. That does not mean that they should not be considered. It is difficult to be an unknown and get funding. Furthermore, they may be the best candidate because big business is not breast feeding them ideas and money.

If Congress remains fully in the hands of Republican candidates after the 2018 elections, then that will be a signal for citizens to act before we are completely destroyed. If citizens act together they will not be able to stop you. Show the White House what really huge numbers of people look like. And then do not stop until you see the resignations. Be relentless.  Stop child abuse now! Stop the wanton destruction of our country now!

RJ Seney