Pope Francis; there is no devil, but you are getting close

I read that Pope Francis stated that the devil is tearing the Catholic Church apart and wants parishioner to chant prayers every day in October to thwart it. As Winnie the Pooh puts it… Oh bother!

For those that have read my books, you probably know where I am going with this. My last book clearly explains that there is no devil and why it would be pointless for one to be created. The “devil” is a characterization of an evil making demon that was concocted to be a scapegoat for explaining the bad deeds that people do and to scare people into submission to the church.

With that being said, Pope Francis is effectively calling an “accuser” the devil. Yes, a living, breathing, human being. Now he is getting close to “evil”.

Evil is not a devil. It is convenient for religious folk to say that “the devil made me do it” to defend themselves as if they were an innocent bystander for when they did something wrong. In other words, they use it to lay blame on something else for what they did.

Evil is what people do when their spirit is not strong and true enough to guide them to do good and to live a productive life. When a person does not have the influence of their spiritual connection in their daily life, then the control of their existence falls, by default, to their physical animal attributes. And as I have stated time and time again, we are essentially a warring, selfish animal with a spirit. An animal is always looking out for itself and sometimes for its pack. A pack is made up of family members.

Are any bells ringing in your head yet? Any light bulbs turning on in your head? I hope so. Think about current events and apply what I have said. Now things should be much clearer about why things are the way they are.

Is it the devil that is doing all of the bad things we are seeing in the news? No. It is people with weak spirits. So when Pope Francis states that the person who is accusing him of a bad deed is the devil, he is getting close because he is humanizing the “devil”. He is humanizing evil. It just might be that his accuser has a weak spirit and his physical inclinations are taking over. Evil is simply the animalistic things that people do when their life is not influenced by their spiritual connection to “Home”.

If you take this further; if a person “prays” to an angel so the angel will attack the devil, you could simply state that people should communicate with their spiritual connection to help guide people to become more strong and true so people do not do “evil”. Yet another way to state it is to have them ask their spirit guides to help guide them to live strong and true and not live like a warring, selfish animal.

You should always welcome your spirit guides into your life. We all have them. And no, they are not invisible flying naked babies with giant bird wings. They are simply a spiritual energy that is a part of your spiritual existence.

Now that you know what “evil” is, you should be able to identify it in our government. It will help you to make sense out of everything that you are seeing. Will praying help? No. There is no single entity that you can ask to do your bidding. However, if everyone tries to live their life strong and true, and to welcomes their spiritual existence into their lives, then there will be a seismic shift.

In regards to the “accuser”, the Pope is playing the “angel” card to get people to chant prayers in his support so he will not lose followers. Chants (prayers) were created to harden a belief system. It is a form of brainwashing. His motives are selfish. Selfishness is “evil”. He is doing everything wrong in regards to the sex scandals, but it is all he knows.

Did the Pope know about the sex abuses? I feel confident that he must have known. However, his religion is based on accusing a devil of doing the evil deeds, not the human being. Therefore, if you look at it from his perspective, the priests were not doing it; the devil was. Therefore, the priests were innocent bystanders and can simply be “forgiven”. Therefore… the Pope was quiet, lest he stir the coals of religious doubt with the people.

The fact is; people are learning that religions are bogus. Let me make this perfectly clear; I am not saying everyone should abandon their Christian religion. All religions are bogus, and for many people, it is too late to stop believing in them. They simply have it hardened in their brain that religions are right. And that “their” religion is the only right religion. To try to take that away from people would be similar to taking away their children. They simply have no spiritual foundation without their religion. With that being said, it is time for people that are not yet religiously brainwashed to embrace true spirituality so they can become strong and true. Our entire world will benefit if they do. It is real, it costs nothing because we all have the connection, and it is really, really simplistic. It is natural.

In regards to the religions, time is taking its toll on them. Especially the Christian religion. People are finally coming to the realization that a religion based solely on men, and astonishingly, men that abstain from sex, that it is unsustainable and those men have some serious emotional issues. It is not natural to abstain from sex. It should be obvious that those men are going to have sex of some sort. Whether it is homosexual relations amongst themselves, prostitutes in another town, or pedophilia, they ARE going to have sex. To think otherwise is foolish. So yes, these men are going to do what animals do; they are going to have sex. And what better to prey on than young children that are so influenced by religious power and are so innocent. Yes… some of these men are wolves in priests clothing. Deal with it Francis. Deal with it world.

RJ Seney