Deregulating Pollutants Does Not Create Jobs

The latest insane move by Trump is to deregulate the pollutants spewed into our air, land, and waterways in the hopes that it will provide more jobs. That is unconscionable.

Trump does not have a solid handle on reality. We have been down the non-regulatory road before. All he needs to do is to open a history book to see how lack of regulations is not a long-term solution to anything. It ultimately kills jobs and increases costs in many ways:

  • Factories and automobiles that spew more pollutants also waste more resources by consuming more of them. The increased consumption leads to higher prices of the resources because of increased demand. The consumer will pay less for the product (maybe), but will pay more to use it afterward. (For sure)
  • The cost of people getting sick from pollutants raises healthcare costs. Trump will eventually make healthcare more expensive or unreachable; therefore, the death rate and the increase in untreated illnesses of Americans will surge. Hospitals will be forced to treat more people that contract pollution related diseases that cannot afford to pay for the services and will find it financially difficult to exist.
  • Pollutants get into our waterways killing beneficial bacteria and making water unusable and scarce. We already are seeing a plethora of drinking water contamination across the United States. Furthermore, acid rain from these same manufacturing pollutants killed off fish populations in the Adirondacks in the 1970’s. The massive kill-off of the fishes in the Adirondacks was the “canary in the mine” for our government.
  • Automation is what is killing jobs, not regulations. Those manufacturers that focus on cutting costs by making less efficient products will ultimately be less competitive relative to those companies that subscribe to constant process improvements and efficiencies. Consumers will desire more efficient products made in other countries. That equates to less jobs, not more.
  • People will revolt. (And they need to.) Boycotting polluting companies will drive them out of business. People are tired of being poisoned. We are an educated society that understands the massive research that has been conducted on climate change and no senseless president will convince them to turn away from the facts and reality of the environment that we live in. Massive protests will emerge and force companies to comply or shut down. Shutting down companies that could have made green goods will waste money and cause job losses. (But will improve our health)
  • Companies that constantly improve efficiencies are the companies that persist. That is business 101. If other nations make better products, we will buy them. Nobody is going to want to buy old technology or wasteful products just because they are cheaper. Case in-point, who would buy a Ford Pinto?
  • The new administration, that is sure to replace Trump, will reenact the regulations to save our nation. The companies that were slackers and tried to save a few bucks by making inefficient products will go out of business because they will have invested too much money on bad processes and will not be able to come up to the standards of the required regulations to keep us healthy. Businesses should take a long term approach if they desire to remain competitive.
  • Increased pollutants will accelerate the trend of severe climate change. Costs for disaster recovery will increase government spending and increase insurance premiums. We are already seeing the climate changes in extreme climate shifts in large blocks of time. One pattern of weather lingers much longer than it previously had. (Severe drought and severe rain.) We are also seeing rubber-band temperatures much more than in the past. That will ruin crops. Expect that to increase. The cost of food will increase.
  • Focusing on deregulation distracts from improvements that are really needed. Our nation will become less competitive in the long run. If it were not for stricter regulations, we would still be driving cars with inefficient carburetors that got 11 MPG. The cost of gas would be outrageous because of the demand. Instead, we have cars getting 50 MPG that require less material to build and do not pollute nearly as much as the former automobiles did. Regulations spurred that move. We have also spent money on new technology to reduce and eventually eliminate our dependency of the fossil fuels that the energy wasters use. Fossil fuels are finite, alternative energy is not. Waiting until we run out of oil before we engineer its replacement is absolute stupidity.
  • Going backward is a sure formula for… going backwards. How anyone can see a formula for increased jobs by slashing pollution regulations is foolhardy.

I want to urge people to protest and boycott the manufacturers that do not pursue clean manufacturing. It is my hope that some environmental groups will form that will identify these companies and inform the public. Your voices will have a HUGE impact on companies. They are not like politicians that are guaranteed a paycheck regardless of what they do. If you protest to these companies, they WILL listen. I can assure you of that. They understand that consumers will not buy what they do not want. Consumer power is king. Use it.

It appears that we have no valid government to protect us from negative environmental impacts; therefore, we must accept that responsibility ourselves. At least until we can replace our government officials with ones that care about our world and our children.

Stay involved and hold our representatives’ feet to the fire. Protest on issues that concern you. And I repeat… protesting will not redirect Trump, but it will have a significant impact on legislators coming up for election. That should be your focus. Get right in their face and be relentless. Be sure they understand that you are not going away and they have a responsibility to you, not themselves or their party.

Unfortunately, Trump alone can have a devastating effect on America regardless of Congress because of his executive orders. But your efforts may help us to survive until we can unseat him. Your goal is to assist in creating a better non-partisan Congress while we pursue a complimenting initiative to bring in a real president.

It is time for all of you to stand together, to stand true, and to stand strong.