China found to be planting hardware spies into our electronics

Is life imitating art? Do my books forecast future events?

Well… since the hardware spy implants from China occurred before my books were published, it can’t be life imitating art. Did I “know” that China would hack our hardware? NO. However, I understood it to be. Just like I described the engineering principles of Cylvactrens in my series. What is a Cylvactren? You will need to read the series to find out. Or… you can simply wait for a decade or two. I did write about that one first, for sure.

To be clear, I mention many things that will happen in my books. They will not play out exactly as the story in the series. Real issues, current and future, are wrapped around a fictitious story. Someday my series will be a very important document. It lays out much of what will occur and how some events should be dealt with. Will a ZyLor come to be? No. At least not in the context of how it is in the series. However, the world will need to deal with everything that is in the series. Remember; it is called “Losing Humanity”. That has to tell you something. Will humanity follow the path exactly like that in the book? That is for you to decide. It is the choice of humanity collectively.

As an aside, I find it interesting that China is now the country with the second-most amount of people visiting my website. I wish to welcome them to my site. We are all humans and all countries have people of honor and with wonderful spirits. I do not fault their people for some of the shortcomings of their leaders. I hope they see us similarly. We are all human and no one is without fault. It is my ideal for our world that someday all cultures will exist in equilibrium and all people will be free to live strong and true collectively.

RJ Seney