RJ Seney novels to be published in paperback form

Many people have expressed their desire to have a physical paper book in their hands to read. Their reasons span between not having a reading device to simply wanting the book on their shelves. Others simply like the feel of a physical book that they can throw in their car, in a beach bag, or on the couch, that they can go back to and it will always work. Electronics, as we are all aware of, do not always work or soon become outdated. Still others wish to read the book and then pass it along to a relative or friend to read.

To address this request from my readership, I have begun the process of making my books available in paperback form. Every book requires extensive reformatting and a complete new generation of a cover that has a spine and back. This is a very time-consuming process and comes at a time where I am most busy with hydroponics, gardening, orchard maintenance, poultry rearing, and horticultural experiments. These tasks will wind down within a month and I will have a bit more time for the paperback project. It is my desire to have this project completed by the end of summer, where I will then being to transition into my run for the presidency. Once that transition occurs, I will no longer have time to write new novels for some time.

The first novel to be printed will be Finding Death in the Losing Humanity series. I hope to have that book available in print within a week. I have been burning a lot of midnight oil, so to speak, to make it available soon. Afterwards, I hope to release one paperback book per month of my other novels.

I have made it a point to make my book, Be Forever, to be free to the public. This will not be immediately possible in paperback form for obvious reasons. Somebody must pay the book printer. If I find some time later in the year I may try to establish a donation fund or start a “GoFundMe” project to subsidize printing costs so those experiencing financial hardship will be able to procure the book. One thing I want to make clear is that I do not wish to financially profit from the sale of that book. Any monies over and above covering printing costs for readers will be directed toward a good cause. In-effect, I will manage a “trust” that will provide money to cover on-going costs to print the book for those in need.

The paperback versions of my novels will be available for purchase on Amazon.com. At the same time, I will also make the eBook version available for sale on the Amazon.com site as well. The eBook versions of all books will remain available on my website at www.rjseney.com to provide multiple electronic formats for all reading devices, not just those supported by Amazon. Because Amazon effectively price-limits eBooks, the cost of my eBooks will change to reflect their pricing policy. The price for the paperback will be relative to the cost of printing it, but will certainly be more expensive than the eBook version. Furthermore, authors make less profit on paperback books because of the cost to print it and how much people are willing to spend on a book. Offering my books in print is being done as a service to my readership and to reach an audience that otherwise would not be available.

I will make an announcement when each book is released for print.

I wish to thank my readers who have come along on this adventurous journey in the Losing Humanity series and who have read and been inspired by Be Forever. As they have found, my novels are very relevant given the current state of our world. Inadvertently, by printing the books, I am addressing a situation where if there was a catastrophic event, my books would be available to be read. If that event does occur, the books will be a tremendous guide for what humanity will need to do to survive. There are still many people who are hesitant/afraid to read my books because they challenge their ingrained belief systems. That will change quickly if events keep escalating around the world. Be aware and be prepared.

Live Strong and True,