With Brett Kavanaugh being voted into the Supreme Court, democracy has once again been pummeled.

Is it because he sexually attacked Ms. Ford?

No. It was readily apparent that it was a he-said, she-said argument that would remain unprovable. Do I “know” that Brett attacked Ms. Ford? No. Do you? No. With that being said, everyone will “believe” one side or the other. However, it does not make either one true. So what is the travesty?

The travesty is that Brett Kavanaugh does not have the integrity to be a member of the most important court in the nation. It was clear and blatantly obvious that Brett lied during his hearing. I’m not saying that his denial of an attempted rape was a lie. It could have been, but it also may not have been. Anybody can accuse another person falsely. Regardless, Brett lied about passing out drunk, he lied about knowing what was said in yearbooks, and he lied about what he did with alcohol. That SHOULD have been the real story. THAT made him untrustworthy and should disqualify anyone.

Instead, people took a position of “belief” regarding the rape and did not focus enough on the integrity of the candidate. Republican law makers ignored the integrity issue because they were selfish, greedy, power stoked, and hateful of “Democrats”. Yes, HATE of a group of people that citizens elected into office. HATE of people that disagree with their position. They were smart to put the focus on the rape accusation because they knew it was completely unprovable and it would bury the “real” story; the facts of the lies that COULD be proven.

This is the travesty… the lawmakers we are supposed to trust are untrustworthy, selfish, and full of hate. The fungus is in Congress and it is also in the White House. Democracy is being attacked and it is losing. And the winners of spiritual weakness are joyous and celebrating, while our country continues its moral freefall.

Voting Brett into the Supreme Court was not about truth, honesty, justice, fairness, democracy, or any semblance of honor and respect. The Republican lawmakers wanted “their way” regardless of the attributes of the candidate being put on the bench. In-fact, putting a person on the Supreme Court that was as arrogant and untrue as themselves was a benefit to those with the same aptitude. It assured them that they would get what they wanted when they wanted it. Democracy, equality, and the rights of the citizens did not enter into the equation. It was all about the win… it was all about selfishness... and it was all about hate.

The MAJORITY of Americans did not vote in many members of Congress and did not vote in Trump. Our election laws have been so distorted as to allow people to be elected that should never be in office and for whom were not voted in by the majority of people who they will represent. This is wrong! Our election laws must change to reflect what Americans truly want for their country. Get rid of gerrymandering, get rid of Super Delegates, and get rid of the Electoral College. It was proven in the last presidential election that the purpose for having them failed and failed miserably. In-fact, it enabled the very situation to happen for which they were designed to thwart.

I warned people about this plight in our government before. I said it was coming. Well folks, it is here. You see, a President of the United States is more than a person that occupies a seat in a building. America is literally molded around the character of the President during their tenure. America CANNOT be better than its President. It simply cannot. The President is the common denominator of democracy, or lack thereof, in our country. And that is why it is so important, when voting for a candidate, that their moral and ethical character are questioned and examined. That is MORE important than their experience or education because it is their character that shapes our country. Their character will send a ripple through the moral fabric of our country. It can strengthen our country or it can cause it to weaken and tear.

What we have witnessed over the past couple years is our country tearing apart because of the lack of good moral values in the leadership roles of our government officials. Governing is no longer about moving our country into the future in the pursuit of democracy, equality, and opportunity. It is all about one party winning over the other. It is all about selfishness. It is all about hate.

Like the old adage goes, one battle lost, but the war is not won. And folks, we are seeing a war develop right before our eyes. America is splitting apart, inequality is taking a foothold, and the days of corruption at the highest levels of government are growing like a fungus. It appears now that it is deemed appropriate to lie in government and to staunchly deny anything negative. It is expected. It also appears that it is now acceptable to attack the rights of woman. And it is not only acceptable to put questionable people into very important positions, but it is becoming commonplace to put people into important positions that have obvious flaws. They are purposely being put there BECAUSE of their terrible disposition. We see that throughout the entire administration. And we have seen first-hand that Trump effectively owns the FBI and calls all their shots. Unfortunately, you have not seen the worse yet.

History will eventually reveal that a minority in America elected a mafia-type boss as our President. That is not so different from Russia’s Putin. We naively thought that no US citizen would ever be as Trump is at the Presidential level. But it is so. Yet, there are still many people who will REFUSE to see what is real and what is right in front of them. If this continues, you WILL lose all the rights that our forefathers worked so hard to give to us. DO NOT TAKE DEMOCRACY FOR GRANTED! Do not lazily sit back and think that everything is going to be alright. IT ALREADY IS NOT!!!

If this incident follows the same trend as all of the other crazy stunts that Trump has done, then people will yell a little bit and then go home and hope that “somebody” will make everything better for them. THAT IS WHY THINGS KEEP GETTING WORSE! Our lawmakers know now that you are becoming numb to this craziness and will simply go away after making a little bit of noise. Why are Americans doing this? Because we have so many addictions that distract us from the things that are the most important for a healthy future. Most people want somebody else to do it for them so their life will go on undisturbed.

Do you really think that we would have the democracy we were given if our forefathers sat in front of a TV, phone, tablet, or computer? NO! Making a democracy took a LOT of work and effort. If you wish to preserve it, then you too will need to work to preserve it. It is time to earn the right of democracy that others before you worked to give to you.

DO NOT LET YOURSELF GROW COMPLACENT! If you want democracy in your country, then you must work to keep it. You must work to bring it back. YOU must do SOMETHING!

If you have good moral values, support equality, and are fair, then somehow find a good cause and support it. Go to rallies, join protests, volunteer to help good candidates, and run for an office as well. If good people do not run for office, then we will be stuck with what we have now… deadbeats with their own selfish interests at heart.

Be a leader! You do not need to wait for one to come along to bring you forward. Build a movement! Your ideas could be as effective as anyone else’s. You will never know unless you try. Do not hope for the “one” to come along. Be the ONE that makes a difference.

If we lose democracy in America and you did nothing to protect it, then you were part of its downfall. DO SOMETHING!

Time is running out and the rabid wolves are breaking down the gates of democracy. You are behind those gates.

RJ Seney