Fragmentation of the World Continues

The world is in a perilous state. Fragmentation of alliances has begun, dictators are becoming emboldened, extremists are fortifying, and there is fueled discord erupting in our allied countries. This is the unfolding of a plan orchestrated by Russia years ago. There is an old adage that applies here; divide and conquer. The final key to activate that state of unrest was the election of Donald Trump.

We can see the euphoria in the greeting of the Russian and Saudi Arabian dictators recently. When a dictator of a country is that gleeful, it is easy to understand way. They don’t simply show that much emotion unless a masterplan is being executed with precision. The sad reality is that the United States helped to contribute to that euphoria. Russia and two of its authoritarian allies used the Unites States to help defeat their enemies that stood in the way of getting the control they wanted. Our Russian-fueled hatred for a group of people caused us to conduct joint military efforts with these authoritarian leaders. What we got out of it is nothing. Less than nothing, to be exact. We helped to kill thousands of children with bombs and by starvation, simply to hand over control to dictators that brazenly order the killing of people that speak out against them. We are strengthening anti-democracy throughout the world.

It is time to stop winning wars for other countries that leave us with nothing to show, other than severe debt and hatred toward us when it is over. We need to stop killing innocent children around the world in the name of religion and for monetary gain. Our country’s actions contribute to discourse around the globe, enable rogue dictators, and run up debt that will eventually trigger a severe recession, if not a depression, while fracturing our alliances across the globe. When all of those factors intersect, you will see emboldened moves by the other world powers. We will be too weak as a nation to overcome them and we will have no global united front to stop it.

The United States was always the leader in democracy and kindness to those in need. That is why the respect of democracy spread around the globe. And that is what helped contribute to the strength of our country. That trend is reversing. The more selfish our people become, the more vulnerable we will be to weakness and discord. If the United States and its allies run up debt, sever close ties, brush aside global unity, become inward thinking, and need to shift their focus to quell civil unrest, then we will be ripe for a third World War. Governments will shift to elect selfish, overbearing individuals that are self-centered and egotistical, making promises to their people that they never intend to keep. We have seen this before. This is nothing new. People love promises, not reality. After all, that is why Trump was voted into office. It can happen in any country if it can happen here.

Trump has been made the fool by Putin and other dictators around the world. He was their pawn because they knew that they could stroke him to get him to do their bidding. His ego, stupidity, and selfishness were his downfall and they used it against him brilliantly. While he is beginning to see it, Trump has painted himself into a corner with no exit strategy. Mueller is on his heels, everyone around him is jumping ship, he is surrounded by incompetence, the Democrats are at the gate with teeth barred, and his family business dealings are about to be ripped wide open. Trump has no good options; therefore, he will fight hard to stay in office where he is afforded protections because of his position. Regardless, a person cannot be President forever in the United States. The 22nd amendment to the Constitution, that set term limits for a President, was the last form of protection to curb a rouge president if Congress and the people failed to act responsibly. (Think NOW!)

Our government has been the epitome of selfishness and revenge. When you put those two negative traits together, dysfunction is the result. The people of the United States voted-in Russia’s candidate for our President and then Congress enabled him so they could get what they selfishly wanted. Instead of acting responsibly and curbing the idiocracy of this authoritarian aristocrat, they stroked him.

The above was written 2 weeks ago and never posted. I will now amend this post with current events.

Unbelievable. If a movie was created with all of the events we are seeing, nobody would believe it was possible and the movie would fail. Yet, here we are. It is not a bad dream that we can awaken from. I’ll address a few topics:

Venezuela – It is shocking how this topic was pushed aside so quickly. Folks, Putin just put two nuclear bomb planes right next door to us. Hello! Do you know what was in those planes? I can assure you he wasn’t dropping off coffee beans. We have no global strategy to address this. Furthermore, Putin is pushing Trump to do some seriously stupid moves that are used to distract our government from this crisis. Yes, this is a crisis; yet, our government is so busy trying to handle a wild rabid animal, called the President, that it simply has no time to focus on this issue. Someday in the future this will come back to haunt us. Seriously.

Troop withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan– Russia has used us to fight its enemies and now it wants us out of the picture to implement its next move. Putin has got us to draw down our resources fighting a war that, even if won, would give us NOTHING in return. We didn’t win any war here! We increased debt, made more enemies, lost soldiers, and killed thousands of humans, only to hand the countries over to Putin and his allies to manipulate. We had no end-game, no strategy for what we were trying to achieve. Therefore, there was nothing to achieve. Some people say it was to prevent casualties from another 9/11. Really? Look at the statistics:

Deaths at the 9/11 attack: 2,996

Deaths of soldiers fighting after 9/11: 6,954 with 52,679 wounded

Deaths of soldiers committing suicide since 2005: 78,000

Deaths of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan: 210,000

Cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: Depending on which study you look at, it varies from 4.3 trillion to 5.6 trillion. However, what is also important to note is that the interest on the debt incurred to wage these wars will cost an extra 7.9 trillion. On average, every tax payer will have payed $23,386 for the wars since 2001.

In retaliation for the 2,996 people lost at 9/11, we sacrificed 87, 950 US citizens. We expended Trillions of dollars and incurred unsurmountable debt. And now we leave the battlefield with nothing, leaving it to the very people that caused the 9/11 attack. Unbelievable!

Would I like to see us out of Syria and Afghanistan? Absolutely! We never should have been in there the way we were to begin with. We had no end-game and no strategy. Therefore, there is nothing to win. When you have that scenario, you always lose. Regardless, I do not see that leaving those two countries abruptly as a smart move. It is too arbitrary and we have too many alliances that will be severed. (Again, the divide and conquer strategy by our adversaries.) With that being said, with a Commander-in-Chief that is an idiot, there isn’t anything we can negotiate effectively or have any chance of winning these days. We are a boat out in the ocean with nobody at the helm, all the crew has quit, and a storm is throwing the ship around. All the while, the Captain is telling everyone that the storm is fake news. Do note that the Captain is wearing a life vest that says “Made in Russia”. (That has a remote detonator on the back of it.)

Are we better off today because of the wars in the Middle East? No. There are 87, 950 families that lost loved ones in the wars and we are becoming so numb to violence and death that we are breeding our own terrorists. (Think school shootings and other types of mass deaths.) And now we have shackled our future in debt. Our children will have less and our grandchildren even less than that. There is a cost to killing people. There is always a monetary cost, a human life cost, and a spiritual cost. Those are what I showed you above with those numbers.

Does that mean we should not have a military? No. At least not in the foreseeable future for this generation. It does mean that we need to work together toward global unity. But that is not what we are seeing. We are seeing division. Division will lead to another world war. In the last world war, we lost 291,557 soldiers, with 671,846 wounded. The next World War will kill millions. And the next world war will destroy large areas of land that will no longer be able to sustain human life. Does that mean we should cave to terrorists and to autocratic leaders so there will be no world war? No. There are many things that are much worse than physical death. Always remember: We are here to grow strong and true spiritually. If we give up that purpose, than humanity has no purpose to exist.


Government Shutdown – Third time this year! Trump owns this. First he said that he would own it… he lied again. Now he blames it on the Democrats once it happened. He is a bully and is willing to destroy anything to get his way. Why is this happening? There are several reasons. One, he thinks that if he gets a wall built that his chances of reelection are better. Remember; if he is not reelected he will certainly face MANY charges and will spend time in jail. Secondly, Putin shakes Trump’s prison keys, making Trump do his bidding. Putin loves it when our government shuts down. It makes it easier for him to do things under the radar. This will not get better over the next two years. As long as Trump is President, he will always force his hand and hold hostage whatever he can. In-fact, it may become worse, as the Democrats control the house. Trump had a better chance with complete Republican control. He will now find things much more difficult when he will be forced to accept a House that thinks counter to his thinking. Our best bet is if the Senate and the House learn to work together, in spite of Trump. If Congress becomes polarized, things will certainly get much worse. If they work together, then we have a chance of weathering the Trump storm for the next two years. If they cannot… well, one can only imagine the unimaginable that could happen.

China Trade War – Let’s be frank here; there was/is a problem with trade relative to China. We only have ourselves to blame. We MADE it happen. China was simply all too eager to give us what we clamored for and fed our habit. Therefore, we must assume some of the blame. With that being said, taking steps like Trump did relative to trade shows a lack of understanding of the dynamics of trade and strategy. Trump is stupid, does not read important information, and is lazy. Therefore, his decisions are always what he calls, “from his gut”.  The problems with that way of management is the fact if you do not understand a concept and are unwilling to learn, then your decisions are purely random and are destined to not be optimal. We did need to take steps to improve our trade relations; however, the steps taken by Trump are working counter to how they were supposed to be intended. (Or how Trump wanted them to be perceived.) Again, the Putin prison keys rattle. A trade war with China, the way it was implemented, ultimately hurts the United States and China. If you are Putin, and you are the third of the three biggest economies, that looks pretty good, from his perspective. We also have a problem with China stealing our technology. We have been educating their engineers for years in our universities, where they were very happy to pay full tuition. Coupled with our technology secrets, that was a quick way to boost their economy and world power. We were fools for not managing that better. Like the old adage goes, “a fool and their money are soon parted”. China is charting a course to be THE world power and to dominate manufacturing across the globe. While I understand that each country should take steps to remain healthy economically, what we are seeing is something much more aggressive. China has stolen our technology and is using it to create a single country monopoly on goods. The “Made in China 2025” is not a secret plan. They boldly tell the world where they are going. Our status in the technology world is diminishing and we need to take steps to protect it. While I wish every country economic health, when I see a country aggressively taking steps to economically assault the United States for their own gain, I begin to understand that their respect for other countries is lacking and they are becoming too selfish and power hungry for world unity.

Will things improve with trade as Trump’s tenure continues? They might. Trump makes random quick decisions without thinking. He could change his mind tomorrow. (Or simply lie about it.) However, that does not mean that his next decision will be any better than his first. He has no concept of strategy.

North Korea – What? You forgot about North Korea? Just because it is not in the news does not mean that nothing is happening in North Korea. Kim Jong-un is more than happy to have the attention focused on Trump and all of the problems he caused for himself. That frees him to avoid sanctions easily and to move forward with his initiatives without being under a microscope. Trump has backed away from North Korea, but be assured; North Korea is not on pause.



How do we fix everything? Like all of our situations, these problems will persist with Trump in office. The single best thing for the United States is to remove him from office (legally and by due process). With that being said, the impact of the damage caused by Trump may take decades to repair.

As I said in another post, the economic upswing from the Obama administration continued forward as Trump took office. The policies of a President take time to be felt and also take time to wane. Trump coasted for two years while the effect of the Obama era continued on its own for two years. That lag-time is up and now what we are experiencing is the Trump affect. We are beginning to feel the impact from his decisions. That impact will be felt for some time, including into the first two years of the next President to take office in 2020. That lag-time works both ways. The first two years of the next President will be even more arduous than it was for Obama’s first two years. Do not expect a rosy outlook for a very long time. Our fiscal position is in much worse condition than it was for Obama when he took office, and that was not good at all.

There are some things you can do during this tumultuous time. People need to take responsibility for their government and not let themselves become complacent. Everyone must take time to read REAL news and stay informed of what is happening, and then take steps to help. It is your life folks! Do not sit back and hope that there is somebody looking out for you. Nobody is. Therefore, you must do your part to assure that your government works for everyone’s interest and that the government works correctly.

The Trump/Putin team has methodically destroyed world unity and our democracy. And let’s not forget about China, who has stolen most, if not all, of our trade secrets and technology. You should be scared shitless. I’m serious. This is not a good time folks. Yet, most people go about their lives as if they live in a protected bubble. Other countries are hoping that you will stay that way while they build their nations and chip away at our democracy.

The 2018 elections were a start in the right direction, but we are far from being out of harm’s way. Trump’s walls are caving in and he is facing mounting pressure from Putin. Putin holds the keys to Trump’s jail cell and he is jingling them in front of Trump. Think about this for a minute; what is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a rich person that has lived an entire life of luxury? Prison. Trump will do absolutely ANYTHING to not go to jail. He will sell off the entire United States if it means keeping his ass out of prison. The tragedy is… he has already sold us out.

The closer Mueller gets to Trump, the more erratic Trump becomes. That doesn’t happen if a person is innocent and has nothing to hide. What you are seeing is an angry, scared, selfish, stupid, and desperate person that is trying to keep his ass out of jail at all costs. And this is the person that is supposed to lead our country. He can’t do it. He has proven that he cannot do it. We are in the worst situation possible. We have no leaders, we have no money, we have mounting debt, we are losing our allies, and we have no global unity.

So, what comes next? More of the same before things get even worse. The stock market, which is a reflection of the perception of our economic future, is tanking. That is a serious leading indicator of a recession. So why haven’t we experienced a recession already? Because people keep spending money.  They keep the stream of money moving. You see, our monetary system is bogus. We do not have hard assets to back-up the “value” of what we perceive as “money”. Our financial system is one giant chain letter. The ones that lose are the ones that pay-in just before somebody decides that the chain letter was all a scheme and they stop the letter’s flow to others. When people stop spending money, as a reaction to the fear of a recession, then we will go into a recession.  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Only this time, we are in such poor financial shape that the recession WILL fall into a depression because we are so laden with debt and interest payments on that debt. Without a source of stimulus money, we will be hard pressed to come out of it. Many businesses will fail and unemployment will skyrocket.

Do note that Russia has been positioning itself in a better financial situation. Putin is preparing for the future that he has been orchestrating for some time now. With that being said, he should understand that desperation leads to violence, and they are not immune to violence. And a nuclear war will wipe them off the face of the earth. Furthermore, if Trump is faced with a decision of prison time or launching nuclear missiles at Russia to keep himself from going to jail, he will certainly push the button. Therefore, Putin better understand that his puppet is unpredictable in one sense, and predictable in another. Trump is toxic to everyone, even his allies.

Trump will not be president forever. The world should take note of that. Americans should also be keen to not panic regarding our current financial situation. However, at the same time, we need to become less selfish and figure out a way to relieve our grandchildren of the shackles of debt and war. The United States must bring in new leaders that are not personally selfish and who’s agenda is truly to strengthen our country and to bring global unity to the forefront.

We cannot sustain selfishness and divisiveness. History has proven that. We do not study history in grade schools just to produce grades on a piece of paper. We learn about history so we can become smarter, more strategic, and to not repeat mistakes made by our ancestors.

World Unity is the only way forward. Fighting has proven futile. Every year there are more human casualties, and every year more humans are born to replace them… to become more casualties. It is a fight that cannot be won. Even the Native Americans learned that fact in the northeast many years ago before Europeans entered this country. That is why 5 tribes came together, in the FIRST American democracy and created the Iroquois Nation. (That is actually called Haudenosaunee.)  Before that, they were constantly at war, living in misery and fear.

Until Trump resigns, is impeached, or his term ends, do not expect stability in the United States or the world. He is not a stable man and he is not fit for the Presidency. The best we can do is to continue to vote better people into office, not panic, and concentrate on making our own fiscal situations more stable. Get a handle on your debt, live within your means, and purchase things that help you with your life instead of entertaining you. Over time you will see stability in your family and, as a whole, stability in the United States. Do not think that somebody is going to magically save you from anything. Your life is dependent on YOU. Do not let anyone else, like a rogue President, keep you away from a brilliant and peaceful future. Stay informed and step up to the plate in your community and your government. If you can do that, then there will be less opportunities for selfish people to destroy humanity.

As always, live strong and true to be forever.

RJ Seney