When Religion Destroys Humanity

Trump’s newest show of blatant stupidity is about to cause more death and fighting. Nothing that this bloated sack of liquid has done has remotely added to peace around the world. And now he has taken religion and placed it firmly into the political arena, both here and abroad.

Our forefathers were clear that religion and government were to be completely separate. They understood how lethal and toxic the mix of the two could be. One simply needs to read the history of Hitler to gain that knowledge. But that would take an effort to read something valuable by our so-called President. No chance of that happening. Not only does he not read history to educate himself, he relies on extremists to get his ideas for what to do next. Yes, extremists.

If you think that people in the United States are immune to extremism, then you have had your head in the sand or are a Trump supporter who is in complete denial of that which is directly in front of your face. We are no better than any other country in regards to extremism. People are people. We are no better or no worse than any other human being on this planet.

We are seeing quite clearly now that which I have been pointing out all along regarding religion. It is like a volatile liquid. It can look beautiful, smell wonderful, reflect beautiful colors in certain light, and glistening like a mirror… until there is a spark in the fumes that are above it. (In case you don’t know this, it is the fumes, not the liquid that ignites.)

Trump just created another spark above religious volatility. That generally ends in people being killed.

Firstly, we have no business or authority to proclaim any city the capital of another country. The only motivational factor to do so was purely for religious/political gain on Trump’s part. As Americans in a country who take tremendous pride for religious freedom, his act should be scorned. But it will not be by a large sector of Evangelicals. I shake my head at the contradiction of their religion.

I strongly support the freedom of religion… only up until the point where that religion causes wars, death, fighting, and pushes political agendas.  Yes, that is correct; while I am not a part of any religious group, I support their right of belief. NO RELIGION can be proven or disproven. NONE. Therefore, the best we can do is to tolerate the beliefs of others and accept that there will be differences. That tolerance has its limits.

When a religious group forcefully imposes itself on other people, then the balance is broken and it needs to be reeled in. Examples are Christians sending out missionaries to “convert” non-believers and Islamic extremists killing non-believers. There is no difference. One kills people physically, while the other kills societies and communities. Look no further than our back yard to see what Christians did to the native people of the United States. We called them heathens and forced the indigenous people away from spirituality and into Christianity. Yes, it was forcibly done by our government. Yeah, that’s right; the same government that prided itself on separation of government and religion.

Before we cast the first stone (in modern times called a bomb or bullet), we must look at our history and learn that we are capable of the same atrocities as some of the people we despise. We should not be forcing any religion upon any other peoples. We should not be dictating any one religion to any country, including our own. And we certainly should not keep interfering with the will of the people in other countries (qualified below). It is in the interest of all countries to send ambassadors to other countries so we can keep positive communications flowing. (Something Trump is destroying, by-the-way. Do the research.)

With that being said, I need to qualify the statements above. While we should not meddle with the will in other countries, as human beings with a shared spiritual connection, we must come to the aid of those that are being massacred by an act of religion, genocide, or destructive dictator who forces some of its people into extreme poverty or forms of slavery. We must also come to aid other countries in a process of mediation when it is found that it is difficult for them to come to a non-violent resolution.  However, telling two countries, which have been at odds for many years, which city is their capital, is completely unacceptable. It is NOT up to one person in another country, the person who is supposed to be the President of the United States, to make that determination. Especially when it is well known that it will incite immediate violence.

Our country is going down a very dangerous path. We have a person at the wheel of a ship (our country) that has no sense of navigation, no moral compass, frequently lets go of the wheel, and heads directly toward violent storms. And the shipmates (Congress) continue to let him grab the wheel instead of taking it from him to save the ship. Instead, the person at wheel promises each shipmate a personal fortune if they let him steer. And they believe him… even when they see the funnel cloud ahead. Why? Because as I said in a previous article, their goal is to get the ONE thing they want and the person at the wheel promises it to them. And the funnel cloud continues to grow stronger, the ship is listing heavily to one side, and the waves are ready to breach the deck.

I want to point out how the merger of religion and government looks. The ISIS people have such an arrangement already. Their religion is their government. Look at how well that works. I find it amazing how religious people in the United States support killing a group of people who are currently doing what we are well on our way to doing to ourselves. Our country is heading toward having a monogamous religion and society that dictates how our government is run. I can assure you unequivocally that when that happens there WILL be a world war. History will repeat itself in the name of religion.

If people want to believe in a religion then they should keep it personal. Do not push it upon others. People push their religion on others as a way to impress their peers and to feel “safe in numbers”. It is also a form of bragging to look good in the eyes of others if they appear to be strong believers. Religions take advantage of that and then create a “rule” that by doing so; they have more points to get to heaven. And therein we quickly lose what the religion was essentially about when it began.

People do NOT need a religion. Religions are created by humans, pure and simple, and not by true spirituality. True spirituality does not need a religion. Spirituality simply exists. You can’t kill it, no matter how many people are killed. It exists and has existed FOREVER. Any given religion has only been around for a couple thousand years. Religions and belief systems have come and gone since we began recording history. In retrospect, our physical universe is 13.8 BILLION years old. And it was the spiritual universe that created the physical universe. You don’t need to know any math to figure out that spirituality is older than our universe and that any given religion has been around less than a microsecond of the time that the physical universe has been in existence.

If world peace is ever to have a chance to occur, we need to drop religions and embrace the one thing that binds us together. That is true spirituality. We come from one and are connected as one. Religions attempt to segregate us and they accomplish that goal too well, unfortunately, because of our arrogance and selfishness. And when they segregate us, we kill in its name. If we continue down that path of ignorance, humans will continue to kill each other, and our planet, until humanity no longer exist. I can tell you with complete confidence that we are well down that path. The question is; will humans decide to change the direction? Will YOU decide to change that path?

Every human has a spirit that has the ability to alter the predictable mathematical calculations that make up the laws of physics. Our spiritual connection travels faster than the speed of light and therefore is not bound by predictable physics. However, it can only occur through us by allowing our spiritual connection to guide us. That spiritual connection gives us the ability called “choice” that can change the predictable outcome of the mathematical equations that make up our physical universe. If we allow our spirit to become the dominant factor in our lives, then you will gain the power of choice and alter the direction of our existence.

As always, I ask that you share this article with others. If you do not, then you are a participant of the complicity that will ultimately deliver us to the destruction of our country, our world, and our spiritual garden of spirits called Earth. If you can easily share a YouTube video of a cat chasing a laser light, you can certainly share an article that is trying to save humanity.