What Being Spritual Isn't... and is

I read a recent article about some women in India that were “trapped” in ashrams in India. The article said that they were living in conditions worse than animals in a barn and were being drugged to keep them there. One does not need to wonder why, as we see things like this everywhere with human trafficking and slavery.

An Ashram is a location that people go to for a “spiritual retreat”. Oftentimes it begins with yoga and meditation to help people to feel more spiritually connected.  Is that a bad thing?

There have been articles written where people find peace and tranquility through them, and articles that expose what happens behind the scenes. The behind-the-scene expose is often of brutality, slavery, and drugs. So… how the heck can that happen when initially it appears to be wonderful?

There will always be devious humans that will find ways to mislead and take advantage of others for their own selfish pleasure. And spirituality is one of those avenues.

If you are shocked to see what is happening in those ashrams, you really should not; especially if you are religious. Religion preys on the same spiritual vulnerability.

We are all spiritual whether we want to accept it or not. It is as normal as having a head on our shoulders. It is simply there. There isn’t a person on Earth that cannot agree that there is something different about us that separates us from the other animals that inhabit our planet. They can call it what they want. I understand that difference to be our spiritual connection. However, there are a lot of misconceptions that I would like to clear up.

Being spiritual is NOT about:

·       Following a guru

·       Belonging to a religion

·       Praying

·       Worshiping

·       A god

·       Yoga

·       Meditation

·       A paid membership

·       Social Class

·       Wealth

·       Angels

·       Wearing religious jewelry

·       Wearing religious clothing

·       Singing in a circle with joined hands

·       Burning candles

·       “Holy” water

·       Ouija boards

·       Ghosts

·       Your level of education

·       Chants

·       Bowing to a wall or direction

The above list is only a very small subset of what people have believed that being spiritual is all about.

Now I will list what being spiritual really is. Are you ready?


No, you didn’t miss anything. There is only one word.

YOU have a unique connection to where your spirit originated. It is shared by no other person. It is you and your spiritual connection to “home” from whence it came.

Am I over simplifying spirituality? Absolutely not.

If you are in a forest by yourself, would that mean that you have no spiritual connection? No. It would still exist.

If you are in the middle of a city, surrounded by millions of people, would that mean that you would have no spiritual connection? No. It would still exist.

If you are in your garden working hard with sweat dripping off your chin, would that mean that you would have no spiritual connection? No. It would still exist.


Because a spiritual connection travels faster than the speed of light. It is NOT bound by the laws of physics. It is a connection that is impossible to be severed by anything physical.

And that is why there will ALWAYS be someone ready to use that against you for their own selfish pleasure. Your spiritual connection will ALWAYS be with you. Therefore, it will always be vulnerable to others to take advantage of.

And that is why humans will block their spiritual connection. It can make us physically vulnerable.

Knowing that, and looking back at the article I mentioned, it may now make more sense how those women were taken advantage of. It will also show you how people can get wrapped up in a religion. Somebody figures out how to get people to lower the guard of their spiritual connection so they physically become vulnerable. When we stop blocking our spiritual connection we begin to feel the spiritual connection stronger. That makes us feel good. And when your brain begins to feel good, it releases chemicals that make us feel even better. To a point that we become addicted to the chemical in our brain. It is similar to how a brain releases a feel-good chemical when we eat something that is good for us. The brain says that it is a good thing and makes sure that we want to get more of it. It is a survival process of animals so they seek out that food source again.

Everyone has their own spiritual connection that can make them feel wonderful. Yoga and meditation can put us in a situation where our barrier to it is reduced and thus, gives us pleasure. It is also similar to when people pray with others and then they feel good. They are in-effect lowering their barrier so they can feel their spiritual connection. It was not the religion that did that for them. It was a willingness to accept their spiritual connection so they could feel the joy from it. And as I have said repeatedly, that is exactly how different groups of people become so convinced that THEIR religion is the real one; because they experienced their own spiritual connection while participating in something during a religious process. The fact is; they could have experienced that same connection sitting on a toilet. I’m serious. That is not meant to sound humorous.

The group setting in both cases is used to persuade gatherings of people to lower their barrier to their spiritual connection. We often will bend to peer pressure and do things we might not allow to happen to us when by ourselves. And thus, we can see how bringing in groups of people are used to take advantage of those people. One person starts the ball rolling and the others follow, not wanting to feel left out.

Folks, you do not need anyone else to be spiritual. You already are. No religions, no gurus, no prophets, no communal gatherings, no priests, no pastors, no anything. Just… you.

You can find spiritual energy simply by allowing yourself to feel the spiritual connection you have always had. And you can control it throughout your life without needling anything else for it to happen. So now you might be wondering; how can a person make that connection to “feel” it?

That too is very simple. Live your life as strong and true as you can, and while doing so, talk to the spiritual realm (within your mind) to guide you.

Now, if you are like 99.999% of the people on this planet, you want EXACT steps and procedures and you want them NOW. <sigh>

That simply is not going to happen because it cannot. And that is where religions and ashrams will step in to tell you that they can give that to you. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!

I repeat; DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You do not need ANY group or religious superstition to have your spiritual connection. But while they can never sever your spiritual connection, they can so severely alter your existence that you may never feel your spiritual connection again. In-place of your spiritual connection, they may give you addictive drugs to alter your brain and make you dependent on them. Sometimes it is a slow brain wash. They may also strike fear into you so you will do their bidding. Religions and political leaders do that. Therefore, be suspect of those that promise you wonderful things. You do not need them or their promises. Make you own wonderful things happen.

Some people that read my postings may think that I am coercing them into believing in something so I can take advantage of them. That is healthy skepticism and I hope they apply that to any website. Here is the thing… never doubt your spiritual connection. You do not need me, or any other person or organization to have it. That is all I am trying to get people to see and feel. You do not need to follow anyone, including my postings. Just allow your connection to bloom within your life and LIVE!

Once you have accepted that you have a spiritual connection and wish to live with it in a fuller capacity, you will begin to recognize things in your normal everyday life that will enhance the connection. You might be out for a walk and stop to admire a tree or a bird. You may smell a flower. Or maybe you might take a morning swim in a lake that has a foggy mist hovering over it. Your connection can occur at any moment and in any setting. Enjoy it when it comes to you. I do. Remember this… everything that is here on this planet evolved for your spirit to live and grow. So enjoy every moment of it that you can so you can take it back home with you when you pass.

Below are few examples, out of many, that I have found that help me to experience an enhanced connection to the spiritual realm. Yours can be similar or completely different We are all unique.:

·       Gardening. Many of you have experienced this as well. Do I experience wonderfulness while I am digging a trench to plant potatoes? NO! Of course not. That is hard exhausting work! However, when I am done and look at the work I have accomplished, then yes, I am “bombarded” with a kind of euphoria that one cannot receive any other way. And there does not need to be anyone around for me to receive it. And when I see the plants grow, I get it again! And then when I harvest it, I GET IT AGAIN! While I have never taken drugs, I cannot imagine a drug that could be made that could make a person feel that good. And the thing is; you do not need to buy it and you do not need to fear becoming addicted. (The serious labor involved will keep you from that.) With enough work, someday you will look around your yard (garden) and come to the realization that YOU created life all around you. Had you not lived, what is now around you would not exist at all. That is living! And when you feel that realization, you will certainly feel your spiritual connection; because what you make here on Earth, you have also made in your spirit world that you are creating.

·       Working alongside others. No, I don’t mean working in a cubicle next to another cubicle worker. That is about as non-spiritual of a situation as there can be. I am talking about doing work like cooking, cleaning, building, repairing, gardening, farming, preserving fruits and vegetables, jarring food, caring for animals, harvesting produce, etc. This is more a shared spiritual experience. As each person experiences their spiritual connection while working with others, you build camaraderie with them. That is a special spiritual connection where a spirit feels the good of another spirit. Even though we all have our unique connection, spirits can feel other spirits, especially when one has figured out how to grow their own. This is a very important aspect of spiritual growth, as we all will eventually learn that spiritual growth requires growing our spirits together. That is why we exist on this planet together. We need each other. Furthermore, who would want to live alone after death?

·       Writing. I gain much understanding when I write because writing gives the spiritual realm an avenue for me to access the understanding that I received with my near death experiences. I gained a tremendous amount of understanding within a brief moment in time that is impossible for a brain to organize and index. However, when I write, especially in a story setting, it comes out and weaves itself into life situations. Many artists experience a similar elevated sense of emotion when they sing or dance. The more I write, the more understanding I receive and can process for my physical existence. This article is one of those times. It is as much for my own spiritual understanding as it is for yours. As an aside, there are those with spirits that I call “Spirit Singers”. They have an ability to feel the spiritual realm and bring that emotion out through their voice for others to feel. I have seen this phenomenon with certain dancers as well. We must always allow for artistic creativity in our world. Oftentimes it comes from the spiritual realm.

·       Giving others opportunity. I am against handouts unless it is absolutely required to initiate the process of giving somebody an opportunity for a life they would otherwise not have access to. Has anybody seen me at a food pantry? No. has anybody seen me ringing a bell next to a donation pot at Christmas time? No. I did help to deliver donated toys to homes at Christmas, but I only did that once, after seeing how 99% of the recipients were either rude or unappreciative. Seeing garbage bags on a porch with alcohol bottles and cigarette cartons spewing out of them didn’t help either. So, what do I mean by giving others opportunity?

o   I take the time to write articles and books to help people to learn about their true spirit life. While most of what I write falls on deaf ears, my hope is that eventually I will help a few people to make their journey home after reading what I wrote. I cannot create a path for anyone to make their journey home. And no religion can do that either. However, I can help to guide others to have that opportunity for them to grow their spirit so they will have an incredible spirit life for eternity at the end of their physical life. I can think of no better gift to give anyone. And that makes me feel incredibly good.

o   I will run for President of the United States to reverse the selfishness we are now experiencing in our world and to provide an opportunity for everyone to work so they can provide for their families. There is nothing more troublesome to a spirit than one that has no opportunity to work and prosper. When we work together, we are building spirit worlds that we will eventually live in for eternity. If we are selfish and try to keep everything for ourselves, then we build no spirit world, for a spirit world must contain spirits of those we have formed bonds with. The more spirits that make their journey home, the fuller our own spirit world will be. Being the President of the United States will be a much different experience for me than it has for past Presidents. The position of responsibility is not one in which I ever foresaw or desired for myself and it is one that is completely selfless. It will be a burden that I will willingly accept, endure, respect, and cherish honorably to help our garden of spirits called Earth. In doing so, I hope to create many opportunities for spirits to make their journey home.

o   I try to teach others the skills I have learned, especially for gardening. We all must pass our skills and knowledge to the next generation and to others so they too will have an opportunity to grow spiritually and to provide for their families. Keeping knowledge selfishly to ourselves does not build a spirit world. Furthermore, we are losing our family structure that has historically taught each generation as they matured. That chain of learning by experience is being severed when our children leave and live too far away from their original home. Hence, they are required to learn everything from scratch instead of receiving tutelage from their own family. To add fuel to the fire, they have electronics that are shutting down their opportunity to learn and live. That does not build a spiritual world. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, only actual physical living (not pushing buttons on a screen) can build a spiritual world. In the event of a physical catastrophic event, most people will not have any idea how to survive. Only two hundred years ago, that was how people lived on a daily basis. They learned how from their family, who learned from their family. I hope to do a better job of passing this information along in my next book. With that being said, I am going to be very busy helping everyone, so it could take years to finish it. In other words, don’t wait for me to teach you; begin learning on your own NOW.

I could go on and on, but I am sure I lost about 98% of the people already with such a long post. Studies have shown that most of our younger generation cannot read beyond one or two paragraphs. <Sigh> That does not bode well for my next (extensive) book… that might someday be a guide for their very survival. Oh well. Like I said; I cannot save a single person. Living to build your spirit world for eternity is your burden and only your burden.

Before I close, I want to say hello and welcome to the visitors of my site that originate from the many countries of Europe. The new statistics engine for my website allows me to identify general areas where visitors come from. Don’t worry; I don’t get any personal information or details; only general areas. While most of the people that read my articles are from the United States, they pertain to everyone around the globe. We are all connected spiritually and we are all humans building our spirit worlds for eternity. No one person is better than any other. I wish you all well on your journey of life. It is my hope that there are others like me around the world that will accept the mission of bringing us all together as one world, one people. If that happens, an incredible event will occur.

As always, share this article with others. It will be your part for helping our world. Sometimes I think I am simply talking to my own computer screen. I sure hope my posts are helping somebody, regardless of whom they are or where they live.

Live Strong and True

RJ Seney