Spirituality, Long Hair, and Cults

Odd title, you might say. Yes… it is.

So… how are those subjects related? What would tie them together?

If you have been following the news (and who doesn’t these days) then you will have seen the newest cult in the headlines. Nxivm is in the spotlight for being a sex cult that brands women and turns them into sex slaves. Several of the pictures show a man with long hair. According to the Nxivm website, the company “is a community guided by humanitarian principles that seek to empower people and answer important questions about what it means to be human.”

In other words, they are going to play spiritual mind games with you so you will give them money and obtain power over you. Brainwashing 101. Keith Raniere is the founder of these “empowerment” programs that are supposed to help executives prosper and people to be better humans. People sign up for them in droves in the hopes of getting that “key” to becoming rich or powerful. Everybody wants money and power instantly and the predators will find them and take advantage of their weakness.

Good grief! No wonder it is nearly impossible to reach people about true spirituality. Every clown with long hair and a knack for brainwashing people has seriously hindered that possibility.

When I begin to talk to people about spirituality I can feel the shift in their thoughts and they immediately become defensive and protective. I can’t fault them for that when you see these nut-cases screwing with people’s minds. The fact is; there are always wolves at the gate ready to pounce. There always has been and always will be. This is not anything new. Humans are humans, regardless of which country they were born in or what time-period in which they existed. And people have been getting brainwashed for tens of thousands of years. If you think that you have not, then you might consider yourself to be an atheist. But even atheists can form into cults. Religions are simply more acceptable cults for societies. You don’t think so? Then maybe you should interrupt a priest saying mass and go up to the altar to tell everyone that they are brainwashed and that god does not exist. You better have an escape plan.

So what does long hair have to do with anything?

A lot.

Think back to the 60s when hippies were growing their hair and beards out, women stopped shaving, and casual sex was encouraged. Many formed communes that preached sexual freedom, natural living, casual drugs, and free spirituality. That formed an impression on society. And it was not a good one.

As we saw over time, they all fell apart. Why? Because they were not even close to be spiritual, not many of the members worked, many became addicts, others fell victim to sexually transmitted diseases, and their lifestyle was not sustainable. It was nothing other than another form of brainwashing and doing whatever the-hell a person wanted to do. Well folks, you can only do that for so long and you will find yourself with no money, no job, possibly in jail, with illegitimate children you cannot support, and living on the street doing drugs. And that is what people see when they see men with long hair and beards.

Why does this bother me? Because it gives nature a bad rap. It also gives spirituality a bad rap. Men were born, genetically, to have beards and long hair. That is who we are. You can cut and cut and cut for the rest of your life, but your hair will just keep on growing. That is who we are. We are an animal that has long hair. Somewhere in the evolution of humans, the genetics for long hair gave us an edge over those that did not. Yet, we continue to cut it off to “fit” into the newest societal norms.

Men cut the hair on their heads and shave their faces so they look more like boys instead of men. Women shave their armpits, legs, and pubic hairs so they look like pre-puberty girls. And then they paint faces on because they do not like what they see in the mirror. How unfortunate to feel that way every day of your life. This is what is being brainwashed into our youth. Don’t believe me? Simply go to art websites, porn sites, or photographic websites and see what is being photographed and depicted. That is what our youth sees. That is what our youth is being brainwashed into thinking that they should look like and what they should do. Frankly, I find it disgusting and degrading to both men and women. Humans simply do not like their natural look anymore and sex is being broadcast as male domination to female bodies that look like children.  Yet, people wonder why pedophilia is growing. Some aspects of our society make me gag with disgust.

I had short hair and was beardless for a very long time so I would fit into the corporate culture. It was necessary for my customers to trust me, and the way I appeared was part of the emotional connection they expected.

I now have long hair and a beard. I really like it and feel liberated. When I look in the mirror I actually see myself for who I am… naturally. I feel really good about myself. However, when I am out in public, many people are apprehensive when they see me. Yes, that is right. They have been brainwashed into thinking that men with long hair and beards cannot be trusted. After all, many deadbeats that are arrested and make the evening news have long hair and the general population of men in society do not. I have seen people take a wide route around me so they did not have to walk near me. What is intriguing, however, is that some children associate my look with Santa Clause, and at Christmastime they stare at me and sometimes smile, thinking I am Santa. If the parent happens to notice, they quickly jerk the child’s arm to make a quick getaway… right down to the isle that sells stuffed Santa Clause dolls… that have long hair and beards. Talk about confused little kids! And then on Sunday they go to church and see… a picture depicting Jesus… that has long hair and a beard. How absurd. Heck, if a person (Jesus, in this case) could actually magically come back to “save” people, he would get arrested and thrown in jail for being a vagrant. Yet, people flock to church begging for him to do just that. Odd, yet they don’t see the hypocrisy.

The same situation applies to spirituality. There have been numerous cults that formed based on spirituality. Ugh! Yeah, that really makes it hard to talk to people about spirituality when they have seen a plethora of these “spiritual” cults crop up. But the amazing thing is that they simply ignore that their own religion was created the exact same way!

People are gullible and are sometimes too quick to buy-in to cults, while others are too defensive and block anything that might rightly challenge their own. (Religion)

So… I find many challenges to helping people to accept their natural born self and spirituality when they are overwhelmed with media that conflicts their thinking. And when people are conflicted or scared, they retreat and become defensive. Again, that is probably a good thing in many instances, but it hinders building time of living when one does not assume some risks to grow. And yes, you MUST assume risks in your life to grow so you can build “time of living”. If you do not, then you have nothing to take home with you when you physically die.

My hope is that people will listen to what I have been saying and look around their world to see how they can improve their participation in living. No cult, no religion, no societies, no… anything. Just you and your own spirituality. There is nothing to fear. Find it for yourself. You do not need me to give it to you or to believe in any self-professed prophet. And you surely do not need to spend a penny to have it. It is within you right now. Lower the barrier your physical existence places in front of your spirituality so you can embrace it. Your life will begin to change. You can still protect yourself from the wolves and enjoy spirituality.

Will you be apprehensive when you walk by the next long haired man after reading this? Probably. Change takes time and commonality lends itself to comfort. But remember this; when you see arrests on TV, also notice those men that are arrested that do not have long hair or long beards. There are many more of them, but you do not notice because they conform to the norm, and therefore, do not look as “scary”.

In a nutshell, do not be afraid of your natural self and embrace the spirituality within you. You do not need to follow anyone to have it and you will eventually become acclimated to the way you naturally look. Now go out into the world to enjoy and build your eternal life!

RJ Seney

P.S. If you find yourself so fortunate to find a large apple tree filled with blossoms this spring, then climb into the middle of it and look around. Lower your barrier and experience a rush of spiritual connection. That sensation is as close as I can possibly describe to a person that has never experienced being in the “light”. True spirituality really does exist. Find it before your body dies.

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