Asian Alliance

Trump has been bragging and taking credit for North Korea’s move to stop nuclear tests and missile launches.  What an idiot.

What we are seeing is a strategic move from North Korea and China. Those meetings between Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping, and Moon Jae-in are neither happenstance nor are they the result of anything resembling strategy from Trump. Trump is incapable of calculated strategy. He is reactionary and vindictive. In other words, he can be very predictive and manipulated.

Kim Jong-un tried intimidation to push its way to nuclear power and to be a force to be reckoned with so he could be a world player. That was short sighted on his part. Faced with lackluster results, he has moved to strategically get what he wants and needs.

What Kim Jong-un wants now is to be a collaborator in making America weaker and the Asian sector of our world the number-one world power. He has learned that China controls that sector and to negate that influence is catastrophic to his desires and to his country.

And China is all too pleased to help. Make no mistake, Trump has slapped the face of Xi Jinping and Xi will not forget that. Trump is a bull-shitter and tries to make nice to keep things cool between China and the United States when he pushes the envelope, but Xi is calculating, patient, and a strategist. He plays for the long game, not the short game.

China has been steadily increasing its military and is forming new alliances around the globe. It is also becoming a presence in more countries. That is a sure sign of confidence, strategy, and unrelenting ambition.

What you are seeing is not a reaction by North Korea from anything Trump has done. Rather, what you are seeing is China and North Korea collaborating to work peacefully together to push the United States out of the Asian sector. And that is where South Korea comes in. Hence, that is where Kim Jong-un began. When China, North Korea, and South Korea begin to collaborate for strength, you will see an alliance that will be extremely formidable. North Korea will not even need a missile or a nuclear bomb. They will let China lead with that intimidation and then prosper from their newfound relationship.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to alienate the United States from its allies, is weakening our standing in the world when we close-in on ourselves, and is putting us in a position where we are burning our resources at three ends. Always remember that the absolute worst thing you can do to your “self” is to be selfish. Nothing weakens a spirit more than selfishness. And there is no one more selfish than Trump. He is selfish to an extreme fault and the major powers are playing him as an idiot because of it. Russia plays him like a fiddle and is positioning our country in a horrible situation that is making it difficult to extract ourselves from.

All this is going on while Trump struggles with accusatory porn stars and tries to bob-and-weave from blows to the head stemming from the Russia investigation. If anyone can’t see that Russia has influenced the past presidential election, then they are in such denial that their brain has ceased to work. They have shut it down in extreme denial. Well, get over it! Deal with what is directly in front of your eyes. I shake my head in disgust when I see so many people deny the blatantly obvious because they are so afraid to admit that they made a mistake by backing Trump. They are willing to sacrifice our country and the future of their children simply to protect their ego. Again, can you see the selfishness? Do you see what it breeds? Look! Listen!

The right thing to do is for Trump and Pence to resign. It is such a simple solution; yet, their egos are so big that they are willing to sacrifice all of us for their own selfishness. Don’t count on them resigning unless they are pressured to. They are in it too deep and there are too many skeletons in the closet that they need to protect while in power.

The United States is becoming weaker, the Asian alliance is becoming stronger, and Russia is playing a strategic game of wearing us down. Folks, wake up and see what is right in front of your eyes! DEMAND the resignation of Trump and Pence. It is the only way that we can head this off. There is NO other scenario that can stop this in the short term. Congress is not going to help you. Unless you can vote enough new members from the Democratic party, this charade will continue until the United States is just a shell of its former glory.

The one consistency with Trump is that you need to believe the exact opposite of what he tells you. I have not seen this fail yet. He is ALWAYS lying and never means what he says. He is consistently deceitful. If you can accept that, then you can ignore him and move forward to do what must be done. Don’t sit home and hope that someone is going to shoot him dead. Firstly, we never want that to happen to any US President. Secondly, it will fuel and fan the flames of division in the United States. Russia has started several fires in our country in an offensive attempt to divide us. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN! Resist the temptation to hate other Americans! In-fact, resist the temptation to hate the people of any other country. We are all humans and our spirits are all from the same place.

Be strong and demand that our country be true to the world and its people. Uniting the people of the United States and then reestablishing our bonds with our allies is the only path to security and peace in the future. Our goal is to always work toward world peace and acceptance of all cultures that are peaceful.

So, is the Asian Alliance bad? Think about it for a moment. You have three countries trying to work peacefully together to become stronger together. North Korea and South Korea have been enemies for decades. The lives of the North Korean people must be horrendous. And China is faced with pressure from the United States that is going to hurt their economy. They are reacting like any other human would react to protect itself. It is forming an alliance that will protect and strengthen its own people. That is to be expected. The good aspect is that there may be peace in the Asian sector. The bad part of it is that the strength is being built with an ulterior motive to weaken the United States.

Here is what you can do:

·       Stop hating. Anyone. Just stop. Always think of people as humans that are trying to build a life and provide for their families. Accept differences in culture and physical attributes and relish the uniqueness that makes us different and interesting. That alone will stop the divide between ourselves and between our country and the rest of the world, allowing us to think with our spirits instead of our selfish physical part.

·       Demand the resignation of Trump and Pence. Settle for nothing less. Band together, gather everyone you know, protest, and create a show of force. This is the only way to stop the nonsense. We need to bring in a President that can focus on uniting our country and tightening our alliances across the world. It will also allow for a new cabinet to create positive legislation that will protect our environment, bring healthcare to everyone, and focus on positive initiatives to create financial equity amongst our people.

·       Vote out the “resistors” in congress. I am not political and abhor the idea of suggesting that we strictly vote in “Democrats”. However, I am going to make an exception in an attempt to “right the ship”. With that being said, PAY ATTENTION to the candidates in the Primary election! Take time away from your Facebook, games, and TV to learn who the candidates are. I have been receiving literature from several congressional candidates and I save them to compare them against each other. Also go and visit their websites to learn about them. Just because they are all Democrats does not mean they all have the same agenda. We need members of Congress that are willing to listen objectively to issues brought forward by both parties. We have seen what electing “resistors” leads to. When it comes time for an elected official to stop resisting and begin to govern, these candidates are clueless and gutless when it comes time to actually run the country. Get rid of the resistors! Vote in hard-working candidates that have a track record of getting things done. And be wary of the candidates that are simply for anything that is currently popular. Good representatives will take the time to learn all sides to an issue before taking a stand.

·       Stop being afraid to tell Trump believers that you do not support him and then be sure to tell them why. If we remain passive (and too nicey nice), then lies will continue to be reinforced. People must hear what most of us see. You do not need to be mean-spirited or aggressive. Simply state what is true and that you wish for our country to be better than that. Don’t get into an argument with them. There is nothing to win and a lot to lose. That is a bad combination. Trump supporters have been brain washed into being confrontational and aggressive. Simply state your opinion and the obvious facts and then move on. Fighting them will actually work against the situation and they know that. Don’t let them draw you into a confrontation.

·       Don’t do nothing. Being passive or allowing yourself to be afraid will harm you and your family in the long term. You must be strong for your family. If you do not do that now, it will only be more difficult later when you will have less opportunity to make a difference. With overwhelming numbers, being united, and being relentless, it will force the necessary changes to protect our country and to bring back world unity.

The new Asian Alliance initiative should be a wakeup call to the entire world. Unlike Trump’s self-serving initiative, they are showing the world that unity is stronger than divisiveness. Collaboration and peace is stronger than inward-looking and selfishness. We can learn from what is happening, but also compile a strategy to not be caught off-guard in how it will affect our world standing and security. That is what governing a country entails. And right now, we have no government. It is time for you to take a stand so we can have a functioning government again. YOU have that power if you allow your spirit to be strong enough to do it. We do not have to settle for corruption. Do what Congress refuses to do!


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RJ Seney