Selfishness Blinds Reasoning

Are you jaded yet with the Trump news? I think we are all feeling it a bit. He simply doesn’t stop. He is like a collective disorder of schizophrenia, psychopathy, ADHD, and OCD.

So, why do his supporters not acknowledge the problems we have with the President? The answer is selfishness. I have heard countless Trump supporters tell the media that they think he is doing a great job. One might question how anyone could reasonably think that.

Go back to one of my prior posts where I said that people will vote for a candidate simply on one issue. So what is Trump doing? He is taking those issues and blasting out executive orders one by one to satisfy his supporters. However, he is putting no reasonable effort into doing the research, studies, and vetting of the issues before signing them. All that matters to him is that he releases an order. It does not need to be correct, thought out, studied, or vetted by specialized departments and professionals. They are all impulsive orders with absolutely no work put into them at all. He is also slashing regulations with total disregard to the extensive research and scientific studies that occurred over decades that brought them about. It does not matter to him. He simply does not “feel” what is right or wrong. If you read my book “Be Forever” it describes that state of mind and why it exists.

Furthermore, he creates those executive orders quickly because the simple fact is that he cannot maintain enough focus to sustain an extensive effort to do them correctly. You will see this disorder below. He brags about doing more in his first 50 days than any other president. NO, that is NOT true. He has done NO work at all. Having somebody draw up an executive order only takes mere minutes. Responsibly creating an executive order could take months, if not years, to do correctly. Trump cannot focus long enough to do that. And that is going to be a serious problem. Ad hoc and shoot-from-the hip decisions are costly and add up quickly. He may get lucky and some of them will work, but collectively, it creates a foundation made of sand. It is unsustainable when running a very complex country like the United States of America.

And his order to kill two regulations if you want to create one is absolutely the most stupid thing a person can do. What that order does is to kill regulations randomly with no effort in making an informed decision regarding them. It forces government to not have the ability to dynamically run government rationally. It restricts a proper method of governance that must remain dynamic. It forces a less-than-optimum method of government.

But many people will not see the dysfunction in Trumps administration because they perceive that they are getting their “one thing” they wanted by voting for him. That is all that matters to them. They will not allow themselves to see who Trump really is and the deleterious future ahead because of his thoughtless actions. In-fact, it doesn’t even matter to them.

Will they ever “get it”? Some will. It will take time. Reality cannot be avoided. It always catches up, but takes time. Perception cannot last indefinitely. When our country begins to degrade it will be felt by all, except for possibly the richest 1%.

Will some of Trump’s supporters get what they wanted? Yes. However, when one selfishly asks for something and they get it, rarely does it feel as good as they projected. The spiritual realm has a way of affecting those results. Furthermore, if our country survives for 4 years and Trump also lasts that long, there will certainly be a change in government at that point. A lot of what is changing now is temporary and can be reversed. With that being said, if our government fails so completely, many of the deleterious effects could become permanent. That is what concerns me the most. Some mistakes you cannot come back from.

I mentioned, in my first paragraph, several mental health conditions that I can identify with Trump’s behavior. These are the indicators of his mental imbalance that many people will refuse to accept as problematic to the proper functioning of our government. I’ll break each down and list the generally accepted terms or symptoms for each disorder and then show how it correlates to Trump’s behavior. Regardless if a person is willing to see them, the effect of each WILL be felt during his presidency. There will be no avoiding the results, regardless if people remain in denial.



  • A constant feeling of being watched.
    • Trump accused Obama of wiretapping his phones.
    • Trump has accused many people of spying on him and releasing information about his administration.
    • Staff phones were taken and searched.
  • Peculiar or nonsensical way of speaking or writing.
    • Trump jumps around a lot and repeats himself frequently when he speaks without written guidance from others. People are now writing his speeches and making him read them word for word so he doesn’t sound like a 2nd grader.
  • Strange body positioning.
    • Note Trump’s use of his hands and arms. Also note his “sniffing” when he is stressed.
  • Feeling indifferent to very important situations.
    • Trump is unfazed by protests from millions of people. It is as if the protests never occurred, in his mind.
    • Trump cannot relate to other people’s desires or problems. He simply does not have the mental capacity to understand them. He would argue that he sees unemployment and a lack of jobs. Folks, those are the old standby topics that every politician preaches. He merely identified topics (to which he has no true understanding because he is rich) and simply repeated them over and over and over again to make people think he understands. No, he does NOT understand because he did not live them. When he is at his Mar a Lago resort, I can assure you that he is not having feelings of empathy for the rust belt people.
  • Deterioration of academic or work performance.
    • His administration is in chaos and he has yet to hire a complete staff. He says that they are saving money by not hiring. The fact is that he simply cannot organize an effective staff. Firstly, people are afraid to work for him. Secondly, it takes organization skills to accomplish. He is sending people into so many directions simultaneously, that they can’t even focus enough to hire their own staff.
    • He generally doesn’t even know what is in a Presidential Executive Order until he reads it word for word before signing it. He then blames others for writing it when the executive order does not go as hoped.
  • Increasing withdrawal from social situations.
    • Trump needs to run away from his responsibilities and others by making frequent trips to Mar a Lago. He only feels comfortable with people that treat him like a king. Generally, those are people that stand a chance to benefit from associating with him. They tell the king that he is dressed wonderfully, even when they know he is naked. Trump likes that. He cannot endure long work periods. In-fact, he simply cannot endure real work, period.
  • Inappropriate or bizarre behavior.
    • Remember the “grab them by their pussy” remarks? Remember when he described walking through the dressing room where pageant women were undressing because he owned the pageant? The list is very extensive on this subject.
    • His bizarre Tweets also fit into this catagory.
  • Extreme preoccupation with religion.
    • Trumps hates the Islamic religion and the Muslims and cannot let it go. He is trying to ban them from the USA.


  • Superficial charm.
    • Trump loves you and sings your praises… until you do not agree with him or if you do something he does not like. In gatherings of people, he tries to charm them to get them to like him. Especially with women. It is all artificial and he will attack you like a snake without warning. If there is something he wants from you, he will charm the heck out of you.
  • A grandiose notion of self-worth.
    • How can anyone not see this one? Trump thinks he is the best person to ever walk on Earth. He tells people that every single day. He constantly says how great his work is, how great his administration is, and how great his executive orders are. He constantly tells everyone that he is a very smart person. He told his supporters that only he could fix everything and he could do it by himself.
  • The need for stimulation and impulsiveness.
    • This is why we are all jaded. He thrives on the stimulation of attention. He will make something happen if things get too idle.
    • He is an impulsive tweeter on Twitter.
    • He loves to be idolized. It is his high. If he does not get enough positive attention, he goes out on a campaign run. He then impulsively attacks something or someone
  • Pathological lying.
    • Man, the number of lies he makes daily are growing faster than Pinocchio’s nose. The media has to do fact-checking every single day to keep up with them. RARELY does he say the truth about ANYTHING. We have lost the respect of the world because of his lies. He actually thinks people will believe him when he denies lying. He blatantly will ignore facts and continue to lie when it is obvious to everyone that it is a lie. He will NEVER admit to lying. Never.
  • The ability to manipulate others.
    • This is his MO. This is how he has become rich. He uses people. He is a constant manipulator to get what he wants. He has the “gift”, if you may, to make people believe that, by dealing with him, they will benefit “bigly”. He promises everything you want and has no intentions on delivering. It is all for him.
    • Trump used the widow of the killed soldier, during his address to Congress, as a pawn to look like he empathizes with people. It was all a calculated political ploy to look good and hide the fact that his first military mission failed. I found it disgusting and reprehensible to use her in that way. How many soldiers die every day in our military and are never recognized? The suicide rate of soldiers is off the charts. He carefully selected that poor anguishing woman to use her to cover up the fact that his carelessness caused her husband’s death and it was all in vain. Nothing good came from that raid and innocent children were killed. Where were the mothers of those children during his address? Where were the wives of the soldiers that have committed suicide? Where were the wives and husbands of soldiers killed during the line of duty that never made the headlines? How disgusting to use her that way! And then he basked in the applause as if it were for him. Pure manipulation
  • Lack of remorse and empathy.
    • Trump feels nothing when he does wrong or bad things. Nothing. He is emotionless. He cannot relate to the feelings of others and he blames things that go wrong on others, or he simply denies it. This is a classic case of a weak spirit. Hitler was similar in this respect. They are incapable of feeling the spiritual emotions or pain of others. They cannot feel spirits.


  • Are disorganized.
    • His administration is in chaos. He can’t get everyone on the same page. Every person on his staff gives different answers to questions.
    • Trump randomly gives dates for things are going to be released when he has no idea whatsoever when they really will be released. One day he will say a week and the next week he will say a year, and then a week later something comes out of the blue.
    • He now has to read from scripts written by other people so he can talk in an organized fashion. My guess is that his literacy level is that of a 3rd or 5th grader.
  • Lack of focus.
    • He is shooting wildly from the hip with a ton of executive orders. Instead of putting research and study into them, he just wildly creates them without proper vetting. He does one and quickly moves on to the other. There is no focus on getting it right. He just does it.
    • There is no solid plan for governing. There is nothing that is consistent, well thought out, with foresight, or with organized planning.
    • He has no logical foreign policy and it is causing many world-wide problems.
  • Have a hard time paying attention to details and a tendency to make careless mistakes.
    • Trump keeps making mistake after mistake. His executive orders lack sufficient details and are ad hoc at best. Oftentimes he doesn’t even know what is in the executive order until he reads it at signing. The details, and their ramifications, do not appear to matter to him.
    • Trump makes accusations without actually researching the facts. You see, that would take time and effort; something he cannot do.
    • Trump does and says things without thinking and it causes a ripple effect across the world. Complete carelessness.
  • Have trouble staying on topic while talking, not listening to others, and not following social rules.
    • Remember his debates? He was all over the place because he had no script written for him so he would stay on-topic. He didn’t listen to the questions well and he did not follow any social rules during the debates. He also does not listen to advice from others. He does what he wants. If you disagree with him, you become an instant enemy. He also does not follow socially acceptable rules in his comments on twitter or when he thinks he is not being recorded.
  • Be easily distracted by things like trivial noises or events that are usually ignored by others.
    • A single tweet can send him off and take him out of orbit.
    • He also is distracted by crowd sizes, votes, the media, etc. Small things distract him quickly and then he can’t let go afterward. It causes him to lose focus on important issues.
    • While campaigning, a single child that was crying far out in the audience completely derailed him. He first made a joke about it, but then turned on the person and told them to leave.



  • Fear of contamination.
    • Trump has admitted that he is a germ-a-phobe.
  • Aggressive impulses.
    • Trump verbally attacks people instantly when they do not agree with him.
    • Trump attacks people using Twitter obsessively.
    • Trump will respond to tweets impulsively. He has little control of himself.
    • Trump attacked and degraded judges when they did not back his ban on Muslims.
  • Persistent sexual thoughts.
    • Trump’s own recorded conversations prove this one easily. His sexual escapades are well known. That may have been his motivation to buy a beauty pageant.
  • Thoughts that they might be harmed.
    • Trump always thinks that somebody is out to get him or derail his administration. He used the media and Obama as the culprits. There will be more blamed in the future.

That was a small list that points to an unstable person that is in charge of running our country. And yes, I know many of you are scared because of it. You are healthy if you are and you certainly are not alone.

The problem is that there is not much that a single person can do about it. Yes, you can protest, but as I pointed out to you above, Trump doesn’t really acknowledge protests or understand why they are occurring. The protests will be helpful in another way, however. Elected representatives in government will be coming up for reelection. Your protests WILL matter to them. I can assure you of that! Put the pressure on and be relentless. If you do not, then our country is lost.

Keeping a good government in place requires work. It doesn’t just happen. Government works when you do. Remember, they hope that you will eventually give up. That is a satisfaction that you CAN deny them.

Help is on the way. It will take time, however. In the mean-time, it is up to everyone to force the will of the people onto our representatives unrelentingly. Do NOT despair. Make good happen. Now.