The World's Catastrophic Event is Already Here

It is not uncommon for people to talk about a future catastrophic event that will alter our future severely or destroy humanity on this planet. Here is a list of the possible catastrophic events people discuss:

·       A third world war.

·       Nuclear holocaust.

·       Severe climate change.

·       Asteroid hit.

I am sure there are more, but I think you get the idea.

While people discuss the possibilities, most continue to live their lives as if it would never happen in their lifetime. They feel that it might, but they live like it will not. I find that fascinating. I attribute that behavior to not accepting the fact that it could happen in their generation. The phenomenon is similar to when a bystander is interviewed after a murder and they say that they cannot believe that something like that could happen in their neighborhood. The fact is; it is easier to be in denial than it is to alter one’s life in preparation for something that we cannot predict with accuracy.

However, it is already happening. We no longer need to predict when it will happen.

The one possible catastrophic event that people do not discuss is the one that occurs much more slowly than the ones that are quick. It occurs at a pace that people do not readily recognize as it is happening. Furthermore, the events that make it up do not come from one single source. In general, people consider “catastrophic” as something that is single sourced, sudden, and forceful… similar to the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.

The catastrophic event that is occurring has been maturing slowly for several years. It is a culmination of many negative events that have been occurring for years, but is suddenly accelerating because of several world events happening simultaneously.

Here is a list of indicators that show the progress of this event:

·       Climate change. Yes, this is part of it. Climate change can wipe out an entire species. It has in the past and there is nothing new about our solar system that would stop it from happening now. The difference, however, is that humans are causing it to accelerate so it will have a devastating effect in our near future. Trump’s pullout of the Paris agreement is part of this gradual buildup of events that will contribute to the catastrophic event. Humanity cannot sustain a reversal of environmental controls. We know that. Well… at least some of us do. The others are in denial and would rather find ways to become wealthier while ignoring the negative effects for doing so. This puts greed and selfishness above the overall good for humanity. That trend is both spiritually and physically devastating.

·       Russia’s meddling in democratic societies. Russia appears determined to create havoc in the world. Its strategy is to create havoc so it destabilizes other country’s allies and partnerships across the globe. Remember the old adage; “divide and conquer”.  Once the world is destabilized, the Russian government will begin its move to spread its control around the globe. It will begin by taking control of countries surrounding it and then move outward.

·       Fighting wars on several fronts. The United States is battling extremism (ISIS and Taliban) and is still tied to conflicts in three countries. The Whitehouse is already discussing escalating the wars in these locations. Every time we explode missiles, the cost of living goes up. Somebody has to pay for them. The United States is spreading itself thin. That is part of Russia’s strategy.

·       North Korea. Folks, we WILL be at war with North Korea. There is no question if you take their leader’s word for it. This may actually trigger World War III. This is what Russia and North Korea are hoping for. North Korea has nothing to lose and Russia has everything to gain. Again, it will fragment the Unites States’ military. Furthermore, nuclear weapons will most likely be used. This will start a chain reaction of the use of nuclear weapons. China does not want this to happen because it will kill their economy. However, they have a lot at stake that they are unwilling to forfeit it by confronting North Korea forcefully. They also do not trust North Korea to not send a nuclear bomb toward them. North Korea is in such shambles that they do not have much to lose. That makes their leader very unpredictable.

·       Increase in terrorist activity. People believe so intensely in their religion that they are willing to be suicide bombers or be mass murderers. This is a spiritual problem and a destabilizing problem. Religion is coming to the forefront, but not in a good way. While religion and war should never be used in the same sentence, history show us that masses of people are willing to die for a religion that they vehemently believe in.

·       Politicians are completely untrustworthy. Folks, there is nothing that I trust that comes from our federal government. When people lose trust in their government, it leaves the door wide open for civil unrest. Again, this fractures our country and makes us increasingly vulnerable to other countries.

·       People are unwilling to participate in governing our world. We relinquish that authority to corrupt and selfish politicians because we would rather use our time being entertained and eating. Until ordinary people take responsibility for governing our world, it will remain divided and fighting itself.

·       We are in the midst of Earth’s 6th mass extinction. Extinction of most animal species is occurring at an alarming rate. That is real-world solid data, not some hypothetical prediction. Three-quarters of all species could disappear in the coming centuries. Think about that long and hard. If we lose three quarters of all animals, fish, birds, and insects, then the loss of equilibrium within our world will cause it to collapse. We all have seen stories about colony collapse disorder occurring with honey bee colonies, but what is not making the news is that wild bees are suffering the same fate. It goes unnoticed because most people no longer work outside with plants. I do. And I have seen a severe decline in wild bee populations everywhere. Pollination is taking a serious hit. Not only will it affect food supplies, but it will also affect wild plants and their ability to rebound and reproduce new seedlings when their environment is attacked. Eventually our oxygen supply will begin to dwindle. Furthermore, the natural food chain will be broken, leading to severe problems we can’t even imagine.

·       Humans are developing technology that will eventually nullify our existence. Farming machines are being developed so not a single person will be required to plant, harvest, weed, or plow. That is not futuristic; it is happening now. Everything that is being developed is being created so humans are required (or forced) to do less. People go from box to box, never needing to live in our natural world. As the human race does less, we will become genetically, physically, and spiritually weak, without any reason to live a real life. We will exist to be fed and entertained.

·       There are already too many humans for this planet to sustain equilibrium. Our population is increasing steadily. There is a number we will hit where there will be a complete collapse of humanity.

·       The difference between the wealthy and the poor is growing larger each year, with middle class people declining. Eventually, the increasing number of poor will revolt and the world will be in chaos. There are too many people at the “top” having too many resources and too little for those at the bottom. Anything in the universe that is that far from equilibrium will eventually be destroyed to reestablish equilibrium.


Many of you will not care about what is happening for many reasons, some of which are:

·       Denial is much easier to live with than taking responsibility.

·       Many people have adjusted to living and moving in boxes.

·       Many people are already too lazy to care because they prefer to be fed and cared for by technology. The concept of living is already lost on them. In their eyes, existing is living. I will explain later in this post how that is not so.

·       People feel that if the catastrophic event is not predicted, with certainty, to happen before they die, then why should they care? That idea is a falsehood. Most people do not understand why it is. Again, I will explain this in detail further along.

·       People live in boxes so they do not see and feel the pains of nature. It simply does not exist in their “world” because their world is a couple of boxes and a display device. If you cannot hear nature every day, then you cannot tell when it goes quiet as it is dying.

·       People think that believing in a religion is all that is necessary for existence. Folks, look back in history and see how that has not worked. And it is NOT working now. How many hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the recent wars? Yet, all of the people fighting believed in a religion. In fact, it was religion that caused the death and destruction. Religion is a contributing factor to the catastrophic event.

·       People are selfish and simply do not care about anything other than what they want. Anything other than what they want is not important.

I could go on and on with the above list, but you should have a good idea by now. If not, then add one more item to the list as for why.

The reason why we should care is very simple. Death may return you (your spirit) back to earth. Most people believe that when they die they will go to a “heaven”. Wrong! (For many people) I am sure the concept of a spirit returning back to earth after death is not in your religion. If it were, it would be more difficult to coerce people into believing that religion. You don’t accept that statement? Then I have proven my point. People believe what they WANT to believe. Most people want to believe that they will go to a heaven, regardless of what they have done here on earth. Some will even kill others believing that it will guarantee them safe passage to a heaven. A religion told them it was so and they believed it. The cruel joke is on them. They actually died… both physically and spiritually.

If humanity does not embrace its true spirituality, then it will have no future on this world. And that folks is the climax to the catastrophic event. As the extinction of life on earth takes its toll and as we become spiritually weaker and weaker, it is sealing our fate for no existence after death. Some very weak spirits will die, while others that may have another chance will return into another infant to struggle on the world they had just lived in. A world they helped to destroy in their prior life. And that is why we all must care about this world. For without a world to return to, a spirit will die, even if it might have had a second or third chance to create a life worthy enough to live within forever.

The “heaven” we seek is the heaven we create through living. It is not given to us by a god and the default is not to go to a heaven just because we existed. Each of us must build a strong and true life here so we can take it with us to “there”. If we destroy our world, then that chance will be lost and your spirit may die for not having a world to create your life from.

Will you believe what I have written? My guess is that most, if not all of you, will not. Why? Because you do not want to. Reality is much more difficult to live within than a fantasy within your mind. And there we have the other piece to the catastrophic event that will kill humanity... the loss of true spirituality.

What I am telling you is not hypothetical. It is real. Stop blocking your spirit today and you might have enough time to build your true life so you can be forever. At a minimum, take solid steps to participate in real living within our world and protect it for the future. Your life depends on it in the future. Humanity does have a choice as to whether it will allow the catastrophic event to finish its destruction, but time is running out quickly.  What will YOU do to help?

Share this post with others! You alone cannot reverse the catastrophic event. It will take the world of humanity to deflect it. If you cannot do the simple task of sharing this post as the first step in helping humanity, then you should look inward to get in touch with your spirit and to block the anger, denial, and fear that may be keeping you from doing so. Reading my FREE book called “Be Forever” on my website at will give you guidance in how to do that.

Live Strong and True

(Your real life depends on it)