A Country's Power

Trump is cutting aid to other countries and funding for the State Department that conducts important foreign relations so he can increase spending on our military. What Trump does not understand is that in a global world, a country’s raw military strength does not dictate real power.

In the modern world, every country must have dependable allies. Once you alienate your allies, they begin to conduct conversations with your enemies. Now your influence wanes and your real power goes away with it. With a lack of foreign diplomacy, we will need more raw military strength. In other words, more of our soldiers will die in order to make up for the lack of cooperation with allies. Furthermore, our enemies will gain “real” power by taking our allies from us.

Trump is very short sighted and has the view of a child when it comes to foreign relations and the military. Sometimes, a voice is more powerful than a bomb… and a lot less expensive.

For those of you in the military, and think there is about to be a windfall of cash that will go into your pocket, think again. What it means is that you will have more equipment to go into battle with… and be killed. Killed fighting a mentally unstable person’s foreign policy mistakes. The people getting the money will be the manufacturers of the equipment and the high-paid executives that run those companies. We will see a return to $1,000 toilet seats in our military.

Meanwhile, in order to fund the military spending, Trump’s budget will cut funding for a plethora of low income programs that keep needy people alive and gangs off the streets. When you cut opportunity to the poor, you create the perfect storm for civil disobedience. When a human has no means to move forward, they move outward against society.

Furthermore, Trump is going to effectively cut funding of education in numerous indirect ways. One must keep a keen eye out to spot them. One means will be with vouchers for education, where people’s school tax money gets redirected to religious schools. Children whose parents cannot afford private schools will get less educational funding, and hence, improper education relative to the private school children. In other words, the separation between religion and state is being removed. Children of the rich will excel past the children of the general public.

Another way to cut education is by killing the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). That is literally the best TV programming available to the general public. Instead of being educated by quality programs, people will waste their brains away in front of a constant barrage of sitcoms with annoying laugh tracks.

So now the dropout rate will increase, the young will be roaming the streets getting into trouble, and it will be more difficult for our young people to get into college or have economically feasible employment. Meanwhile, senior citizens will go hungry or die without heat because important programs are gone.

It appears that Trump is attempting to lower the quality of life for the poor so they will replace the Mexican immigrant labor force that will work jobs Americans generally will not do. In essence it is a reestablishment of slavery to make the upper 1% richer. The rich are even getting tax breaks. Another thing he may be doing is making our young poorer so they join the military for financial reasons. That gives him more bodies to throw at wars to go with the extra equipment. Those voters who voted for Trump will be losing their children and grandchildren in war or through suicide after battles. Those voters might get their “one thing” Trump promised, but at a serious price.

Don't bet that those high-paid executives will be sending their children into battle. From what I read some time ago, Trump evaded the Vietnam war when there was a draft. And speaking of a draft, if he can't make young people poor enough so they join the military, he will simply reestablish a draft to put bodies at the end of rifles. (And in front of bullets) And let's not forget the GOP's effort to get all women to register their names for the military, just like the men. There is a reason behind that. If Trump cannot get enough volunteers, expect a reenactment of the draft. Soldiers will only be numbers to him. Hitler showed us that mentality.

If Trump’s budget goes through there will be a darkening of America. Selfishness always punishes itself. If there is one bit of advice I can give people based on my three near-death experiences, it would be to stop being selfish. That fixes MANY problems around the world.

The real fix is for everyone to live strong and true. We can apply that phrase to EVERY aspect of our lives and it will work. What we are experiencing across the globe now is the exact opposite. And there WILL be a price to be paid for it. Much pain and suffering is coming if we do not try to establish equilibrium across the world.

As much as people hope/believe that there is a god to "save" them, reality always takes over and makes us deal with ourselves. There is no super-being that will save us. History should have taught us that. It is all... us.