Why Every Living Organism Tries to Survive and Perpetuate Itself

Have you ever sat quietly and wondered why everything on this planet tries desperately to survive and perpetuate itself and its species? Why do YOU strive to survive for as long as you can and procreate? The answer to the first question is different from the answer to the second question.

Most cultures agree that humans differ from animals and other organisms because we have a spirit. There are some cultures or religions that believe that humans are the last stage in a series of reincarnations stemming from other organisms/animals.

In my book, “Be Forever”, I cover the topic of spirituality and how a spirit can come back to another infant after the death of a prior body. In-effect, it is a spiritual re-birth into another body. While I do not like the term “re-birth”, as it could imply the death of a spirit that is then reborn to live a completely new life, it is close enough to begin a discussion. The difference for reality is that a spirit can live in another “life” after a physical body dies, but if a weak spirit dies after the death of a human being, then there is no coming back for the spirit. Dead is dead for a spirit.

With that being covered, let’s begin our discussion regarding organisms and why they desperately will do everything and anything they can to survive, procreate, and evolve for as long as possible.

What should make you curious is why non-human organisms fight to survive when they have no spirit and no consciousness of the future or past. Think about it… why would a tree want to survive? It has absolutely no motivation because it has no brain. Yet, even when knocked down in a storm, many trees will send out shoots from their roots to grow another tree. Think of amoebas; why would they procreate? They can’t have any consciousness to tell them to multiply. It “just happens”. Why?

The “Big Bang” that began the Physical Universe is the answer.

But let’s back up and ask, “Why was there a Big Bang to begin with?” The Physical Universe was created by the Spiritual Universe to grow spirits. In order to do so, one organism, amongst many, in the Physical Universe would need to evolve over a period of billions of years to a point when spirit energy from the Spiritual Universe could interface with it. Thus, every organism would need to be genetically coded to do everything possible to survive and evolve for one organism to get there. Otherwise, not a single organism would develop to begin with. Thus, every organism on our planet is coded to survive and depends on another organism for survival… just for us. And only just for our spirits to grow, to be exact. Not for the benefit of our human bodies, per se, but for the spirits that will ultimately integrate with them.

We humans were not some mistake of physics or some random happening. We are a predetermined final product of evolution; the final stage of a pre-planned destiny in a Physical Universe for one specific purpose.  Every single organism on this planet is here for us. Thus, they are ALL crucial for our existence in a very important and fragile chain of existence.

Let’s go back to the first paragraph in this document and address the different answers to the two questions. I have given you the answer to the first question. Now let’s discuss the second question, “Why do YOU strive to survive for as long as you can and procreate?”

The answer is actually two-pronged. For the physical human body, it strives to survive and procreate for the same exact reason that all organisms do. Our bodies are a physical organism and have been programmed genetically to keep reproducing so there will ultimately be an evolved organism with a brain that is developed enough for a spirit to interface with.

Humans did not always have spirits. Our ancient ancestors lived without spirits for a very long time and continued to evolve until our brain was capable of sustaining a spirit connection. The time-period when the interface first occurred within a human brain has been called “The Spark of Humanity” in some studies of history. Before the “Spark”, we were animals just like any other animal.

Now that we are a human with a spirit, our spirit drives us even harder to survive because it may take several lifetimes for a spirit to accumulate enough “Time of Living” to create a spiritual world it can take back to the Spiritual Universe. (See my book, “Be Forever”, for more in-depth coverage of that topic) That is the second part of the answer.

So why is that knowledge of our spirit important? After all, humanity has been growing for thousands of years without humans having knowledge of that reality. Right?

The reason why it is crucial to know about our true spirituality is that humans have evolved to a point that it has become a seriously dominant and destructive organism on the planet and is now in a the process of eliminating other organisms to physically (and selfishly) benefit itself. In that same quest, humans are depleting the physical resources on our planet that were necessary for our ultimate development and survival over those billions of years since the Big Bang. Once Earth’s chain of organisms is severed, equilibrium will be broken and the interdependencies required for our survival will be lost. The organisms formed in the early part of the chain may survive, but all the organisms at the other end of the broken chain will die.

If the chain of organisms breaks, we are doomed because we are on the exact far-end of the chain. Regardless of where in the chain it gets broken, every scenario causes humanity to die. In other words, we need to preserve the equilibrium of EVERY organism in the chain if humanity is to survive. (Do you recall the term, “Circle of life”?) Note that when I say “every organism in the chain”, I am referring to categories of organisms. Obviously many animals have become extinct. However, they were in a categorical level within the chain with other species in that same level. I am referring to all species within a level (link) being lost for a break to occur.

If we deplete our soils, exhaust our resources, and eliminate too many species, we will ultimately kill ourselves off. The evolving catastrophic event that is already underway will come to fruition and eliminate us from the planet. If the break in the chain of evolution is at the very beginning of the chain, then our planet is doomed forever. It can and will happen if we do not take heed and reverse the course of the catastrophic event. We have the choice to reverse the catastrophic event, but our time of opportunity to do so is being reduced by a day each day that we do not do anything about it. In other words, the time bomb is ticking. If the bomb is not defused by us, then humanity will be lost and new spirits will never be born and immature spirits will die before they accumulate enough “Time of Living” to return home to the Spiritual Universe.

What can you do about it?


The first thing you need to do is to look at your own life and think seriously about your spirituality. If you spirit-block who you really are (your spiritual self) then you will fail. It is our spiritual connection to the Spiritual Universe that will help to guide us toward the answers. I am NOT talking about religion! Religion is not spirituality. Religions are nothing more than human created hoaxes to control people and to actually keep them away from being truly spiritual by manipulating them into believing in a falsehood. In other words, religions are man-made superstitions. My (free) book will help you to see that so you can become empowered to help humanity survive. No religious ties, no money, no bribery, no lies, no chants, no memberships, and no prayers. Simple spirituality that has existed for eternity, long before humans invented religion.

If you feel offended with my calling religions a hoax, then your path will be much more difficult than others because you will need to break the shackles of control before you will see that which is true and has existed forever. When you take the scary plunge to find your “self” you will begin to really live. It will be a bit scary initially because you will feel vulnerable without the comfort of a belief system and may be chastised by the members of the religious group you had been a part of. However, you will begin to grow as a true spirit. Ultimately, you will feel a sense of liberation because you will be free to feel our world and the spirits of others in a way that was masked before. Furthermore, you should not disparage others for believing in their religion. It takes some people much longer to gain understanding of their true spirit. People in religious groups are not “bad” people. They are simply following the herd and it gives them a false sense of security. It is my hope that if they see more and more people connecting with their true spirituality, that they will eventually build up enough courage to find comfort with that which is real.

Once you have embraced your spiritual existence, you can communicate with your spiritual connection, within your mind, to receive guidance with your path home. You do not need to go to any gathering to live within your spiritual connection. This is your personal connection and it is with you regardless of where you are. Do not let any person or organization tell you that you need instructions, churches, priests, pastors, or any other type of organization to have a spiritual connection. If you are alive, you have it. It does not leave your body until you physically die. Let it become a part of your life. Once you learn how to embrace that, then your life will change. You will begin to see things for how they are and not how other people tell you they are. You will become empowered for your life. This does not mean that life will get easier, because it will not! I am telling it how it is. No false promises. Simply the truth.

That was only a first step. Life is simple, but requires many tasks and burdens. Connecting with your spiritual existence helps you to gain understanding so you can see reality. Now that you can see it, you will now need to “live” to create your spiritual world that you can take with you when you die. And part of your living will be to protect and preserve our world so making your journey home is possible. That is going to be a much more difficult task because it requires the cooperation of other people. The good news is that we are all spiritually connected. Yes, you have a personal spiritual connection; however, all spiritual connections are connected at the center of the Physical Universe where it meets its inversion universe, the Spiritual Universe. Also at that location is your connection with your spirit guides that have made their journey home. Simplified, we are all spiritually connected through the Spiritual Universe. Thus, our spirits can touch other spirits and we can influence other people through our spiritual connection. You are NEVER alone.

With that being said, selfishly manipulating others is not a spiritual connection. It is strictly physical manipulation. That is not what we are talking about here when I suggest connecting with other spirits to influence a collaborative effort for our spiritual future. Spiritual influence is the common understanding between spirits of what is right, and then working with others towards that which is good and true. Never will that connection operate on a basis of selfishness.

Let me make this perfectly clear; our spiritual connection is incapable of anything that is harmful or bad. Bad simply cannot exist within a spiritual connection. What we see as evil is entirely a physical condition and can occur when our spiritual connection is blocked by our own physical brain, allowing our physical existence to dominate over our spiritual existence. And when that occurs too often, our spiritual connection thins and our spirit could die when trying to return home after our physical death. Furthermore, anything done by a human that is bad or evil will not contribute to their “Time of Living”. Instead, it weakens the spiritual energy within their spiritual connection. The weaker your connection is, the more capable you will become to do more “evil”. In other words, your physical (animal) existence will have more influence over your life. The more animalistic you become, the more self-centered you become, and the more callous you will be to do horrendous deeds. This should ring a bell relative to current issues we are seeing today.

Conversely, the stronger your spiritual connection is, the more capable your spirit will become for its journey home. I strongly suggest that you follow your spiritual path and be less selfish.

Embracing your natural spirituality will require you to be strong. Those around you that do not understand true spirituality may cause you grief and will want you to not follow your true path. Oftentimes their resistance to you is because they lack understanding themselves and you will begin to become a unique person that does not conform to what makes them comfortable.  Be strong and true in your journey so you can move forward. You are building YOUR “Time of Living”, not theirs. Allow yourself to become the unique spirit that was created in an incredible Spiritual Universe.

Working toward preserving our planet is going to be extremely difficult because not only do we need to stop this accelerating train of destruction, but we then need to reverse it to preserve the organisms that are dying at an unprecedented rate. Not an easy task.

Share this post so you can help others to embrace their own spiritual connection and to take the first step toward preserving our “Garden of Spirits” called Earth. Your spiritual existence, that is your real existence, depends on it. If you have difficulty with this subject, simply ask yourself if you would rather cease to exist upon death or if you wish to “be” forever in the most wonderful universe imaginable. It really is only up to you to decide. Your choices in life are part of what make your life. Embrace it and go out and build that wonderful life, regardless of how difficult it will be.

Be Strong and True to Be Forever