Losing Humanity Series eBooks Have Been Updated On My Website

The newest eBook versions of the novels in the Losing Humanity series are now live on my website and at Amazon.com!

I have also updated my web pages to reflect the new front cover of Re-Evolution. Go take a look! I will find some time soon to update the picture on my Facebook account so it too matches. The cover change came about because it was too difficult to create a back cover that would properly match the original front cover. The fact is, I like the new front cover even better and it gives more of a hint of what is in-store for the reader. A new front cover also allowed me to be more creative on the back cover. That too offers a clue as to what is inside. In order to see the back covers of the novels you will need to purchase the printed book. They really are impressive!

And on that note, I was only hours away from releasing the printed paperback books on Amazon.com when CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) had a spasm and questioned my rights to my own books. Really!? They recently shipped me author’s proofs and I have been working with them for weeks to get the books ready to print. Furthermore, they could easily verify everything at the Library of Congress where the copyright was registered. One other publishing company haunts me constant to publish my books and they retrieved my information easily from there. What triggered this problem was that I found one small mistake in three of the Author’s proofs so I fixed them and then resubmitted the books with the changes so they could be released for print. Do you remember me telling you in another post how frustrating this process can be? Here we are! Hours from the release of the entire series in paperback and they stopped everything! Unbelievable!

Do note that Amazon released my eBooks for sale on their website. Go figure.

The saga continues…

RJ Seney