My Suspicions Are Confirmed

I have made several comments regarding Donald Trump in the past year. If you go back into my blogs, you will find that I said he does not like to work and that would be a major problem during his presidency. I have also said that I suspected that he didn’t even want to be President; he just didn’t want to lose.

With the recent book that came out about him, both are confirmed.

If you are a Trump supporter, then you probably do not see it because you refuse to look at what is actually happening. You do not want to feel that you made a mistake. However, if you block “denial” and look at him closely, you will see that it is obvious that Trump doesn’t do anything but tweet, run his mouth, play golf, and talk on the phone. His own aids say that he doesn’t read anything and continuously talks about himself. They effectively called him a dunce. It appears that he is incapable of learning and has bouts of memory loss when people find him repeating the same things time after time and forgetting people he once knew.

Folks, what we have here is a rogue president with a mental illness. No, I am not trying to name-call or make fun of him. This is serious! Dead serious; in that he is going to cause catastrophic damage to our country and world. No, that is NOT overreacting! The CDC is now pushing education on how to survive a nuclear bomb. If you think it is overreacting, then you are one of the deniers that are adding fuel to the fire by ignoring the STRONG signals that he is mentally imbalanced and incapable of leading a country. A person with that much power is dangerous to everyone if they are unstable. One only needs to see the murderous shooters in the past couple of years. They too were unstable and one day they snapped. And Boom! Many people were killed. Trump has the power to kill millions when he finally snaps. And frankly, he appears to be as unstable as some of those shooters, but more of a coward.

His own aids called him child-like. Is that true? Heck, you don’t need to hear it from them; just pay attention to what is happening and see it for yourself! Nothing could be more obvious. Trump makes it easy to see EVERY DAY that he is unstable. He can’t hide it.

Yet… nothing is happening to stop him. Nothing! When I say “nothing”, what I am saying is that people need to begin to revolt and protest NOW! Congress needs to act together NOW! The Republican lead Congress appears to be brain-dead and they do not give a damned what kind of a shit-hole he is turning this country into because they are so elated to get a Democrat out of the oval office. Like Trump, it is never about what it right; it is all about winning and their party. At all cost. And man-oh-man, is that cost adding up!

Furthermore, the Republican lead Congress likes having a dunce in the White House because he will sign anything they can pass amongst themselves. How is that so? BECAUSE TRUMP DOES NOT READ ANYTHING! He is more than happy to sign ANYTHING from the Republican Congress so he can make it look like he did something. Only, he did nothing! It takes no effort to sign his name on a piece of paper. He has his little speech in front of him (that somebody else wrote) that he reads verbatim on his teleprompters (because he can’t write either) and doesn’t have a clue what he is saying. I bet he didn’t read a single line of the tax bill that he just signed. He probably didn’t read ANY of the bills he signed. He simply does not care and at his point in his life, he cannot work. Read that again folks! TRUMP IS INCAPABLE OF WORK! I still remember him admitting that when he said he worked hard on a particular day. He said he worked hard… that he made several phone calls. Phone calls. That’s all you got with your votes and millions upon millions of dollars spent on him, folks; phone calls!

Trump is truly the Homer Simpson of the White House. All of you people during the election who wrote in your vote for “Homer Simpson” for the US presidency; you won! Who’da thought? Maybe that is how he really won the electoral votes. Maybe his alias is Homer Simpson.

And now we see him address the people at a news conference… on a recording! Really? Seriously? The coward! Fact is; he would come unglued if he had to answer all of the questions that the public would fire at him. He cannot confront the people of the United States because he is screwing us left and right and some people simply will not take it. And they will take him to task for it. And they should! Trump is incapable of addressing the people in an unrestricted question and answer session. The lies have finally caught up to him and he looks like the fool.

Here is what is happening folks… We have a person in office that was not stable to begin with, and then we put him in a glass bowl (the presidency) and told him to be a leader. And the weight of the United States keeps yelling at him from the top of the bowl. It can make a crazy person go insane! Instead of hopping up onto the rim of the bowl and addressing the problems, he runs around in the bowl frantically, kicking, screaming, and beating the glass with an axe.

Below are solutions to the problem that do not appear to be available to the citizens, but could fix the problem:

·       A recall. This legally cannot happen because it is prohibited. Many people think that is a good thing to help keep government stable. Maybe it is, but heck, our government is now unstable because we cannot do it. Somehow the people of the United States need to have a relief valve to stop a rogue President. Congress is supposed to be that relief valve, but it too is dysfunctional. Our founding Fathers did not perceive that we would have such a dysfunctional Congress and President at the same time. An amendment setting some type of threshold for a re-election after a recall might work. Something like a certain % of voters would need to sign a petition to have a recall. Oh wait… the dysfunctional Congress would have to do that. Moving along…

·       Impeachment. Not going to happen and the Democrats know it. The Republican lead Congress simply will not impeach the President because he is a Republican President. If Obama would have done 1/10 of the crap that Trump did, Obama would have been impeached in a minute. Look, President Clinton received a blow-job from a consenting adult (something that I bet many men in Congress have had before and possibly paid for) and they tried to impeach him. Trump, by his own admission, grabs vaginas randomly without consent. And that is only one of the many terrible things that he has done.

·       Have Congress vote to have him evaluated by leading Psychologist and Psychiatrists. Never will happen. There is no legal path that allows that to occur. This is generally a good thing… except for in this case.

·       Somehow make his finances visible. That will truly do him in. Anybody that hides them so stringently has a serious vulnerability they are protecting. That is the silver bullet, folks. I will bet that you will see Russia buried in that treasure trove of information. Trump really likes Wiki Leaks. Where are they now? Maybe it’s time for them to have a meeting with Trump since they are such good pals. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! With that being said, I do not condone any illegal acts by any organization, person, or country. We should never stoop to criminal activity. That would defeat our purpose of making government legitimate. A smart person certainly can find a legal way to expose him. Get thinking people! There is always a trail.

Where does that leave the citizens? It leaves them with a lot of work to do. There are a few things that the people can do that might expedite a change in the White House. They include, but are not limited to:

·       Protest. And then protest. And then… protest some more. If the public does not apply pressure, then Congress has no reason to act for an impeachment or to slow down the wanton destruction of our government and country. Furthermore, Trump might simply decide to resign if he is inundated with negativity. If he does not resign, he might implode because of it. If he implodes, then it will be clear to Congress that he is incapable of being the President and will vote to remove him. To do nothing is to participate in the destruction of the United States. To do nothing is to be complacent. If you or a family member served in the military in the past, this tolerance of destruction of our government and country should bother you.
Always remember… the biggest thing that all career politicians are afraid of is the people. If you get the people behind you to take the politicians to task, they become afraid of losing their “job” and they might actually pay attention to you. (The 2nd biggest thing they are afraid of is large financial contributors. THAT is why the middle class got whacked with the tax bill. The people did not protest against it, but the contributors protested for it. Learn this stuff!)

·       Take the 2018 elections seriously to force change in Congress. This is probably the most substantive thing you can do. Find excellent candidates and then support them. The key is to back GOOD candidates, not simply the one in your party that you think has the best chance of winning. And not always the one that the party bosses tell you to vote for. Too many people fall into those two rabbit holes. Only back the BEST candidate and campaign hard for him/her. Here are some things NOT to do:

o   Do not support a candidate just because they are gay. Support a “person”. Whether they are gay or not isn’t important. You want to back the best candidate. That candidate might turn out to be gay, but it should not be a requirement. Equality is when people do not care if you are a different color, prefer a different gender, or are a specific gender. Conversely, do not withhold support simply because the candidate is gay. Support the best candidate.

o   Do not support a candidate based upon religion. That is never good. Keep government and religion separate. We will lose our cultural diversity if we do not.

o   Do not support a candidate just because they are a woman. Again, support the best candidate. Gender should not be a deciding factor. When we see bad people on the news, a large percentage of them are female. Any particular gender does not equate to good.

o   Do not support a candidate just because they are a man. Same as with only supporting a woman. It is your country at stake. If a woman can do a better job, then by all means, vote her in. Remember, no gender has a corner on stupidity.

o   Do not support a candidate just because they are popular. This one is really important! Political bosses know that by backing a popular person, they will get more donations and will need to work less hard to get exposure. Half of the hurdle of the campaign is already done before it even starts. That was Trump’s key to being in the spotlight right off the bat. Everyone knew him because he was a celebrity. With his personality, he never would have won had he not been a celebrity. Now look at what we have! Being popular does not equate to intelligence. In-fact, there appears to be a negative correlation to intelligence in regard to a person’s popularity. Popularity is about branding and marketing, not intelligence. Governing and representing the people of our country is about self-sacrifice, devotion to the country, and hard work. I wish the people would understand that. If a candidate is not popular, then they have a tremendous amount of work ahead of them because even the media will work against them. They only to put candidates in the spotlight that are polarizing so they can sell news. That is why we are in trouble, right now. Yes, it is VERY difficult to fight popularity, but it MUST be done or we are all screwed. I wish the media would learn that. They are in-effect, empowering Trump and knocking down good candidates. So go out there and support your candidate! Make people pay attention and be prepared to work.

o   Do not support a candidate just because of one issue that you feel is personally important to you. Remember; once in office, that candidate will be helping to run the ENTIRE country, not just your pet project. One of the mechanisms that got Trump in office is that he homed-in on those “one thing” topics and promised everyone that he would support them. He lied, but he made everyone believe it and people came out in droves because of their “one thing” that they were promised. He cannot deliver, and is thus, was a horrible candidate.

o   Look for a well-rounded candidate that understands finance, business, the real needs of the country, our environment, and our government. Prior political experience is not important. If a person is really smart, they DO NOT need experience in government. They will build experience on the job, and if they are the best candidate, they will learn quickly and be productive representatives of the people. Every newly elected official never had experience until their very first day. Experience does not equate to “best” for the job. Vote for potential. The old adage that “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”, is seriously flawed. If you know you already have the devil, then dump him/her. That is the only way to have an opportunity to get an angel. (Disclaimer: I do not believe in devils or angels, but many people do. I’m simply making an analogy using an adage that people are familiar with.)

o   Find candidates that are not polarizing. If they have polarizing traits now, they will have them deeper once they are in government. Good candidates listen and learn before making decisions. Polarized candidates take firm stances and will not budge even when it is blatantly obvious that they should.

o   If you are a good candidate, then run for office. Some things to NOT do as a candidate:

§  If you are gay, do not surround yourself with only gays. You are a person that will represent all of your constituents. Get all types of people involved with your campaign. Be well-rounded and open minded. You need people of all races, gender, and backgrounds so you understand all issues, not just gay rights. Be the best candidate, not simply a gay running for office. Gender preference will only be a subject to turn people away if you make it so.

§  If you are a woman, do not make all of your topics about the empowerment of women. Most men understand that women should have the same rights as a man. Don’t shove it down their throats or they will get turned away. You need men to win. Learn what they want too. Again, be well-rounded and well informed. You are not a women running for office; you are the best candidate. Remember that and make it so. Gender equality is only one issue of many you will need to address when in government. If you are a one-issue person, then you will lose or be ineffective in government.

§  Do not let the party bosses tell you how to think and what stand you should take on issues. Remember; you are running because you are smart and not a yes man/woman to party bosses. Party bosses are tied to large donors. Oh… you will find it hard to run when you have your own mind. The party (your party) will fight you and spend a lot of money to defeat you. Expect it. However, if you do win, you will have no baggage to weigh you down and owe nothing to any of them. You will be a free representative of the people. That is what we are trying to accomplish.

§  Don’t simply run “against” your opponent. Learn the issues, educate yourself, and campaign for a good reason with information to back up your position. Be well informed. You will need to answer many ad-hoc questions. The better prepared you are, the better your responses will be and the more people will want to support you.

§  Gain support. You cannot campaign on your own. You need help. Start a movement and make it grow.

§  Learn how to answer questions that you do not know the answers to. Your opponent will try to paint you into a corner. This is a skill that takes some time to master. You will not have an answer to every question thrown at you. Expect it and be prepared so you do not panic. If you mess up a bit, it is not the end of the world. It simply was a bad day. You WILL have bad days. Learn from them and keep moving forward.

§  If you have a lot of “skeletons in the closet”, then do not run. You will only take away votes from someone that is better qualified and eventually your opponent will find the skeletons and present them at the most inopportune time. You may also take down another candidate that you are running with that initially supported you. Your opponent will try to tie them to you when you sink.

Those are only two ways to stop the insanity in our government. The people have allowed the current situation to happen because they were too complacent and did not want to assume the responsibility of contributing to their government. That MUST stop and we MUST become responsible citizens and get good people into our elected offices.

I have an important motive for prompting the public to run for office. If I become President of the United States, I will need a Congress that is smart and is willing to collaborate with members of both parties and myself to fix the many problems we will confront in 2021. I need a Congress that I can work with and one that is willing to work with me. To leave me with a Congress that we presently have would be futile. In this article I am addressing non-party affiliated voters and those enrolled in the Republican, Democrat, Independence, Working Families, and Green parties. (Or any other party that comes up) Consider me to be non-partisan. I do listen and learn… from everyone, even if I do not always agree with them on a particular issue.

We all have a lot of work to do in the next three years. Begin now.

RJ Seney

** Be sure to share these posts!! I am not popular (yet) and we must act together to make change happen. If you silently support a candidate, then that candidate will lose and therefore you will lose. It is time to be seen and heard! Time to be strong! Our future can be bright if you help to make it so.**