Russia Continues Strategic Moves

The Russian government (Vladimir Putin) continues to make strategic moves to dominate our world. These moves come in many different forms. Most importantly, they involve Trump.

“How is that?” you might ask. If you are in denial of the obvious and think that the White House is doing a terrific job, then you will never allow yourself to see it. Others will see it if they look closely.

First things first. As always, when I speak of Russia, I am speaking of its government, not the people. And for those of you who do not follow foreign news, that equates to Vladimir Putin.  Why do I always mention other country’s citizens? Because governments often do things that its people would not. As I have repeatedly stated; every human is a… human. Russian citizens, like you, have families (some loving, some not) and wish to be economically sound and not get blown to bits by a nuclear bomb. Autocratic leaders have a different agenda.

Before we continue, I will define “autocratic” for those unfamiliar with the term. A quick Google popped up:

“relating to a ruler who has absolute power” and

"taking no account of other people's wishes or opinions; domineering.”

Some might define the person as a dictator with a weak spirit that is self-centered, egotistical, selfish, and with no conscious.

Folks, if you do nothing then you should get accustomed to this type of leader because they are on the rise everywhere.  Why? Because people are letting it happen through fear, complacency, laziness, and selfishness. Enough of that. We’ll continue…

Russia could have something so big on Trump that he is willing to sacrifice our country and his family. That was Putin’s first move; to solidify control of our government. We have Mueller probing Russia’s influence in our elections and social media, but even he may not understand the depth of this apparent blackmail. Think about this for a minute; what could be so devastating that Trump would do absolutely anything to protect himself from the public finding out what he did or is involved with? It would have to be stark serious. So serious that he would be jailed, killed, or something would happen to a family member if word got out. You can use your own imagination to come up with scenarios. You see, Putin is smarter than Trump and he knows how to manipulate egos. Putin appears to have manipulated Trump to position him for his own use and it appears to be working.

The results are that Trump is destroying our country and our relationships with other countries that, before Trump, was a huge barrier blocking the desires of Putin. What does Putin want? He is in the process of remaking the Soviet Union. Yes folks; expect to see initiatives from Putin to bring back the Soviet Union. Putin is strategic, patient, and deliberate. Trump is none of those. Hence, he can be easily manipulated and can quickly destroy that which protects us.

Putin’s recent threat of nuclear annihilation of the United States shows that he is stepping up his progress and is testing his puppet in the White House. Notice how Trump did not come back at Putin with a comment of “fire and fury” like he did to North Korea’s video that described the same. Where was the media on catching that? Oh, that’s right; everyone was busy with the Oscars, gun control, and Hope Hicks. (All of which will not matter once Putin establishes control in the region he is pursuing.)

The video of Russia hitting Florida with nucs also sent a signal to the USA that we should not interfere with what is coming or we will be annihilated with unstoppable nuclear missiles. Yes, it also sent a message to Russian citizens that he is protecting them from nucs from the USA. Remember “strategic”. This threat was a “two-for-one” deal for Putin. Not only did it show that he was protecting Russia and its interests (like Syria), but it also showed that he now yields more power than Trump. When Trump did not confront Putin immediately, but instead peed himself on the carpet like a submissive puppy, he sent a signal to the rest of the world that the United States is now globally weak.

Putin’s next step is to alienate the United States’ standing with European countries. Hence, the tariff threat by Trump that pissed them off. It was meant to. And now we see far right candidates making headway in European elections. Folks, if Putin can manipulate the United States, it can manipulate ANY country. I would bet that Putin has his hands in their elections as well.

And let’s not forget the tensions now brewing on both of our borders with Mexico and Canada. Putin is chipping away at our global strength with each tweet by Trump.

World War III has already started, but the only country with an offensive is Russia. And yes, they are actively fighting a war, however it is a non-conventional war, but with similar consequences. If anybody thinks otherwise, then they are in denial or are completely naïve from having lived a sheltered easy life. Putin controls the United States and China financially owns us.

China is not far behind in its expansion of control. We see another autocratic leader (Xi Jinping) vying for strategic position and total control. His strategy is dissimilar to Russia’s but similarly as dangerous. China is spreading its control globally by making other countries dependent on its debt and goods. China is now grabbing position with an expanding military presence outside of China. And Xi is making it so he will be a dictator with no chance of a successor. Russia is grabbing Europe and China will grab other parts of the world. It is like a real-live game of Risk.

North Korea comes into play by being a distraction from Russia’s moves. Putin would love for us to get into a war with North Korea. He would immediately move to secure the new Russian Block. We can’t afford to fight one war, forget about two. Heck, we can’t even get out of the Middle East and it has already bankrupted us. (Putin smiles)

Another topic to pay attention to is when Trump suggests that he wants to change our government so there will be no term limit for him. Power has already gone to his head, as it always does with autocratic leaders. He erroneously thinks he is as strong a leader as Putin and Xi and wants to be like them. Kind of like a little spoiled kid wanting “in”. He has no clue that having a strong country is not about keeping everything to yourself, but it is about global strength and allies. Somebody needs to explain that to him. Oh, never mind… he is already owned.

Expect to see Russia make inroads to re-take what once was the former USSR. It will come strategically for a while and may eventually come suddenly to complete it. Putin is wearing the United States thin. We are heavy with debt, have no cash to respond to an expensive war, and will have a fractured government that cannot function to organize any type of strategic response. Putin is already setting us back on our heels; essentially threatening us with nuclear destruction if we try to get in his way. We will eventually lose our allies and have no military strength to stop him on our own. We might have bigger nucs than we do today, because we put our military spending into them, but we will not use them and will not be able to participate in the type of ground assault that Russia will bring when it takes control of the USSR block again. Our allies will be weak and fractured and we will be fractured. The takeover could be done swiftly once it begins because the countries Russia will take will be weak. Syria has also been a training ground for Russia to prepare and test its strength before moving forward.

The catastrophic event continues to unravel right in front of our eyes. We are in it and people simply refuse to look because of the fear of seeing something that will scare the shit out of them. Regardless if you do not look, it is happening. However, if you do not look, the pain of the end will be more severe when you have no opportunity to protect yourself. Each day that Trump and his administration is in office, the faster the train goes toward the wall of no return.

Before I end, I want to make it clear that every country wants to be economically prosperous. I will never fault a country and its government to position themselves to do that for their people. However, with autocratic leaders, economic prosperity and peace will never come to fruition because their own people will eventually be treated like the other countries that were destroyed to achieve it.

Autocratic leaders kill people, kill countries, and devastate their own people. They simply are never happy or content… because they have lost their spirit. Only a strong and true spirit will ever find happiness and contentment, and it will live longer than one lifetime; it will be for eternity. If only these leaders could gain this understanding.

RJ Seney

*** Be sure to share this article! Hopefully, enough people will see it so we can at least reduce the damage that is happening. And be sure to ACTIVELY participate in the 2018 elections; Putin/Trump surely will.

I would like to welcome and say hello to Germany and Australia, the latest countries to follow my articles. Take good care of your wonderful countries. Do not judge Americans by our current elected officials and be sure to participate in your government process. We are all of one and need to begin to live as such. And that includes our Russian peers as well.