Entire Losing Humanity series to be published in paperback

I have been extremely busy getting all four volumes of the Losing Humanity series ready for printing. The last digital proof was reviewed and looked great. The author’s proofs have been ordered and should arrive within ten days. If all goes well, the paperback books will be available to purchase within two weeks.

There still could be some minor adjustments that would delay the production if the covers do not look right. I recently received an author’s copy of Spiritual Inversion and the text on the cover was too difficult to read easily. What looks good on a screen does not always look good in print.

All the eBook versions in the series will receive minor changes to the text in the books in regards to formatting and minor editing. Re-Evolution does have significant changes to the last two chapters and has had an entirely new cover created. Spiritual Inversion and Re-Evolution have very interesting back covers. They are actually as good as a front cover would normally be. They also lend clues to the books. The eBook versions will be updated on my website within the next two weeks. Finding Death on my website is the most current version.

The eBooks for sale on Amazon will have a 72 hour delay each time they are submitted. Finding Death was already on Amazon, but has seen an update that will pull it off the shelf for up to 72 hours.

Stay tuned to learn of a record that the series smashed. I will release that information after all of the eBooks are up on Amazon.

I wish to say hello to the Russians that visited my website. They are the newest country to follow my site. I’m surprised that it took them this long. I hope they like my articles and books. My website is becoming more international each week. With that being said, most traffic is from the United States and the UK. Hello America and the UK!

Stay tuned…