Why There Is An Opioid Addiction Problem

We see news reports of the opioid addiction problems at least one or twice per week. And this has been going on for years. Thousands die and continue to die. Why?

The story/answer will be slightly different for each addict. Most will attribute the problem to a single event. It is not. The problem began before the drug did. Opioid addiction is only the symptom of the problem that began earlier.

Some researchers blame it on using marijuana and then moving to something stronger. Could that be it? Not really. That is only one explanation of a path to the drug. It still does not define the problem. Here is a list of issues that can begin the path to opioids:

·       Peer Pressure

·       Loneliness

·       Lack of self-esteem

·       Bullying

·       Terrible family environment

·       Boyfriend or girlfriend pressure

·       Lack of work

·       Lack of opportunity

·       Bad marriage

·       Bad parenting

·       Pressure of being a minority

·       Pain medication for an injury (One of the few physical applications)

·       School stress

·       Work stress

·       Financial difficulties

·       Disease

·       Injury

·       A breakup with significant other

·       Pressure to be great

·       Pressure to be successful

·       Pressure to be better than others

·       Etc., etc., etc.

The actual list is probably as long as there are addicts. In other words, no two people began exactly the same way, but many end the same way. So, how does one begin to address the problem if every addict is different? We focus on the one positive thing that makes every one of us unique. Our spirit.

The common denominator for the path’s entry to drug addiction is the same. The people have a weak or hurting spirit. In other words, their spirit is not well; therefore, their life is not well. Their life could look spectacular to others (physically), but be a train wreck.

Before we press on with addressing what is troubling them spiritually, let’s review a spirit. Most, if not all religions, do not go into the details that I do because they don’t have a clue how they really work. Pay attention. It is important and rarely will you find true explanations regarding it.

A new spirit is created with nothing. It is like empty light devoid of anything. And hence, why it is sent here to be merged to a human’s brain. It needs to build a life for it to exist for eternity. With no life, it has nothing. Furthermore, a new spirit cannot return from whence it came, because it has no strength to return. Therefore, it must become strong first by experiencing life through that of a human.

The way to build strength is to do challenging things and overcome obstacles. There is plenty of opportunity for that on Earth! (Or… at least there used to be.) But the path back “home” is wrought with obstacles, specifically, black holes. A spirit’s tunnel back home is not straight. In fact, it is more attuned to a labyrinth of twists and turns in all directions so to avoid black holes. A spirit that is not true will never be able to traverse the tunnel. Instead, it will, shall we say, jump the tracks, and crash through its tunnel and be drawn into a black hole of death. When scientist say that nothing escapes a black hole, they are absolutely correct. Black holes not only function to keep our galaxies in-phase for life (while they consume things that are close to them), but they also serve to eliminate spirits that are not strong and true so they cannot become a problem at “home”. And that is why “home” is such a wonderful place. Bad spirits simply cannot make it back there. By design. Moving along…

So, we have a spirit that needs to accumulate “living” before it can make its journey home. In order to accomplish that, the body that it interfaces with must then “live”. Pretty simply stuff, right?  Actually, it is! Simple, yes, but difficult as well. And therein lies the problem; the difficulty with accumulating living.

Our world has evolved to a point that spirits are having a very difficult time building life experiences for their journey home. You must stop and think about this to get a grasp of what is happening. If you cannot live a complete life or lives, you simply cannot make your journey home. That is difficult for a spirit to accept. It yearns to live; however, your body is NOT your spirit.

Your body is an animal that does not want to do anything. Unfortunately, the only animal that our spirit could merge with on Earth is essentially selfish, warring, and lazy. That creates a huge problem for the spirit. Therefore, the spirit must become the dominant thought process in the brain as opposed to letting the physical aspect of the human body be dominant. With that being said, it must relinquish enough control so the body can survive on a stressful planet and provide opportunities to obtain life experiences. There is a constant push and pull for this control in our brains. Regardless, when you think of yourself, what you sense is essentially your spirit, not your body. We are the amount of our spirit that shows through our body. Our actions are a combination of the influence of our spirit and the desires of our body.

Now you have a little bit more info on spirits that hopefully will guide you to learning about the opioid addiction.

Your spirit absolutely needs enough time from living to make its journey home. The reason is that the life it lives here is what is taken back with it on its journey home. Therefore, it needs a LOT of opportunity to live. In some cases, it must return to another infant after living one or multiple lives that each experienced physical death. In other words, the spirit is reincarnated into another infant to accumulate more time of living. (If you want more details, it is in my book)

Hang in there; we are getting closer. If I do not explain at least a few things, you definitely will never get the full picture to see the entry point to the path of addiction.

A spirit that is in a body that has a lot of “living” happening is a spirit that is at ease, happier, and looks forward to things. The body the spirit is merged with works, has a family, is involved with his/her community, is active, and does many things.

A spirit that is in a body that does nothing is a very trouble spirit. It understands that things are not going well. No time of living is occurring, and thus, it cannot return home from whence it came. The spirit, when it cannot grow, begins to weaken and the physical aspect of the body begins to become dominant. And I explained above what a human is without a spirit. It is not good. The spirit essentially is sad, depressed, and cold. That situation is the entrance to the path to drug addiction.

In the situation of a weak spirit, the physical body takes control. When that happens, there is a battle within the person’s brain between the spirit and the body. And when the spirit begins to lose, the body does things it wants to do and not what it should do. Hence, why a lot of my advice to people is to not do selfish things, but to do the things you know you should do. Your spirit always wants to do things that must be done, while your body wants to do things for physical satisfaction.

The fix the drug problem is to not have the problem in the first place. That sentence reminds me of when I was 18 or 19. I liked to dance at discos and the fashion at discos at that time were polyester silk-like shirts with patterns on them. The thing with those shirts was that they trapped white sticky deodorant in the arm pits. Yuk!  Being an active young man, I perspired a LOT, especially when I danced all night long. Unfortunately, I only did my laundry once every two weeks. Yup, my armpits were the pits!  One day I asked my friend’s girlfriend how I could get the stains out. She said that she had the exact same question for her mother once. Her mother told her that the fix was to never let the stains get into the clothing to begin with. In other words, the stains were permanent and if I didn’t like them, then I should change my laundering process in the future. I did that, plus I switched to a better deodorant.

Okay, so the fix to the drug problem is to not have the problem in the first place. Brilliant! Nothing like overstating the blatantly obvious.

Yes, that is an obvious statement, but people are blind to it because they simply do not understand the role of a spirit in the body of a human animal. Why? Because they believe in religions and not their real spiritual existence. Some may not believe in anything at all. Therefore, most people are clueless as to how to nurture a spirit. Here are a few things how you can nurture your spirit:

·       Work. Not just “busy” work, but actual physical work that has some meaning. It keeps your body occupied and you will begin to strengthen your spirit. You will learn things, achieve accomplishments, interface with other spirits, and be able to provide for your bodily needs to survive well.

·       Get involved with your community by volunteering to help with government, positive initiative programs, or just to simply enjoy shared meals with your neighbors. Get to really know your neighbors and help each other.

·       Do things that you should be doing and do not do selfish things. Selfishness is when your body becomes dominant. Your spirit needs nothing other than real living. And it can receive that with the bare necessities. Spirits have been growing since the time when they first interfaced into a human brain. That is thousands of years ago when there was absolutely no technology. People lived together to survive and thrived without any form of technology at all.

·       Create life. There are two categories for this:

o   Raise a family. There is nothing more fruitful to a spirit than raising a family. It creates opportunities for spirits to merge into an infant, it creates an opportunity to help other spirits to grow, it forces you to consider the spirits of others, it gives you work, and it builds a living unit of spirits that you can be with when you make your journey home.

o   Garden. Gardening makes us work. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do physical work!  Think about this subject thoroughly. What do you want to see when you go “home”? Concrete buildings with no plants? Here is a clue of what is “not” there… anything not naturally occurring. Therefore, if you live in a concrete box and do not create life, then your life at “home” is essentially devoid of… life. Here is another clue; if you have no life to bring “home”, then you do not make your journey home. Gardening puts you within “life”. Life was designed for us. Everything that evolved into what it is now was for our spirits so the body we interfaced with would be able to live a life that the spirit could take back home. Don’t waste the time you have now! Use it to build your life! Here is another clue about what is happening: The more technologically advanced we become, the more difficult it is for a spirit to make its journey home. Remember that catastrophic event I told you we were in? It is real. Get back to nature and protect our environment at all cost. The spirits of many are at stake.

·       Stop being religious. This is a difficult one for most people. The more religious we become, the less we understand our spirit because we follow others blindly and block our true existence. Embrace your spiritual self and lead the life that is right in front of you. You do not need to follow anyone or any organization. It will require you to become strong and to not bow to peer pressure. Eventually you will be strong enough where it is no longer a burden to walk away from that which was forced onto you since birth. When you finally reach that stage, you will feel spiritually liberated! It really is worth the effort.

·       Force yourself to not do selfish things. I know I mentioned this before, but it warrants its own category. Selfishness is nothing more than letting your physical desires dominant your spirit. A spirit is not selfish. It draws no time of living from anything materialistic. It grows with bonds and spiritual enrichment, not physical riches. Yes, you will need to learn to live with less physical things. There is nothing wrong with living comfortably (as Pope Francis also said recently as well). (My previous post) Yes, I know, I said not to be religious, and then I mention Pope Francis. Here is a news release: Pope Francis is a human with spirit just like you. His spirit sometimes dominates and makes his body come out with something good. Just like you can. It is not his religion that is giving the good advice; it is his spirit. There is nothing wrong with wanting to provide for your family’s wellbeing. Just make sure that you attend to your family spiritually first. Remember; every single physical thing that you own takes that time of living away from you so you can move your attention to it. The less physical things you have, the more attention can be made to spiritual grow with your world and with other spirits. Physical items that help you to live a full life are fine. Hand tools, cooking items, and homes fit that category.

·       Stop spending too much time with technology. Now that I showed you the importance of building time of living, ask yourself how much living that you do while staring at a screen or pressing buttons on a piece of plastic. In order to get a proper perspective, think of how you would look if you removed the physical pieces of technology as you were using it, but continued in your trance or actions as if it were there. Pretend that you are video recording yourself in that situation. What do you look like? Ask yourself how what you are doing at that moment that is contributing to “living”. The fact is; you contribute nothing to your spiritual life. Nothing. And your spirit feels it. It feels that time is slipping away. And when that happens, it affects your brain. The despair of the spirit now is felt within your body. Your sense of accomplishment diminishes, your sense of who you are diminishes, and it becomes more difficult to associate with other people. Technology, to a point, can help to educate us so we can live fuller lives by using it wisely to learn things and to help people. I have learned many gardening tips on the internet and taught many people how to raise chickens. As the saying goes, “everything in moderation”.

No, I did not forget about the opioid drug problem. In-fact, I wove it into what I wrote. Did you see it? If not, then you should be concerned, because the problem could find you. Everyone is vulnerable.

Our society has a huge problem. It is becoming dysfunctional. People do not now how to live anymore. I am serious. If every piece of technology were to magically disappear, then what you would be left with is only that which is necessary for your spirit to grow. Only, most people would die because they simply do not know how to live and survive. We have enslaved others and technology to keep people alive. Most people have no time of living that would help them to survive. And if you have no time of living to live here, then you cannot return home, because you will need it there.

In order to understand the problem with the opioid epidemic, let us take a 35 year-old male who works for the State in a cubicle and makes $80,000 per year. His job is to make Power Point presentations for meetings that show financial statistics. He lived a single man’s life until he was 30 and then married a woman who works at an attorney’s firm. They went to a lot of parties and traveled wherever they wanted to. They have no children. They each lease a new Lexus car and own a larger house that is 40 feet away from another large house.

The man comes home each day at the exact same time and goes straight over to his gaming machine. His wife comes home, grabs a tablet and proceeds to catch up on Facebook. After about an hour they are hungry so they spend 15 minutes discussing where they will go out to eat. They go out to eat, have two drinks and then come home. He goes back to the gaming machine and she turns on the TV.

Eventually the man becomes frustrated because his wife no longer pays attention to him and begins to look at porn websites in-between games.

His wife looks over at her husband and wonders what went wrong with their marriage. He used to pay attention to her. Oh… something just came up on her tablet, so she opens it up and does more Facebook while the TV is still on.

The next day is Saturday. His wife prompts him to mow the lawn so the neighbors don’t ridicule them. He mows the lawn, does the trim and them come in looking frustrated. He then tells his wife that they are going to hire a lawn service because he has no time for mowing the lawn. The cleaning lady comes through the door and begins to clean the house. The wife grabs her keys and leaves to go shopping. She is gone for most of the day. The man gets back on the computer, looks at some more porn, and then gets into a game with another person on the internet. He then grabs a beer and then another. No buzz. He then takes a shot of whisky. After a few hours he turns on the TV to see if there is sports on. There isn’t, so he goes out to a sports bar and has a couple of drinks. He meets a woman that provides him with conversation.

The next week, the husband calls his wife and says he has to work late, only he goes to a bar to meet the woman again. He has a headache, from worrying that he will be caught with the woman, and asks her for Advil. She gives him a pain pill and she says it will work better and that he can trust her. He takes it and the headache is gone and he feels great. They leave the bar and go to a hotel to have sex.

That week is repeated a couple of times. After the third week, he asks the woman for several pills so he can take them through the week, but this time she says that it costs her a lot of money to get them, so he needs to pay for them. He pays her and they have sex again.

The next week he meets the woman again and his pills are all used up. She sells him more pills, but leaves the bar immediately. He does not care, just as long as he has his pills. He repeats the meeting, but now they meet in an undisclosed place and the price is higher. He pays.

Back at home, the wife notices odd behaviors and some bills have not been paid. The lawn guy stopped showing up because he didn’t get paid. She addresses her husband and he brushes her off and tells her that he works hard and he gets real tired from all the work. She feels very uncomfortable with the situation. Her Tablet signals a Facebook post, so she goes over to see what it is and is on the tablet for another hour. Her husband leaves to go out somewhere.

The next day the man takes a pill in the bathroom at work. Fifteen minutes later he falls over in his chair and 911 is called in. It is too late. He dies.

I could literally spend the rest of my life writing scenarios and all would be unique from a physical perspective. However, they would all have some commonality, spiritually. The reason for drug use is that people are not addressing the spiritual side of their existence and thus, whether consciously or unconsciously, they feel empty.

People feel empty because their sprit is essentially empty from not building any time of living. Instead of living, they watch pretend lives on TV. Instead of working, they play games. Instead of pursuing making a living, they go to parties and skip school.

Another bad situation is that our society lives for immediate satisfaction. People want things faster, they don’t want to work for it, and they strive for attention. None of that brings sustainable spiritual fulfillment. That leads us to the next issue; our spirits always want to return home. Always. It yearns to return home. Why? Because “home” is a wonderful place and it feels incredible!

When a person feels empty spiritually, that causes them to feel empty emotionally/physically and they begin to crave to feel something better. Therefore they find a substance that will give them a quick fix to feel better. That is what drugs and alcohol do.  It warps their perception of reality so it temporarily makes their body not feel as bad. And in-fact, drugs can make a person feel incredibly good. Why? Because it puts a person in the death sequence.

The death sequence prepares the brain for death. When it does that, it cuts off parts of the brain from being in control. When that happens, the control gets routed more toward the spirit to prepare it to release from the body. To the body and brain, that feels pretty good because it relieves the burden on the physical brain and things feel good. In essence, the brain becomes unconcerned with reality, thus, relieving the person from those thoughts that have been making them feel bad. For people that do this and live through it, it makes them want it again because it is quick and requires no physical exertion to get it. They found a quick way to feel good and it becomes very addicting. Eventually their brain cannot stop the death sequence and the brain and body simply finish the death sequence and die. They went past the tipping point.

Many people think that providing more help to treat the addict is the answer to the problem. Others say to stop the import of the drugs to fix the problem. Both do not address the real problem. Those are only physical treatments to a problem that arise because of our modern society. Remember the arm pit story above? In order to fix a problem, you live such that you don’t get the problem to begin with. The fix is to change our society so our spirts have an opportunity to grow and become strong and true. I know; I say that over and over and over again. Yet, it is as if I am talking to a rock. Not many people do it! And the word is certainly not being spread about.  In other words, people continue to block their spirits and blame everything under sun for our problems. Ugh!

The moral to all of this is that people need to begin to live. Really live. Real-life living. Not watching other people’s lives on a screen or tablet or fake lives on TVs or movie screens, but actually by doing productive things. Raising a family makes you really busy. Working in the garden making food requires real working. And when you do these things with people that are important in your life, you form unbreakable bonds that you take “home” with you. You see, you also need to form bonds with other people to help you make your journey home because they help to draw you through your spirit tunnel home. And once there, they are part of your eternal life. Only, once home, there are no burdens, no death, no bad people, no fear, no worry, and no concerns. It is all natural beauty. And yes, you are naked and will appear to those you have formed a bond with to be around 21 years of age.

I’m going to stop there. Remember that yearning to go home from whence you came, that I discussed? Well, I feel it when I describe “home”.  As I have written before, it is like looking at the most wonderful place imaginable though a peep-hole while being locked inside of a dark box. If anyone ever experiences that, then they will completely understand why I write and why I will never accept not making my journey home. I will return from whence I came. Will you?

For what it’s worth, since I began to write about spiritual reality, 331.8 million people have died. I wonder how many did not make their journey home? What is your confidence level that you will?

Live Strong and True to Be Forever,

RJ Seney

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