Lack of Equilibrium

I watched the world news the other night where they covered African countries experiencing extreme famine. People, especially children, are dying of malnutrition. This has been going on for some time, yet, many of us had no idea until the news covered it this week. Those countries have not had a significant rainfall in 3 to 4 years!

This problem comes at a time when Trump is “looking in” and stopping the flow of aid to areas of extreme need. People in the United States live better than kings not so long ago, yet, there are many in our country who still feel that we deserve “more”. “America First”. “Screw everybody else”. (Not my words)

I found it difficult to eat my dinner, having seen dying children who had not eaten anything of substance for weeks, if not months. I looked over to my container where I dump compostable food stuffs and could not help but think that those starving people would see that as a large meal.

And then there is the spiritual burden of connecting with those who are suffering and begging for help. Those like me who feel the longing in the spirits of others will find it difficult to feel anything but anguish and hurt. We are all connected spiritually, regardless of beliefs or religion. Some simply choose to ignore their spiritual connection because it makes life easier… it allows them to enjoy the wealth of the world without the burden of feeling the pain of those less fortunate. That bliss will not be sustainable… that bliss will not see them home on their journey after death.

So, what the heck is this “equilibrium” I talk about?

The word broken down means “equal balance”. While nothing in the physical Universe can ever be eternally steady and balanced, there can be equilibrium “close enough” to it that makes everything work much better. Think of a washing machine that is out of balance and how it walks around the floor, shakes, and sometimes breaks. If you re-balance the clothes around the drum, the spin cycle can finish and you get clean clothes. Our world is not much different than a washing machine.

Earth has had to find a new equilibrium time and time again as random events changed the balance of nature within it. However, there is now a new variable that is changing the natural cycles within our world and creating an imbalance. That variable is humans. If our species was not a warring and selfish one, we would automatically re-balance famine in any part of the world. But we are not. Therefore, we see the “haves” and the “have nots.” The “haves” must continue to get MORE or they are not happy. The “have nots” get less and sometimes nothing. In order to get more, people take and take from the planet and from each other. Now our environment is out of balance from being raped, used, and discarded. Earth (or call it nature) once again begins to react to the change so it can reestablish equilibrium. Folks, it is never good to be in the middle of that cycle. With that being said, we are already in the beginning of it. The bad news is that to reestablish physical equilibrium, nature might just remove us.

And then there is spiritual equilibrium. When humans do deeds that are selfish, the body is the dominant factor of our existence. When we find empathy and work with others collaboratively to exist peacefully and equally, then our spirit is the dominant factor of our life. So… how does spirituality reestablish equilibrium? That folks is equally unsettling. My book, “Be Forever” covers this in-depth, so I will do a brief summation of it here. Because I am now on page #2 of this post, I have already lost half the people that began to read this, so I’ll try to get right to the point.

There are two ways, and probably a few more, to achieve spiritual equilibrium. But the two I will mention here I have understanding of. Keep in mind that any adjustment to reestablish equilibrium is not instantaneous, especially when it is spiritual. There are no miracles. Reestablishing equilibrium must be done through living. If you think there are miracles, then prove it to the world right now. I won’t wait around to see you struggle to prove it.

In one scenario, a person is very selfish. We will call this person Kito Simkins. Kito lived the life of luxury. Many people were screwed-over by Kito because of how she ran her businesses and she took many resources away from the people for her own personal use. However, she did not treat people around her cruelly. Her brother becomes the president of the United States. His goal is to keep his family wealthy and to neglect other countries. Kito dies in an automobile accident. Does she make her journey home to live in a perfect world for eternity?

No. Kito is not strong and true enough to return home. Her “out of balance washing machine of life” can’t stay in a true enough path to make it through her spiritual tunnel. No judgement; she just lived a hollow life and took from others. That weakens a spirit. Her body and brain were very happy with it, though.

Instead of being able to go home, her spirit returns into another infant… an infant in one of the poorest and most diseased-ridden places on Earth. She is born to a mother with aids who dies giving birth to her. The child is neglected by a father who picks food from garbage dumps to feed his family. The child lives for a year and dies of malnutrition. Does she now make her journey home?

No. She still does not have enough “time of living”, while being strong and true, to build her world of eternity.

Her spirit returns once again into an infant. This time she is a boy in Syria. At one-year old his father is killed in civil unrest and his mother is forced to flee as a refugee. They attempt to flee to the United States. President Simkins (her prior brother) signs an executive order to halt immigration. They are forced to relocate from refugee camp to refugee camp. The mother is raped and killed along a road and her body kicked aside into a ditch. A wild animal finds the boy and kills him to feed their babies. Does the Kito spirit make its journey home now?

No. It still has an insufficient amount of “time of living”.

The Kito spirit is now in a girl infant in china. The child is raised to 13 years old and is then sold so the family can get money to live. She is now a prostitute and dies at the hand of a cruel old man. And no, she does not make her journey home.

Kito’s spirit returns into an infant in Mexico. Her family works on a farm that is owned by another person. Her father and mother work hard to keep their children fed, but have little expendable income. Kito’s father has an opportunity to work in the United States picking vegetables for a larger farm. Fortunately, several years prior, a new president in the United States establishes a mutually beneficial agreement for workers to go to the USA to do work that the citizens there simply will not do. He fills out the proper paperwork and goes. He sends money back to his family, who eventually get papers to move to the United States. Kito’s spirit grows in this new girl and she becomes a citizen and is very well educated. Eventually she runs for office and is a federal Senator. She sponsors a bill that establishes a world-wide famine relief system that is supported by all nations across the globe. She eventually gets married and raises a family of her own. When she retires she continues to work to help others in need. She lives modestly and eventually dies of cervical cancer. Does she make her journey home now?

If you feel her spirit, then she does.

Okay, so I said I would discuss two ways. The second way is so much simpler. Kito Simkins mistreats others and scoffs at those less fortunate. In order to get more money, she hires a person to kill her father, who has a will that will give her everything. She is very rich and starts businesses in other countries. Kito pays as little money as possible to the workers, while reaping huge profits. She has 5 homes around the world and is on her third marriage. She lives to be 95 and dies. Her relatives fight with each other for years to get her estate. Does she make her journey home?

No. She lived a hollow life and… she killed somebody. Her spirit is that seriously imbalanced washing machine that is flying all around the room. A spirit in that state is not good when it is in its spirit tunnel going home. Her spirit haphazardly crashes through the spirit tunnel and is instantly sucked into a black hole in the Physical Universe. The spirit dies.

So, how does that last scenario create equilibrium? In the second scenario, her spirit was not only too untrue to make it through her spirit tunnel, but it was also too weak to return to another infant. The re-balancing was to be rid of her spirit to make room for a new one that had an opportunity to live strong and true.

The problem we have here is that the more out of balance we are in our world, the more difficult it becomes for people to make their journey home after physical death. There may become a time in our future where it will be impossible.

Take the first scenario and add another variable right in the middle of it. Kito’s spirit is in the body of a little boy in Syria… when a nuclear holocaust occurs. Everyone in the world is killed. Does Kito’s spirit make its journey home? Does yours?

I hope that makes you think. Time is running out.