A Year Later And Further Behind

What an exasperating year we just endured. I can’t say that I am surprised. Our country was formed with built-in relief valves to thwart this scenario, but the valves are rusted completely shut. That rust grows like a fungus from the Oval Office and from Congress. It is also creeping into our judicial system.

Entrenched partisan politics have dug their heels into our sides while a bloated egotistical aristocrat regularly has temper tantrums from the Oval Office.

Environmental protections have been eliminated, legislation to protect citizens from rogue banking practices has been dissolved, and children raised in the United States since infancy are being dragged back across the Mexican border. At this point they might not even know the language of the country they will be deported to. And hate is being spread by the oval office that is emboldening racists throughout our country.

We again see our women protesting the same exact issues that were very important to them a year ago. Nothing has changed for them. Government ignored them and they will be ignored yet again. Fortunately, a few brave women and young ladies stepped forward to assume the risk of speaking out about sexual abuse. Nothing will change without strong people stepping forward.

And no; electing a woman into office is not THE answer. (I see their posters and banners.) Electing the BEST person into office can be part of the solution. That person could be a woman… or not. Make good choices and do not select from only a couple that are shoved at you. Being popular, regardless of gender, is no guarantee that a person will make a good leader for our country. Remember; Donald Trump was popular and you see where that got us.

And that leads me to a subject that we all need to concern ourselves with. The media. A democratic society needs the media to bring news to the public, good or bad. We never want to put duct tape over their mouths. However, the media is a business and like every other business in the world; they want to sell, sell, sell. Therefore, they will home-in on popular candidates and unnecessarily (and not even purposely) promote them, regardless if they are the worst candidates in the world. In their disgust of a candidate, they will give that person unbridled attention. How ironic. So much so that the relatively unknown “good” candidates are either improperly covered or not covered at all. Group think ensues and people are brain washed into thinking that they only have two real candidates to choose from. THAT is the single worst thing happening to our democracy. Our choices get reduced to two candidates (one enrolled in the Democrat party and one in the Republican party). How sad. Rarely are either one the best candidate.

The second worst thing about our so-called democracy is money in our election process. Yes, money. Our election process is dictated by money. The FEC states that: “Under the Act, individuals and groups (that are not prohibited from making contributions, such as partnerships, sole proprietorships, certain LLCs and Indian tribes) may contribute a maximum of $2,700 per election to a candidate’s campaign.” That rule applies to everyone, unless they find loopholes. However, the real problem is the rule pertaining to a candidate’s own contributions. (big loophole)

Rich people have a HUGE advantage over those with more limited income. The FEC states: “Unlike the other types of contributions listed here, contributions (including loans or advances) made from the candidate’s personal funds to his or her campaign are not subject to any limits, though they must still be reported.”

Let’s put this into perspective. Only rich people can effectively run a campaign with any hopes of winning. Money cannot win a campaign, but you will certainly lose without it.

I read today that Trump was whining because he might miss his “anniversary party” that is being held for him at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. If the news articles are correct, it costs $100,000 per couple, and $250,000 to sit at Trump’s “round table” for a brief chat. There is one way to beat the election system! You can use your wealth to finance a campaign and then hold parties to replenish your own wealth (with no limitations). Isn’t that nice. How many parties have you been invited to, only to learn that it will cost you $50,000 to eat? Heck, I bet most people would not go to a party if they thought it would cost them $5! Paying is NOT the definition of being invited to a party!

And let’s not forget about all the businesses Trump DID NOT divest as a precondition to being President, and that by law, he should have. Those businesses continue to profit from his presidency. Again, a serious competitive financial disadvantage for normal people running for office.

And just one more step forward… (backwards, actually)… Trump does not disclose his tax forms. You just read above that a candidate must disclose their unlimited personal contributions to their campaign. However, his “real” contributions from outside interests (big business and other rich people), is essentially laundered money through his personal finances because he personally finances his campaign with that money from those “parties” that his businesses hold. And as we know, his tax records never get disclosed. You can bet that most of the people buying $50,000 plates of sliced ham are not disclosing who they are. And what is being discussed with the President at the $250,000 per seat chat table with him? I will bet that the names are not being logged. My bet is that they are thanking him for the latest tax breaks to the rich. $250,000 is Trump-change if you just received a billion dollars from the recent tax break. (That you, your children, and your grandchildren will work hard to pay for.)

You should now have a clue that we lost our democracy. It is only the elite in our country that can become president. You cannot… slave.

Do your part and do not lie down for them. Stand up like those women protesters. But most of all, work your butt off supporting a real candidate for President in 2020. That might be your only shot at restoring democracy. My guess is that by 2020, Trump will find a way to make it even harder for you to do. Be unrelenting in your pursuit and you will make it happen. If you sit back and hope others will do it for you, then begin to practice saying “yesa masa”. Because that is where Trump and the elitists want you.

As always, share my posts. I’m doing my part, but apparently my posts to help people are not as popular as watching a dog chase a squirrel on the other side of a glass door. If you do not act now, you will lose that right too. The first step toward that happened this year already.

Live Strong and True to Be Forever,

RJ Seney

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