We Are All... Human

Have we forgotten that we are all human? Have we ever completely grasped this?

Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Do you know? Define yourself. Go ahead. I challenge you to identify who you are.

… Now define a 5 year-old Rohingya child. Is he or she human? Are you more human than the child? Does that child deserve a home? Are you more deserving? Are you more human than the child?

If you were told that, when you died, your spirit would come back into a Rohingyan infant, would you define that child differently now? Maybe you find that concept absurd. Of course you do. The thought that your spirit could come back to an impoverished helpless child is first unthinkable, and second, not within your conceptual grasp because of religion. Religion tucks you conveniently away from that which is real.

So… who are you?

Are you a Republican? Maybe a Democrat? Are you a “good” Democrat or Republican?

Are you a Christian? Are you a Muslim? Or maybe… a Jew?

Or are you an American? An African? How about a Russian? North Korean?

What defines who you are?

I see Republicans slamming Democrats in the newspaper and vice-versa, as if they were a complete different species that is unfit for living.  But what exactly IS a Democrat? How can we tell a Democrat from a Republican? Is there a letter “R” or “D” stamped on their ass when they are born? Did a Republican or Democrat doctor determine your identity at your birth? Who did? Certainly you must have been born that way… right?

Do people have letters “C”, “M”, or “J” stamped on their other butt cheek? Who made that decision to stamp those religious identifiers on your ass? Surely they must be there, as it identifies who you are. Right?

Good thing we have different skin colors because that makes it easy to identify who we are. Right? That saves a stamp on your ass and it makes it very easy for us to identify those that are less human. Right?

Oh… and then there is the eye shape! Yet another good identifier to be able to tell those that are less human.

It appears that I am a bit sarcastic and cynical today. No, not just today; I get that way whenever I see people not acting human or treating other people as less than human. I get like that more often these days.

Let me enlighten you… your spirit actually can return to another infant and it could be any child that is born in this world at any location on this world. That is by design.

So… if every human were to gain this understanding, do you think it would change the human race? Do you think we would treat all humans equally? After all, that poor mal-nourished child that is being dragged like a rag doll from their burning home could be you some day. That Dreamer that you are trying to deport to Mexico might just be your grandmother that rocked you to sleep when you were an infant. Now, with that perspective, does it change how you see our world?

If you are selfish, then you will not.

If you are brainwashed into thinking that the only thing you are is a Republican, Christian, Russian, or Muslim, then you will not.

You are NOT any of those identifiers! YOU ARE YOUR SPIRIT! You are NOT your body. You are not the environment that you were born into. You leave both of those behind when you die.

Our world will always be about segregating ourselves into categories, to selfishly benefit ourselves, if we continue to look at our lives as only one being with one life that is superior to all other beings. Each time we create another category for ourselves we isolate ourselves from … humanity.

You are not a Democrat.

You are not a Republican.

You are not a Russian.

You are not a Christian.

You are not a Muslim.

You are not an African-American.

You are… a Homo Sapien animal with a spirit. Just like the rest of humanity. The sooner you allow yourself to experience that, the better our chances are of uniting our world before it is too late.

Your spirit is of one… only you can make the choice to separate from it. I can tell you with certainty; separating yourself from it is a really, really bad choice. Find a picture of a black hole and picture your spirit being consumed by it. Black holes serve a purpose… by design.

The meaning of your true life is incredibly simple… Live Strong and True to Be Forever.

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