Be Forever

As of February 6, 2017, my book that had been titled “Understanding: One Man’s Revelations After Entering The Light” will now be titled “Be Forever: One Man’s Revelations After Entering The Light”.

The change of title comes after sudden and clear understanding of what the book is to people. While my experiences gave me understand of what “is”, the purpose of the book is to help others to “Be Forever.” For those that have read the book, that term should be blatantly obvious. However, for those seeing the title for the first time, they may question what that term means. It is extremely simple, as is everything that is true.

The book will guide people to live their lives in such a manner that will enable them to essentially “be” forever. In other words; to exist forever. By building one’s ark of life and being strong and true, they will ensure their journey home from whence their spirit came. Upon reaching that destination, the spirit will become eternal to exist within the world that the spirit had created for itself and with those it had formed a spiritual bond.

Making one’s journey home is not a given for merely existing in this physical life, it is not a rite of passage, and it is not something given to a person by a god or final judgement. It is constructed through one’s life by how they have lived and through the bonds to others that they have formed.

I am amazed at how few people are interested in learning about their true life, yet, many will vote for and support a president that is a narcissistic psychopath that has no compassion for the inhumane treatment of fellow human beings.  There is no place for spirits that are so weak after death. Our life is not about getting the most comforts, being entertained constantly, or living well above others around the world. People do not want to hear this because they want everything for themselves. Folks, that is a state where your physical existence displaces your spiritual existence. The tragedy is that when we focus only on ourselves and what we “want”, our real existence suffers tremendously.

Remember, there is absolutely nothing that any religion can show you that can prove that you will go to a “heaven” if you live by their “rules”. Nothing. However, when you see the horrid conditions that innocent lives must try to exist within just to survive, then you should feel “something” that says that it is not right. If you do not, then it may be too late for you. I am completely serious. For those that it is too late, they act like our current president that feels nothing other than what he wants for himself.

If you cannot feel compassion for fellow human beings or do not think of every spirit in this world as being equal and from “one”, then you REALLY need to read my book. I am making NO money from it. It is all for you. It is all for everyone. There is nothing in it for me. You have nothing to lose by reading it; however, if you never learn or gain understanding of what “is”, then you have “forever” to lose. “Forever” cannot be given, it must be created… by YOU... and only you.

Live Strong and True to Be Forever.


** If there are others that you would like to share the opportunity of understanding with, then share this post or a link to the book. If you want to take the first step toward making our world better, then share this post or a link to the book. If you abhor what is happening across our nation and this world, then read the book and share a link to it. We can make a difference if spirits across the world come together for humanity.