ZyLor Books Expanding Market Reach And Availability of RJ Seney Novels

I have been in the process of working with another printing and distribution company so my books can be marketed to more countries and to enable large bookstores and libraries to order my books directly from the printing and distributing companies.

The first proof should arrive within the next two weeks for my approval. If the book is acceptable, my first novel will be available to the community from the new source and additional books will then be added.

My novels continue to be available in eBook format on my website and at Amazon and the printed versions will continue to be available at Amazon for online shopping as well.

I still urge readers to visit locally owned bookstores to purchase my book if they want an authentic bookstore shopping experience. The list of local bookstores supporting my books is in my news blog. Independent bookstores across the nation will soon have access to my new distribution channel and can order one of my books if it is not in stock. As always, I support our local small businesses whenever possible. Eventually they will be our backbone.

An announcement will be made on my website and Facebook page when the books become available for widespread distribution. People around the world will then be able to purchase my books from most any bookstore in the United States and many foreign countries. I have seen an increase of foreign traffic on my website and am working diligently to make my novels available to them.

RJ Seney