Trump's Infrastructure Plan is a Fantasy

I need to do more research into Trump’s infrastructure plan, however, from the articles I have already read, it is a joke.

As unbelievable as this may sound, he plans to coerce states into funding a major part of it. Why? Because the Federal government has no money, he reduced federal taxes on the rich, and because he has no idea how to govern. Of consideration to help fund his plan is an increase in gasoline tax. For that waitress that saw $1.50 per week increase in her paycheck, she might want to consider riding a bicycle to work if she wants to keep it.

The tax break (for the rich) was a sham, the budget was horrific, and now this infrastructure “plan” is pure insanity. As if states like New York STATE, which is in deficit mode, has a pile of money to contribute to Trump’s “FEDERAL” infrastructure plan. This was supposed to be Trump’s infrastructure plan on the Federal level, not the State level. Actually, to be more exact, he is also trying to coerce LOCAL municipalities to contribute too. Right. Towns are always riding on the edge of not being able to keep up.

This is how his plan is adding up folks; Trump’s tax cut for the rich is reaching into state and local tax bases to make up for his insane money give-away to the rich. Yes folks, that is correct; YOU will be giving YOUR money to the rich through your state taxes and property taxes now. Oh… and forget about Sesame Street and Nova on PBS because he will be taking that money away to move to his infrastructure plan.

Now let’s be clear on this so-called “plan”. Trump can’t plan himself out of bed. He has no idea how to formulate a plan of this magnitude. You don’t simply spend a couple of days and say you have a solution. It does not work that way. If he actually sat down and worked out a real plan… nope, that simply is not going to happen with him in office. He is lazy. Instead, he puts the responsibility on others (state and local towns) and randomly throws out figures that are meaningless. In a nutshell, he has nothing, he is clueless, and he has no money to work with because he gave it to the rich and the lenders of our national debt in the form of interest payments.

What a friggin mess he is making of this country! This is pure insanity.

His wall he promised that Mexico would pay for… yeah, right! You will pay for it through gasoline, state, and local taxes. How is that for making America great again? (And you won’t even get a plaque to hang on that wall saying that you helped to pay for it.)

Trump is killing democracy and tearing our country apart piece by piece. Does anyone care? (As Putin laughs his ass off.)

RJ Seney