Losing Humanity series breaks world record!

Little did I know that I would be writing the largest novel written in the English language. But that is exactly what I have done. One other novel came close, if their “estimate” is accurate; however, based on a comparison of pages, it isn’t even close.

I have said all along that the Losing Humanity series was “epic”. Now there are statistics to prove it. The series has 944,044 words and 2,182 pages! Those are solid numbers. Also keep in mind, if looking at the page counts, that the calculated number of pages are from the paperback versions that are formatted for a 6x9 inch book. The eBooks on Amazon list the number of pages to be more. The statistics for other novels for comparison were retrieved from Wikipedia.

As I have said before, this book is epic in every way. The storyline is superb, the characters develop before your eyes, and it weaves together real life, science fiction, romance, music, history, and tragedy. You will be immersed into a world unto itself. However, it is more than a story. It is a real reflection of humanity, and at times, a vision into our future.

The Losing Humanity series is unlike any other novel written. It isn’t a “quick fix” novel that you will soon forget. You will earn your way through this story. There are no shortcuts. And while you are on your journey, you will learn many things along the way. This story gives you as much as it demands from you. The one certainty is that when you finish the series, you will think differently. You will begin to see things you never notice before, but were always there. And you will ALWAYS remember the world of adventure that has been created for you in this story.

Epic? Well… that might be an understatement.