The Russian Government is Trying to Dis-unite the United States

The old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” is very applicable to what has happened and what continues to happen in the United States. The American people were tricked into becoming divided and polarized in the 2016 election and on many important issues since then by the Russian government.

I talk to many people and it is clear that the division has deepened. Fake news and social propaganda geared to divide us has had a deleterious effect on our lives. Nobody has been untouched by it for the past two years. Not a single person.

I have thought long and hard about what the people of the United States should do about this. To do nothing is to watch our system and country crumble. To become more and more polarized and attack others with differing views is to become the intended victim of the Russian government. Many people just don’t know what to do. Some protest, some become violent, and others build followers to become a more powerful force for their polarized belief.

I have a better solution, some of which is contained below:

·       Stop your anger. Becoming angry is what the Russian government wants you to do. By not allowing them to control how you respond, you instantly disempower them. Think instead and research the issues thoroughly if they are important to you.

·       Stop listening to polarized political news channels and radio talk shows that are politically charged. No good will come from it. Those media types are part of the problem we have. Yes, we have free speech, but people need to educate themselves so they understand that those types of media are dangerous and divisive. Russia loves them. Ignore them and boycott them. You have the power to do that because, at the moment, we live in a free country. That is changing, however.

·       If you want to protest, then protest against the Russian government and its involvement in our elections and social interests. Move the focus of your frustrations toward them, not your fellow Americans.

·       Do not cave to becoming violent. Control yourself and become strong. Resist letting them polarize you. Embrace our culture and differences.

·       If you want to march, then march on positive themes. March to protect our environment, march to move toward cleaner energy, march to be tolerant of other cultures. March to support diversity. Make your actions positive and not negative.

·       It is obvious that Trump is a product of Russia’s meddling. It is also obvious that protesting against him directly does nothing to him, as he has no empathy and a weak spirit. Weak spirits do not care what happens to others and protests do not make him change his ways. There is something regarding Trump that we do not know and that he protects at all costs. He simply does not act rational and therefore, will not listen to rationality. Instead of attacking him, vigorously support initiatives that are beneficial for our environment, equality, and free society. Resist his initiatives that are detrimental to our society and environment. Become a positive force for that which is good. With enough strength, you WILL cause positive things to occur.

·       Ignore Trump as our President and begin to focus your attention on getting new leaders in Congress that are not polarized and are strong enough to stand up to Trump’s insanity and the Russian influence. You do not need to accept Trump as your President. Technically, and temporarily, he is in that position. But if it makes you feel better and you can continue with your life mentally healthier, simply don’t accept him as your president. He is Russia’s puppet and there is nothing you can directly do to instantly change that. Many people hope that he will be impeached. Don’t lose sleep waiting for that. Congress is too impotent to do that at the moment because they are more interested in getting a few things of their own out of the situation. Instead of admitting to the failure of the White House and the election process, they continue the despicable charade in the hopes of keeping “their job” instead of doing what is best for our country.

·       Stop listening to what Trump says and see what he is actually doing. Like Putin, he will always say that what he is doing is “great”. Unfortunately, he knows that is all it takes for many people to believe it. However, what he is doing is NOT great. In-fact, it is the polar opposite! Don't let him fool you. He is nothing but a bull-shitter that is trying to hide the truth of what he is actually doing with blatant lies. Just like Putin does. He learned that tactic directly from him. Everything Trump is doing is directed at destroying the United States. Pay attention and stop encouraging/supporting him. Write your representatives and let them know that you are not stupid and that they need to take steps to nullify what Trump is doing. If Congress does not act soon, we will be a divided nation by 2020.

·       Forget about Hillary Clinton. Just let it go. You have to. Focus on new elections with new people. Learn from what happened, but stop dwelling on it. Find another candidate that will do wonderful things and support them. Stop looking back and wondering, “what if”. It is time to move forward with determination and renewed energy.

·       Run for office. Any office. I agreed with many of President Obama’s initiatives, and disagreed with some others. However, he was 100% correct when he said that the change we seek will come from regular people getting into office. Run on positive initiatives and do not let political party heads tell you what to do. Be independent, regardless of party affiliation, and do what is right for the people you will represent.

·       Advocate for stricter election rules and term limits. The United States is the best country in the world. However, it is not the perfect country. To sit back and hope for continuation of the status quo will be our undoing. Move forward. We can improve our election system, politics, and campaign system. Push to eliminate policy that gives corporations a stronger status than a human being. Companies are not people and we must reverse legislation that makes them not only “a person”, but we need to remove their influence on our election process. Elections should only be about real people voting for good people.

·       Speak out against the Russian government’s influence in our society. Start an initiative to embrace our independence, freedoms, and diversity and direct it at Russia. Let the Russian people know that we love our country and will stand united. While you are at it, let the Russian people know that we do NOT hate them. While we despise the tactics that their government takes to break us apart, we understand that Russians are people just like we are. They have families and they want the best for them too. Remind them that if they allow their government to manipulate other country’s processes, it will eventually cause harm to their own country and their families. It is time to unite globally instead of attacking. History shows us that everyone’s lives are better without war and without countries attacking each other. If you like, you can go so far as to create banners, signs, and car stickers that show your unity for our country and discontent with Russia’s government meddling. If you wish to take it a step further, then find the names and addresses of Russian households and send them letters, via regular mail, to let them know that we are unhappy with their government’s meddling, but we hold no ill will toward the people. Remind them that we wish them prosperity as well.

·       Instead of taking a knee at games, hold up the American flag, while standing arm-in-arm, and let it be known that you will continue to combat injustice in our law enforcement, inequality in our schools and in our workplaces BECAUSE we are Americans. Because we are the best country in the world, and because we are all equal as human beings. Stand strong for your country and support positive initiatives to keep us on track. Our country was never “not great”. We don’t need some rich bullying loud-mouth as our president to make America great again, because we are already great and will continue to be great if we stand together united. We will get through this obstacle that Russia created and will become stronger and more true for it.

There you go, folks. That is only the beginning. Don’t sit back in your chair and sulk. Do something! Speak out, be civil, and be what an American is supposed to be. Show the Russian government that we cannot be manipulated and that we will power through this temporary situation that they threw at us. We can prevail. Don’t be fooled twice or it is on you.