As Our World Unravels...

As a person that will be running for the Presidency in 2020, people will expect to hear from me regarding the recent school shooting in Parkland Florida. We heard from Trump, and nobody appears to be impressed with his response to the event. It was clear that he was reading from a teleprompter that somebody wrote for him. And for those that can feel spirits, it was clear that his spirit was cold.

It is difficult to communicate with people regarding these school shootings. Depending on whom you are, your feelings will be different. Nothing is going to make the parents, siblings, and friends feel better immediately, regardless of what is said. Can one even remotely bring comfort? Maybe a bit to some, but never completely. The hurt runs very, very deep.

My best friend was killed when I was young and I still feel the effects today. I no longer think about it every day and I have made peace with it, but I had PTSD for a considerable amount of time afterwards. Only then, nobody understood that we needed help to get through it. Fortunately schools bring in help for the students. Regardless, nothing anyone could have said to me would have made me feel better. But that doesn’t mean that we should not try to help those through their grief. Their spirits will eventually feel the warmth from others as they begin to live with the change in their lives.

My spirit feels the hurt in the spirits that have lost their loved ones when I allow myself to have empathy for them. That might seem strange for somebody to hear if the person does not understand their own spirit. I have learned to block things that cause hurt to my spirit when it is necessary to be strong. That is a process that needs to be understood, learned, and used wisely. I am VERY sensitive to spirits since my near-death experiences and it can be overwhelming to feel the hurt of so many spirits. It can be like an emotional overload.  I do allow myself to feel other spirits often, but only to a point where if I let it continue, then it would yield negative consequences. So don’t think for a minute that I am callus to what happens to people. I have simply learned how to be strong so I can live the rest of my life as best as I can with the burdens I must carry. And so too must the families and friends that now find themselves as victims to a human with a very weak spirit.

For those victims (survivors, families, and friends of those killed), I want them to keep their loved ones that have died with them for the rest of their lives. Do not think of them as being “dead”. They are not. Spirits cannot be killed in the Physical Universe by people. Some of the spirits that have left these bodies will make their journey home from whence they came. Others will become spirit guides for those they have a bond with. Others will return back to complete their lives so they can someday make their journey home to be with those they have formed eternal bonds with. They are not dead and should not be treated as such. You can talk to them within your mind and they can remain with you if you need them. Granted, they will not be physically with you, but you will always have the best part of them.

What we are seeing is the unfolding of the catastrophic event that I keep trying to make people see. This is not a fluke or a one-off event. As the news has reported, this is one of many school shootings this year. This will not be the last school shooting.

The only way to eliminate any more school shooting is to confiscate EVERY gun in the world and destroy it. That is not going to happen. If we take half of the guns away, will it stop shootings? No. It may simply reduce them. However, people will find a new form of weapon. Humans always do. They will make crock pot bombs, pipe bombs, car bombs, truck bombs, use vehicles to run people over, stab people with knives, spray chemicals on people, drop rocks on them from bridges, etc. etc. etc. While it might reduce the number of fatalities per incident, it will be of no comfort to know that for the families of the people that are killed.

The real problem we face is a societal problem. We are seeing a proliferation of very troubled spirits. The spirts of humans are becoming increasingly weak. When that happens, people get killed. You can call it mental illness, you can call it not being religious, you can call it selfishness, or you can call it evil. In the end it amounts to the human body becoming dominant over its spirit, rendering the spirit useless to influence the human to do what is right. When the physical part of existence dominates the spiritual, we return to our roots of being a warring, selfish, violent animal that has no remorse or consciousness of what it does. The body loses its signal that tells it right from wrong. That is one aspect of the catastrophic event that is unfolding. This weakening of our spirits is becoming ruinous to humanity and there is no concerted effort by anyone to draw attention to it or correct it. Everyone walks around oblivious and then they are shocked when things like this happen. They shake their head and cannot believe it. Yet, it was always in front of them. People are in denial. People no longer understand what their spirit is and how it is a part of their life.

Religions are not working, politicians are not working, and people are not working. Our society is becoming dysfunctional right before our very eyes.

I am going to stop there because I could write a book about what is happening. Oh, that’s right… I already did! Yet, most people will not read it because they think it does not apply to them or they are in denial that there is anything wrong. Still yet, others will see me as a nut-case because I took a stand to write the book. If so, I want to know what they did to try to right humanity. And don’t tell me that you “prayed”. Praying did not help those unfortunate victims. Show me something solid.

I wrote a book that exposes things that people are uncomfortable with and gives them guidance for living a more fulfilling life. And what did our government do to help humanity? I can tell you with certainty, if Congress would have passed more gun laws, people still would have been killed this year. And I can also guarantee you if the murderer would have read my book and taken even some of it to heart, ALL of those victims would be alive today. Guaranteed. With certainty. That’s does not mean that the book is magical. People can certainly read the book and block all of the good things in it, and therefore receive nothing from it. People block their spirits all of the time, selfishly. If done for too long, it is nearly impossible to unblock.

People will scream, “What is it going to take for our politicians to do something!” Here is the truth folks; they don’t know what to do. First of all, you are giving them too much credit thinking they are smart enough to fix it. Second, it is not only their responsibility to find a solution, it is yours too. Stop shirking your responsibility to humanity by simply electing somebody to do things for you so you can enjoy yourself doing addictive non-reproductive behaviors that lend nothing to your spiritual life. I am sure I have offended a ton of people. I get that. The truth hurts, especially to those that are in denial or to those that want everyone else to do something instead of themselves.

The first thing that needs to be accepted is that we have a societal problem on our hands. Once we accept that, then we can figure out the problems so we can identify solutions to them. I can make this much easier for you… I already did all of that work. It’s called “Be Forever: One man’s Revelations After Entering the Light”. I know… you think I am using this atrocious event to sell or peddle my book.  Folks… it is free! In-fact, I was working on updating it to re-release it to everyone… for free when this tragedy occurred. I get NOTHING in return if people read this book, other than the satisfaction of knowing that eventually more people will allow themselves to gain understanding. The more people who read it, the less bad and evil things you will see.

If you are sensitive to spirits, you might be sensing that as I write this, I am getting a bit irate. You would be very perceptive. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have put the amount of work into something that can help people, yet they ignore it, only to see them scream at people to help stop something that the book is meant to correct. I shake my head in frustration.

If you drop your barrier to your spirit and try to feel the spirit of that murderer, then you will understand why he did it. It will not feel comfortable, but you will then begin to understand what the problem is. My book will help you to be able to do that. My experiences with near-death were as real as the rain that falls from the sky. You can deny it all you want, but tomorrow will not change if you do. And humanity will continue to unravel and everyone will run around as if they never had a clue. Well… you have a clue if you take your head out of the sand and see that which scares the crap out of you. Denying it does not make it go away, no more than a child can’t be seen if they put their hands over their eyes.

If the victims of the murdered students only move forward to press for legislation, then they will be doing a disservice to their loved ones. If they come together to identify the social problems that exist, then their loved ones will help them in their plight to find solutions to them. Keep their spirits with you, ask them for guidance and then move forward strong and true to help humanity. If you do, then you will be with your loved ones again in the most wonderful world you can imagine. They are not dead.

I am sure this is not what you wanted to hear regarding the murders at the school, but it is what people need to hear in order to wake up so something can be done about it. If I was the President of the United States today, I still would not be able to wave a magical wand to fix it overnight. However, if I was the President today, you would certainly have already seen a reversal of the catastrophic event that keeps unfolding every day. If you elect a leader that has no moral values, then that will be reflected in the people. That is why it is critical that we take the responsibility to elect officials whose FIRST attribute is being true and then to work with that person to make sure that good happens.

Be strong and true to be forever.

(And yes, I will keep saying that even after people finally understand it.)

RJ Seney

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