2020 Presidential Candidate RJ Seney Set To Design A New Business Model For The Future

As part of my campaign for the presidency in 2020, I am moving forward to design a completely new business model for the future of our country.

I have stated in the past that our current means of conducting businesses are rife with corruption, greed, and inequality. The current model also drains resources away from those that do the actual work and benefits those at the top that do the least. One only needs to see pictures or videos of Donald Trump’s living quarters in New York City to see that. Trump has gained all of his wealth off the backs of others by using misleading lies to gain access other’s money. That model needs to end if we are to have a future that we can leave to the next generations of our families.

People in the United States lay claim that we are the best country in the world. Is that true? Unequivocally yes, if taking everything into consideration relative to the living conditions in many other countries. Trump’s campaign slogan was to “Make America Great Again.” Folks, it has always been a great country. He only wanted you to believe that it wasn’t. In other words, he fabricated lies and erroneous perceptions so people would believe that only he could make things great. The same way he is lying to get his tax package through by saying that it only benefits the middle class and poor. It does not. His real motto (in his mind) appears to be: “Destroy America and make me and my associates wealthier”.

The fact of the matter is; while we may be the “best” country in the world, we are far from doing the best that we can. Our current business model is outdated and is not keeping up with what is needed to further the country, or the world for that matter, for future generations of our families. Many government administrations have jerked around with the tax codes to no good end. Adjusting the tax codes, in and of itself, is NOT the answer. A rudimentary change in how businesses are structured is now needed.

I am not going to claim to have the new model completely designed yet. At this point it is conceptual and the foundation will take a lot of work, requiring a considerable amount of time and the effort from many people to complete. Over the course of the next couple of years, I will be working with economists and business professors throughout the United States in a collaborative effort to design an improved business structure that will benefit every employee in a business, while building equity for them within the business that can be used for retirement and healthcare. Unlike our government that takes a mere few weeks to throw together some ad-hoc piece of legislation for a quick vote (that could have devastating implications for the welfare of families), I will instead use the resources of our most educated and experienced people to design something that will have a long-standing positive outcome.

Fundamentally, the concept is to have businesses owned by all of the employees. Businesses adhering to the new business model will receive tax incentives over old-style businesses that are not employee owned or are owned by foreigners. I will design a new system that benefits workers, who will all be the owners. If the business is successful, so will the workers… equally. I will also build in a capability for employees to transfer to other employee owned businesses, so they will be able to carry their equity with them if they decide to take a new job. Some of that equity will be usable for retraining in new skills and can add value to the new business when they transfer.

There are some existing employee-owned businesses in our country and we will reach out to them to learn the pitfalls and benefits of the existing structure. This information will be valuable in crafting a newer and improved model that takes the system to a whole new level nationally.

Many politicians lie their way into office by promising the average Joe and Jane everything under the sun. Most never intend to deliver on most of their promises. In-fact, they have no plan at all and lie that they do. (Like Trump) I will be presenting a real plan in my run for the presidency. A plan that directly benefits workers. A plan that benefits YOU and our country. It will be presented to the public for everyone to see.

The new business model will out-compete typical businesses. Newly structured businesses will have a competitive advantage because money will not bleed-out to rich owners or overpaid C-level executives. Money will be retained by the workers for salaries, benefits, R&D, and improved efficiencies to stay competitive. Incentives will also be in place if American employee-owned businesses purchase goods and services from other American employee-owned businesses. The power to take America back from the super-rich will be squarely in the hands of our people.

This is not a program to isolate ourselves from the global economy. Over time I will work with other countries who wish to participate in similar programs so there will be shared incentives globally. While in the short-term we must concern ourselves with a major re-structuring to secure our economy and our future, we must never lose sight that every person on earth is a human with a spirit that originated from the same place. Our long-term goal should be to share opportunities for ALL humans to make a living for their families. No family should be subjected to slavery, bigotry, hate, and a lack of an opportunity to provide for their families.

This is only one of the many steps in my three-year presidential campaign initiative to stem the destructive behaviors of our large corporations and corrupt government officials. Not only will I do the talk, I will do the walk. Watch me. It is going to happen.

In January I will embark on setting up my campaign website. All blog posts relative to the campaign and/or world events will move to and be initiated from that location. That event will be the groundbreaking beginning to the new evolution of America. It is coming. Do not despair. In the mean-time, do your part in supporting me and building resistance to the destructive tendencies of our government and the man that claims to be President. He is not. Being a REAL president is earned; it is not given or taken. Winning an election is only being given the opportunity to be a President. He has not earned the position and he has not assumed the responsibilities necessary to be a president. Hopefully our country will survive long enough so I can step-in to stem the hemorrhage of our moral values and restore our standing in the world.

I will only be as successful as the support I receive. Soon, I will lay out concrete steps for how you can help this new evolution for our country. The work begins now. We cannot wait for 2020. Our government and our society are currently under attack. Inaction only adds fuel to the fire that will destroy the country that our forefathers made for us. It is up to all of us to carry our country forward with a new evolution.

More information will be forthcoming as the campaign materializes. Stay tuned and be sure to SHARE this and future articles. This initiative may be our only hope.

As always, live strong and true. Your life and that of our families are at stake now more than ever.

RJ Seney