And So The Unraveling Continues…

What a day, you might be thinking. Well… it hasn’t been just today. What we are seeing has been brewing for some time. The unraveling of our country, and possible demise, accelerated when Trump took office.

The divide between citizens in our country has not been this tense since the Civil War. And we all know what that did to us. We lost 620,000 people in the Civil War. Yes, we killed off more of our own people over hate than in any other single war. It appears that we haven’t learned a damned thing from our history classes in grade school.

Today it was pipe bombs. Before that it was a gun. And let us not forget about the use of automobiles to kill those that somebody hated. People are being hated for no other reason than for being alive. Hateful people don’t even need a weapon. Just look at the Senator that body slammed a media guy. It isn’t the weapons folks; it’s who we have as the President and the messages he has been sending. Angry people will strike out against others in whatever way they can. Trump builds anger and hate.

We also saw the stock market plunge again. Stocks are now lower than they were at the beginning of the year. And new housing starts are down significantly. While the stock market is based in-part on perceptions, the new housing starts is a very important leading indicator of where we are heading. That is a solid number that doesn’t jump around on a daily basis.

Do you still think Donald is a great president? Really? The economy was spurred by Obama. Trump had nothing to do with it. Trump has simply been around for the ride and is trying to take credit for it. There is always a shadow effect of one to two years from a prior administration’s policies. But they eventually run out and the new administration’s policies begin to take over and have an affect. Furthermore, if you borrow money and spend it like there is no tomorrow, everything looks and feels great while you are spending it. It is only when you need to pay it back that it begins to hurt. That time is coming folks. There is no free lunch.

And now we are seeing the dominoes fall. Let’s take a look at what is happening:

·       Hate is tearing our country apart. (Lead by Donald Trump)

·       Politicians are becoming extreme. Their goal is no longer about running the country; it is about getting revenge.

·       The rich are getting richer, especially after their huge tax break.

·       Stock market is crashing.

·       Oil prices are rising.

·       Interest Rates are rising.

·       Prices for goods are rising.

·       Trade wars are killing opportunity and businesses.

·       Climate change is unbridled because environmental policies were killed by Trump. Our world is dying.

·       Russia is become more emboldened and looking toward the Baltic countries. The United States and our (former) strong allies are no longer a concern of his.

·       Every country in the world hates us.

·       Nuclear arms race is beginning again.

·       Unbridled government spending is causing a huge budget deficit.

·       Government debt is growing astronomically.

·       Our President cannot be trusted at all… by anyone, even his followers (Who don’t really care)

·       Devastation from storms is growing. Lives will be lost and the cost of recovering will skyrocket.

·       The Catholic Church acknowledged the massive sexual molestation that has been going on for decades. Folks; spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Religions are a superstition perpetuated by past rogue leaders. When will the world figure that out? If we understood true spirituality we would not find ourselves in this catastrophic event.

·       The United States has isolated itself from Global policy, cooperation, and collaboration. We no longer are a positive influence in the world.

·       Putin is stronger and more influential than at any other time in his tenure. He does his people no good by positioning their country the way he does. The Russian people are the only ones that can fix that. But they are now too afraid. No good is going to come from this. Like Americans, the Russians need to take back control of their country. There should be no reason for our two countries to fear or hate each other. We are all from one, all have spirits, and all need to build time of living together.

·       Middle class income is sinking into lower class.

·       Social networking and computer gaming is wreaking havoc on the minds of our children and families. Our youth are becoming dysfunctional. Some are becoming psychotic and are lashing out, killing people senselessly. Others are suffering from depression and committing suicide. Our youth do not understand their purpose in our world and are seeing too much bad.

·       Drug addictions are skyrocketing and killing people in all classes.

·       Soldiers continue to commit suicide at an alarming rate… yet, nobody is alarmed.

·       Student debt is unmanageable.

·       Cost for a college education is astronomical and not commensurate with salaries or job opportunities afterward.

·       The cost of automobiles is becoming unapproachable, causing increased debt for everyone… that are already buried in debt.

·       Health Care coverage is being chipped away by Republicans in Congress and by Trump.

·       The cost of healthcare is unbridled.

·       We are losing wild bees and nobody can figure out why.

·       Our oceans are dying.

·       Ocean levels are rising.

·       Herbicides are entering our bodies and we have no clue what it will do to us.

·       Plastics are in our bodies and we have no idea what they are doing to us.

·       People do not care about everything mentioned above, just so long as their smartphones still work. Seriously.

I’ve said, over and over again, that this was coming. What we are seeing is part of the catastrophic event that has been unfolding for some time now. It is real folks. You don’t have to believe it or wait for it to get here… simply put your social media down and look around you. And I mean, REALLY look! What kind of a life do you see? Are you REALLY living? Do you even know what living means? Or… are you simply existing while your time of living is being stolen by an electronic device?

Are you finally beginning to “get it” why it is extremely important to think before you vote? Is your vote selfish or is it logical? Was your vote for revenge or for your future?

There is no magic bullet that can help us. There is no magical or holy being that is coming down from the sky to “save” us. I find it interesting that the worse things get, the more people flock to see movies of superheroes. Well folks, we made this mess and it is up to us to get us out of it. The coming months and years are going to be very trying. There was a cost for that tax break. There is a cost for Trump being in office. There is a cost for the national debt. And there is a cost for Government overspending. That cost is YOUR cost. The money to pay for it comes from YOU, not the upper 1%, and not from Trump. YOU! (And your children and grandchildren.)

If you are one of those Trump supporters that wears one of those red “Make America Great Again” hats, then you might want to buy a few cases of them because you just might need to use them to keep warm, while you burn them in a trash can to keep warm in the future. Maybe you should first write over them; “Make me warm for 30 seconds”. But heck, you could have done that by peeing yourself.

I wish I could say that we have seen the worse. We have not. The unraveling will simply continue. Yes, something might “seem” to get better from time to time, but you must look at the total movement of where we are going. One-day improvements mean nothing. Hollow speeches mean nothing.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to vote in November. That is one of the few ways that you can make a difference. It is still going to take a lot of time, effort, and money to get us out of this mess, and I’m sure not all of those elected will do a good job. But it is a start. The last thing you want is for the staunch “Republicans” to keep Congress locked up. We need to flush the toilet of bad politicians and get a new set in that are willing to work for the people, not Trump.

Don’t get me wrong regarding politics; I put the word ‘Republicans’ in quotes above for a reason. There is no such thing as a Republican human or a Democrat human. The fact is that there are “Republicans” and “Democrats” in Congress. These are the staunch brain-washed people that grew from the dysfunction in our Federal Government. However, I do not consider citizens of the United States to be a party name. We are all Americans. We are all humans. And it is time to put Americans in government instead of political puppets.

I sense revolts and civil unrest if the “republicans” retain control over Congress. There is only so much Americans will take. Desperation is a serious motivator. And the bad part about that is that civil unrest may be the people’s only option if our government does not respond. Unfortunately, that is what Putin is hoping for.

My message to the world: Live Strong and True. It is THE only way for humanity to survive.

RJ Seney