Entire Losing Humanity series soon to be available in paperback at amazon.com

Folks you cannot imagine how trying this has been. Countless hours of formatting and reformatting to get these books just right for print. And time after time of problems with the printing company. Unbelievable! As of 2/16/2018, the series “should” be in the queue for release in paperback. I was told that it could take 5 to 8 days for the books to get into inventory. We’ll see. I will keep you informed when I see it happen. The first book in the series shows as available, but my guess is that is for the older formatted paperback. I would hold off purchasing that one until you see the others pop up for sale. That should assure you that it is the latest formatted book.

I ordered a few sets to have in stock in my office and to sell at a local bookstore. I will release the name of the bookstore once they are on the shelf. I do not trust the printing company at this point and do not want people driving to the bookstore, only to find out that they are not available yet.

And on that note, I have secured an account to print the books at another printing company as a backup. I will also use the new company to print hardcover books and to reach more markets. Some of those markets are Barnes & Nobles, Apple Bookstore, and more foreign countries. The relationship will also enable any bookstore to order the books and for Libraries to purchase them. I will let everyone know when that is finalized. Because it is a new printer, I will need to reformat the books again.