Is Trump trying to hide his own criminal activity?

I was aghast when I read that Trump is directing his personal attorneys to investigate if he can pardon his family, friends, and himself if they are found guilty of criminal activity. It appears as if they may also be investigating if they can do it preemptively; pardoning themselves BEFORE they are even found guilty. This would be the epitome of the worst case scenarios that the United States could ever face. Such a move would make a mockery of our justice system and shatter our democracy. In-effect, it would allow a serious criminal to lead our country. Think about that. Really, really think about that. If it is true, then we already have serious criminals leading our country. How comforting can that be?

When one looks back at Trump’s behavior whenever the Russian topic comes up, he does everything in his power and influence to throw up roadblocks. There must be a reason. If he had nothing to hide, he would back away and get on with running the country. (Something he has proven to be completely incapable and incompetent of doing.)

If Trump has a history of hidden criminal activity, he could face jail time. (If he cannot pardon himself) For a sniveling, lawless coward, this would be the worse thing that could possibly happen to such a person. History shows that people in this category would often commit suicide before going to jail. Think hard about that and you will feel Trump’s true intentions. Some elitists simply cannot live without the luxuries that they have been spoiled with. In-fact, for some people in this category, they cannot even live within the simplicity of the normal citizen like you and I. It is simply “beneath” them. When you look at Trump’s lifestyle, you do not have to guess that he feels that he “must” live with such luxuries. Living any other way is not an option for people like that. And that is the reason why he will fight to-the-death to protect it. Putin knows that and uses it as leverage. It is the opinion of many people that Trump would throw the entire United States under the bus to save his lifestyle. And therein may be the tragic scenario that is under cover. If it is so, then the people of the United States are in serious jeopardy. We could be facing the end of the United States.

Is Trump hiding mafia activity? Is Trump involved in Russian corruption? Has he, his family, or business associates participated in money laundering or other forms of financial corruption? Because of his tenacious fight to kill the Russian investigation and his complete resistance to having his finances exposed, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to feel that something may be awry. If a person does not at least have a slight suspicion that something is very wrong, then that person is in complete denial and is trying to protect their own ignorance or stupidity for continuing to support such a person. And if that is not the case, then they are the type of person who does not care or consider the serious trade-offs for getting their “one thing” from Trump. So much so, that they are willing to accept the complete collapse of our democracy… just to get one selfish thing.

It isn’t wrong to want “one thing” from a candidate. However, it is wrong to throw away the values and integrity of our democracy to get it. The first, and primary, criterion that must be evaluated when selecting a candidate is their character. Trump failed and continues to fail on that alone, yet his supporters ignore it. The second criterion is if the candidate truly “understands” your needs. Again, Trumps fails completely. True understanding comes from experiencing something. He has never lived like the general public. I bet he has never even mowed a lawn or shoveled snow from his driveway. He simply does not live our lives. And therefore, he will behave differently and will defend the privileges that he enjoys that 99% of us will never have.

When a candidate has lived your life, then it is intrinsically a part of their character and they will work hard to help those like them. Trump has not lived our lives and will protect his own at all costs. To protect his style of life simply means that he only has to protect himself. Never forget that.

Trump chanted “crooked Hillary” and “lock her up” during his campaign speeches. These were attacks on a person who was proven to be innocent. Trump has yet to be proven innocent or guilty because he perpetually keeps trying to find roadblocks to an investigation. If Trump is successful in thwarting the investigation, there may be a significant part of the population that will physically, and possibly violently, revolt. Why? Because at that point, Democracy and justice will already have been destroyed. The tragedy to all of this is that scenario may have been Putin’s plan all along; fracturing the democracy of the United States and letting it bleed across the globe. That is the only way that Putin can move himself into more power and influence across the globe. Folks, you must look at the big picture in order to connect the dots of the trail of corruption.

I cannot stress enough the danger we are all in. If there is any shred of decency or patriotism in Congress, then they need to address this problem immediately, lest they callously allow our country to be destroyed out of stupid partisan politics. The best scenario for the people of the United States (and the world) is if our representatives in Congress leave their political signs at the door when they go to work. It is time for our elected officials to be representatives of our country instead of party representatives. Senator John McCain was correct before he went into the hospital; it is time that Democrats and Republicans begin to work together on solutions. The stupidity of hating a person purely based on their enrollment into a political group must come to an end. We all have families and we all share this country. It’s time to work together. That will be the only scenario that will thwart the inevitable outcome if we do not.

And so the catastrophic event continues to unfold…


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