Spiritual Inversion novel sent out to printer

I recently finished another round of editing for my series, Losing Humanity. My goal was to get books 2 thru 4 formatted and print-ready to be sold in paper-back form. Spiritual Inversion was just submitted for printing. The back cover I made for the paperback copy is incredible. That is unusual, as most back covers are plain. I did not want this book to have a plain back cover. If you look at the front cover and the back cover, you will find several clues to the book.

I should know within 24 hours if any changes need to be made. In general, it takes two to three submissions to get a good proof. As much as they try to make you believe that it is an exact science, I always find that the information they give me for formatting does not always match the results when I use their specifications (to the “T”). Therefore, adjustments are generally required for at least a 2nd submission.

For those of you who want to venture into self-publishing, you can purchase publishing services from several publishing houses. I have received several calls with marketers trying to sell their publishing services. Some will charge you upwards of $6,400 and make you sign a two year contract to get you an author’s proof. And from what I have read, many people have complaints about lack of quality.

I do all of my formatting and edits. Even the artwork. It pays to learn if you are going to do several books. In my case, I have 5 books. That would cost upwards of $32,000. Yikes! FYI; self-publishing is not the business to be in if you need to support a family, especially if it costs you that amount of money BEFORE you even get to the marketing stage. You simply will not be able to earn enough money selling books unless you get VERY lucky and a book goes viral. Don’t count on it. People are like sheep; most will not go it alone, but if they perceive that everyone else thinks it is a good book, then they will jump in droves. Simply look at the recent book written about the Trump Administration. They made a killing on a gossip book. People like gossip. (As opposed to something that will help them live for eternity) I spoke with another writer recently that nearly chastised me when I told him that I did not buy that book. He wanted EVERYONE to know that he bought it. Give me a break! (For those of you who haven’t figured this out yet; I have never followed the flock.)

I do not write books thinking I am going to strike it rich. I write books because I have to. I have no choice. My spirit pushes me there. So I write them and then make them available to people.

My books are not quick-read short stories; rather, they are long journeys with a serious plot with a lot of depth. And yes, you will need to earn your way to the end. There will be times when reality is heavy and you find yourself world-weary with what is happening. In other words, my books reflect the realities of life. Some readers expressed discomfort in reading the series because of that. I consider that to be a compliment, because that was what the story was supposed to make the reader feel. It worked. If you find yourself in that situation, then persevere. It truly is worth it. The series was not written to entertain you. When you get to the end of the series, you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders and you will have gained understanding of the entire journey. It is a journey of a life-time. What you will feel at the end you simply cannot get from a short story. It can only be earned.

Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot sustain an attention span past a book that is longer than 125 pages. So sad. Heck, I can barely get a significant plot started that is worth anything in that amount of time. But that is where the public is at this point in time. Short and quick so they can get to doing something else… that is short and quick. I had a friend of mine tell me that he would not read my series unless it was only 250 pages long... total. How sad to keep yourself from something so wonderful. It is like going on a diet when you are already underweight.

And that is a serious problem with society. (Okay, so I am deviating from the title of this post, but it is where the article is taking me.) Most people want everything cheap and fast… Keep things short... Instant gratification. Folks, with that mentality, that is exactly how your journey home is going to be; short and incomplete. In other words, it isn’t going to happen. I’m being very serious. I wish I was not. I wish I could actually speak of optimism. But I cannot when I see the catastrophic event unfolding around us. And people don’t appear to care. They want to go home, open Facebook, eat out, and then come home to Netflix or a video game. Uhg! If only they understood what they are doing to themselves!

But people are becoming insensitive to things because they do not understand that life is earned. And as the population grows and technology takes over, they are losing all opportunities to grow a life to take with them after death. There will be no place to grow a “real” life and they will be locked out of living by having technology destroy all opportunities to do so. Eventually your life will become like on “The Matrix”, where your brain will be wired to a computer and an artificial life will be programmed into it and your physical body will be cared for by machines. You will get your wish; you will not have to do a thing for yourself. However, your life will cease to exist. Spirits will no longer come to us. (The ultimate catastrophic event.)

For those that want simple, then here it is: Your life after death is the life you grow HERE to take with you home to live THERE. And THERE has absolutely no technology. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. It is a blank slate. Get the point yet? That video game you like so much is not there. Now what do you do? To understand what life is after death, think of yourself as being dropped off on a barren deserted planet and then you use your prior life to construct a place to live there. That is your home after death. That is as simple as it gets. With that being said, if you have no life to take with you, then you will not even make your journey home, because you have nothing that will grow into your world. There are no video games, no Netflix, and no Facebook to entertain you. Home is purely natural with no technology. How can you exist there? Who will be there with you, for which you have formed bonds with? And yes, I know, this bursts the bubble of a heaven that is guaranteed to you by a religion. The “heaven” most people feel entitled to because they exist. That promise is only pushed onto you to coerce you into joining that religion. They do not have to deliver anything, but they will get you to follow them, and ultimately finance their system. If you want to learn more about that topic, then read my book, “Be Forever”. It truly is eye opening. That is, if you are strong enough to open your eyes to see reality as it exists. Otherwise you will go into denial, get angry, and become very defensive.

For those that endure through the journey of Losing Humanity, they will reap rewards they never imagined they would. It is a journey with many lessons and experiences. You will NEVER forget the story. Ever. You might forget the 125 page romance novel you read last week in about a month, however.

And the odd thing is; when I write articles like this, people will actually bash me for trying to market my books. Like that is a bad thing. Really? However, they will listen to commercials from Taco Bell and go out and spend more money for something that will be shitted out the next day and not feel anything about it. And they will go to work the next day, spend 2 hours by the water cooling catching up on last night’s TV shows with their peers and feel that the company owes them money for the time they are standing there, because they are in the building and punched a time clock. But somebody trying to carve out a living taking years of work does not deserve to sell their product? Amazing!

I remember a person sounding off like I was the most evil writer in the world because I was charging almost $9 for a book that had music interwoven into the book using links. That person said I was a crook because I did not embed the music into the book so they would have all of the songs… for the $9. Let’s break it down… To download one song costs $1.29. If the book has 40 songs, that is $51.60 per book (my cost for the licenses to give away with the book), because I cannot give copyrighted songs away. Yet, I am supposed to be a “crook” when I asked for $9, that to them was supposed to have $51.60 worth of music on it for them. The person said my book should be sold at $1.99, like short romance novels, and have the embedded music in it. I’m not making this stuff up, folks. That is the mentality of a large sector of our society. That is the mentality that a writer is up against. When others jumped onto her band-wagon, I deleted my account from the reading website. That is certainly not my target audience. What really bothered me about that incident in a forum was that there were so many people that felt so entitled as a reader. Some adamantly suggested that all books be free because “they deserved it” because they were readers. I wish I was joking. One other thing; a book with embedded music would be so large, that there is no website that would allow it to be downloaded. But they felt entitled to it… for $1.99. It is situations like that where I feel our society is so hopeless.

I do understand there are good spirits amongst us and that is what keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward. I will be relentless to reach them and be around them, forming new bonds for our shared worlds.

So… who is my target audience? It is a person who wants to gain understanding about what that “something is” that is unexplainable, yet they intrinsically feel is there. A person that wants to be on a journey that leads them through an entire lifetime. If they make it through the series, they will know and understand that they experienced a lifetime within the book. And if they “let go” and allow themselves to be enveloped within the world of the series, they will find themselves living in the story as they read. Some readers become very emotional when they do so. The series is created to be felt so the reader gains understanding as well as knowledge. The one certainty is that, for those strong enough to endure the journey, their life will forever change in some way. It may be subtle or it may be not so subtle, and possibly subconscious, but the series will give them “something” to be used in growing their life in return for their endurance. And that is what other novels cannot deliver.

Am I trying to sell you a book here? Yes and no. Obviously it is important for me to be able to pay my property taxes and health insurance, lest I turn into a beggar on the street. Do you get paid? If you didn’t, you could not read this article. Regardless, my ultimate goal is to deliver understanding so people can make their journey home. Hence, why my most important book for our society is for free. If my books help to guide people to make their journey home, then they will become a part of my life after death. That is part of life growing. That is how your world grows larger. And that folks, is priceless. That is the “all as one” in our spiritual existence. I hope to see as many of you in YonTathia (Home) as is possible. (Feel free to call “home” anything you like; it will be your world if you make it there)

As always, you have a decision to make; do you pay for a Netflix movie or do you invest in a life-changing work of life to help you on your journey? Does that sound like a sales pitch? If it does, I bet you purchase the Netflix. If you feel the world around you beginning to implode, maybe you finally give it some thought. If you read this article this far, your spirit is trying to guide you to understanding. Short sighted people already moved on from the article and did not make it here. Can you see how I am being guided from the beginning to the end? I had no idea when I began to type, that I would end up here. Regardless, it is important that I did, for somebody.

If you read the series and “let go” you WILL certainly feel your spiritual connection. And from that day forward, you will become more sensitive to feeling the spirits of others, including your spirit guides. Again, you need to be strong and willing. I want only the best of a life for everyone. I hope you do not sell your life short. Time is running out for building your life. If you did nothing today to add value to your life, then you just wasted another valuable day that is lost forever. Losing your life is forever, just as living your life is eternal. You cannot get that day back and you are now one day closer to physical death and one day short of life not created. And we all know that physical life is like Russian Rolette; you never know how much time you have left. One day you walk out the door and realize that your box of chocolates is empty.

I implore you to step forward, as scary as it may feel, and begin living. The series will help you. And for everyone that reads the series and lets go to feel its understanding, they will share that world together with each other after their physical life… if they make their journey home.

Do note; however, that book 1 in the series, Finding Death, is a preamble to the journey. It is of a life very familiar to you so you can form a contrast as the story unfolds. This is yet another reason to persevere.  When you begin to read book 2 in the series, called Spiritual Inversion, the journey becomes much more intense and complex. With that being said, jumping into book 2 before reading book 1 will do you no good. One book builds upon the other, as does the intensity.

If you read my articles, then at the end of your physical life you cannot say, “How could I have known?”, when you realize it is too late for you. My words are profound and not empty. I have said this before and it merits repeating (over, and over, and over again) - There is no judgment after death; there is only the life you created. You make it… or it isn’t there.

One other thing I might suggest; leave a comment. It appears that people are afraid to be seen talking to a person that society might label as a nut-case. (Their fear of society’s judgement, which I no longer have. How liberating!) This is part of that “Be Strong” I talk about so often. Nothing will change unless people step forward with courage and with their eyes open, willing to see the reality they have been hiding from. If you cannot even engage life, then why are you still breathing? Are you simply existing until you die? Yes, I want to know that answer. I am not being sarcastic. I understand the answer, but unless you try to answer it, you will not begin to see what you are, as you exist right now… The true mirror image of what you are and not who you think you are. If that vision strikes fear into you, then you really need to seek understanding. Start living. True living. Your reflection can change… but only YOU can change it.

Live Strong and True to Be Forever,

RJ  Seney

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(Listen to the lyrics… I am not the only one receiving understanding. We all can, if we embrace our spiritual existence.)

Only those that do not fear being shunned or mocked by society will share this post. I get it. Being strong is difficult. It requires becoming vulnerable. But remember this; your body in a casket within a cement vault is very safe, but you are no longer living. Your spirit is the same.

To my blog followers in the Philippines; welcome!