Ban of Humanity

If Trump is trying to impress the public by creating a plethora of executive orders, he has failed miserably.

He is getting out of hand, folks. It is one thing to try to fulfill campaign promises, but it is another to alienate every country in the world, begin a trade war, take away rights of women, curtail healthcare for its citizens, begin a nuclear arms buildup, label an entire culture as undesirable, lie to the media, remove the USA from global markets, cry about voting numbers (even after winning), fail to accept crowd size pictures as real, conduct rash firings, and to create chaos in the White House. All in only a few days. The only country he has not pissed off is the one that got him elected; Russia.

The reality of these moves is that they are reckless, senseless, and extremist. NO thought is being put into these orders. In-fact, the executive orders are not even so much as being reviewed thoroughly by security personnel and attorneys for legality before being signed. No extensive research is being conducted first to get any information on the issues or to forecast the effects that the orders would cause. Furthermore, implementation of these orders is an abomination.

Trump is alienating everyone around him and in every country. Are his moves purposeful? According to him they are. He even brags about how good they are, while millions of people protest across the country and world. Trump refuses to accept reality. He lives in his own fake world.

A recent study found that his level of communicating is at the same level as a sixth grader. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. Frankly, I think a sixth grader would put more thought into a book report than he puts into an executive order. In-fact, one of his executive orders was taken almost word-for-word from another president. Talk about plagiarizing! I guess the sixth grade teachers didn’t tell him not to cheat from somebody else’s paper.

I no longer have hopes that Trump will be successful. Why? Because he has already failed miserably. It is too late for him already. In-fact, I fear if he continues for four years that our country will be in such bad shape that we may never be the world leader again. (If we even survive at all) He is systematically harming our country as if there is a solid intent to do so. Every day there is serious controversy. He is either a complete psychopathic hyper-phobic idiot or he is working for Russia. There are no other options.

How did we get to this point? Easy.

You first need to understand politics and the American people. In other words, you need Russian intelligence. They understand us better than we do. They did not pull the voting levers, but they seriously influenced the people to do so. They didn’t begin this process one month prior to the elections, they began this process years ago. Patience is a virtue. They found a willing pawn and they used it strategically.

What does Russia know? They know that many Americans are greedy and/or selfish. There is never a point in the life of many Americans where they will ever feel content with what they have. Our quest is to keep getting more and more for less and less. Trump is the epitome of that trait. One look at pictures of his residence in NYC will show you that. I mean; how many businesses does one person need to feel good? Apparently there is not enough, so you become President.

Trump, understanding greed very well, was able to tap into that desire of the American people and make promises to every American that he would make everyone wealthy. Everyone would profit from only him. He was their guarantee. His tactic was easy. He simply found topics that were very sensitive to people and made every promise he could think of to appease those people. That is actually very typical of many politicians. They know that they can never deliver everything promised, but they know they do not have to in order to win an election. Perception trumps reality every time. Promises are all that is needed. Furthermore, there will always be somebody to blame if things do not work out when in office.

The public’s biggest fault, and what is happening now is their fault, is that they vote simply based on promises and not reality. First and foremost, voters need to vote based on character. That was Trump’s Achilles' heel, but nobody was able to convince the selfish people that it was important. Many people saw it, but too many refused to see his temperament as an issue. As long as they were promised the ONE thing they wanted, they were willing to jeopardize the entire country to get it. Yes folks, just ONE thing makes a voter vote for you. Just ONE. His staff calculated how many topics he could focus on to get the most people riled up enough to put him over the edge in some key states. And then he poured gasoline on the fires.

Here is the important thing about character. People with good character are more caring, they feel pain and suffering of others, they think before they act, they involve others in decision making, and they forecast the effects of their actions before taking them. They also pay attention to details when implementing change, do not over-commit, and do not randomly make promises.

Does anyone remember President George H. W. Bush’s campaign promise regarding taxes? Remember the “Read my lips; no new taxes!”? How did that work out for ya? Yeah, we got NEW taxes from him. The fact of the matter is that ONE issue got him elected, but he failed to deliver… because he simply could not deliver that promise. He made one of those promises that you simply cannot make. But it got him elected. That is what matters most to a hard-core politician. With that being said about President Bush #1, he was smart to not invade Iraq after running them out of another country. He felt at the time that it would be too difficult to pull back out of Iraq. His son did not listen. We are still there. I also think President Bush #1 began the economic recovery that President Clinton inherited. Economic stimulus decisions oftentimes require a few years before we can feel the effectiveness. President Obama’s stimulus decisions worked similarly.

If you first vote for the candidate’s character, you will be securing stability in government, will bring in a person that can work with both major parties, and will have an ally to work hard for causes that affect all Americans. You will also have a leader that will be respected internationally and who will be listened to by other countries.  Sound leadership. Emotionally stable and forthright with the public, media, and foreign countries.

A new president does not need to impress the public with reams of executive orders. America needs continuity, dependability, compassion, foresight, truth, strength, honesty, growth, and transparency.

I will now discuss the latest executive order regarding the ban on Muslims.

People came to, and formed, America after being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Therefore, our Constitution was written to guarantee freedom of religion. If my limited research is correct on one side of my family tree, my ancestors had their businesses taken away from them by the King of France and they were run out of the country because of their religion. That group of Protestant people were called Huguenots. They practiced their faith in the dark of night so as not to be caught. Apparently it did not work and they were run out of the country. The families fled, as refugees, to other countries in Europe. My relatives fled to Ireland. They anglicized their last name, lived there for a time, and eventually immigrated to Canada. Later, my great grandfather and his brothers immigrated to the United States and became farmers and loggers. The point I am making is that many Americans’ ancestors were refugees of some sort and were also persecuted because of their religious beliefs.

NBCNEWS: "A malnourished child waits to receive treatment at a therapeutic feeding center in a hospital..."  Photo: Hani Mohammed

NBCNEWS: "A malnourished child waits to receive treatment at a therapeutic feeding center in a hospital..."

Photo: Hani Mohammed

The picture of the young child above shows us an example of what some of the current refugees look like that need help. She is one that would probably not even have a glimmer of hope of going to a safe country. She is the face of innocent people suffering from extremists who are forcing their religious beliefs unto others. If you cannot look at this child and not feel her suffering spirit, then there is no hope for you. This is what Trump cannot feel. And that is why we are in such serious trouble. Contrast that little girl with a photograph of the inside of Trump’s home in NYC. Contrast that little girl with the dresses that his wife wears… only once. I hope you feel the disparity. The only thing that poor little girl has is the war-torn cloths on her thin little body.

Now think of your own home and the comforts you have. Yet, people in the United States voted to make a billionaire our president in the hopes that we could have even MORE all to ourselves. “MORE FOR US FIRST!” is their slogan. Do you see the lack of equilibrium with that mindset? All that little girl wants right now is food and to not be shot at. How does that compare to the voters that voted to get more for themselves and to keep others away from an opportunity to earn enough money to feed themselves? Think! There should not be a religion in the world that should condone that thinking. There should not be a religion in the world that is worth killing innocent lives like this little girl. There should not be followers of ANY religion that are not willing to help the impoverished innocent children of our world. How can that be considered a religion? It is NOT!

If you think you are so much better of a person than she is, then trade places with her and see how great YOU are. Let’s see how you fair in the middle of constant bombing and then are banned from basic humanitarian help. This is called the destruction of humanity. This is how the spirits of the aggressors are destroyed, and they don’t even feel it happening.

Your spirit is not about praying, is not about reciting scripts ad nauseam, is not about going to church or a synagogue, is not about bowing to a wall, nor is it about worshiping self-appointed prophets. It is about humans growing a strong and true spirit and helping other humans to make their spiritual journey home. At some point in our lives we will be put into a situation where we will need to depend on the help of others. It is at that moment that we learn that we are all in this journey together, and to complete our journey home we must help others. If we fail to help others than we will not make our journey home, for only those that assist the unity of all spirits are the ones that can make that journey to be together with other strong and true spirits. You do not get there by seeking riches or being selfish. That is reality. That is humanity.

Everyone wants to be safe and nobody wants to import extremists that would cause similar unrest as that occurring in the immigrant’s country. That is very understandable. However, a broad-reaching complete ban is stupid in every way imaginable. The policy not only fails to accomplish the goal of safety, it epitomizes the same hatred occurring in the war torn countries that the immigrants and refugees are fleeing from. Trump is the United States’ arm of extremism that is not unlike that of ISIS. It is the exact same mindset that is tearing up other countries and is beginning to wreak havoc here. Think about it; many civil wars break out after massive protests accomplish nothing with their government. Those protests are happening now and Trump is ignoring them. If Trump continues to wreak havoc and our government does not intervene, then those protests will swell into civil unrest. At that point, the catastrophic event that I understand is coming will be realized. Extremism, regardless of where it exists in the world, is destructive.

Now let’s deal with an uncomfortable reality. We do need to vet immigrants. I am in favor of that. There ARE extremists that wish to do us harm. No doubt there. However, we already had processes in place that were working. And if the processes were not working well enough, then we should tweak them to make them better. I am all for process improvement. But you don’t just stop everything. There was no impending emergency to warrant such a drastic move. Instead, you analyze the situation and make adjustments. That is called being proactive and being smart.

Furthermore, we DO need to be careful how many immigrants/refugees we allow into our country at one time or things could backfire drastically and create an environment that is unsafe for immigrants, refugees, and citizens in our country. There must be a strategically derived acceptable level. Allowing a million refugees to flood a country is not wise. What you will do is to create ethnic clans in major cities. That is counter-productive. It must be a gradual process so the immigrants are not concentrated in areas, they don’t negatively impact our economy, and the numbers do not make Americans feel overwhelmed or threatened by the incoming culture. Their culture will be significantly different and they will need to learn to assimilate into OUR culture with time. Oftentimes, however, if a large group of immigrants come in, they refuse to assimilate and then begin to try to create a “mini-country” of their homeland within the new country. That is not acceptable and it makes the host country resentful. Fighting or attacks will break out.

Americans formed our country many years ago and fought to preserve it. If there are immigrants that refuse to accept the customs of their new country, then they need to leave to go back to the country where they came from. They will then have an opportunity to live as they desire. To try to turn another country into the one that they came from is counterproductive. Look; if their customs were all that great, then why have they been at war for so long and their countries have been reduced to rubble? We don’t want that violence here. And that now leads me to discuss the next step; the eventual return to their homelands.

Taking in refugees should be a humanitarian effort to provide temporary assistance. It should not be a permanent way of life. An allowable number of them can be given an opportunity to work toward citizenship, but the ultimate goal of humanitarian aid is to help them long enough so they can return and be productive in their own country where they are accustomed to their culture. The place where their home is. There should always be an end-goal in the refugee plan to bring them back to their homeland. We cannot be the dumping grounds for people displaced by terrorists. Unfortunately, there are simply too many to handle. Thus, the united WORLD must take steps to eradicate extremism jointly and return peace to these war-torn nations.

And to that end, the world must come to the realization that the religion in these war-torn Middle East countries is what is tearing them apart. People in these countries need to stop the killing in the name of religion and come together to achieve that understanding. The Islamic religion, as it is dictated in the Quran, is not working. Yes, there are many parts to their religion and other religions that are good. But there is something fundamentally wrong with it when it causes such inhumane destruction. Islam is not alone. Let us not forget the fighting between the Protestants and Catholics that went on for four hundred years in Ireland. Christians are not immune from religious intolerance. The Islamic community needs to readdress their Quran and remove the pieces of it were it condones killing of non-believers and to also accept various interpretations of it. The fact of the matter, regardless of the religion, is if that religion leads to the provocation to kill others in its name, then it is a falsehood, for the very nature of a religion should be that of peace and tolerance. If a religion leads to killing, then it is simply a belief that proves itself to not be true.

The problem with the current executive order banning immigration and refugees is that it had no thought put into it. It was a reckless knee-jerk reaction to make a few American extremist happy. Yes, we have extremists too. Do not lose sight of that. We are all human and we all act and react similarly across the world. There is nothing sacred or special about Americans relative to the rest of the world. We are NOT better than other humans in other countries. We too need to reevaluate who we are or who we are becoming from time to time. Our country is being led in the wrong direction and it will be up to us to fix it. Just like I suggest that the refugees should fix their own country, we need to heed that advice ourselves. Americans made a terrible mistake in the recent election. Now it will take a huge effort from ALL OF US to fix it so innocent lives are not taken and our liberties are maintained. We are in a shit-load of trouble and it is best that we all face that reality now.

Trump needs to resign (like Nixon did) and go back to running his businesses. He will be MUCH happier doing that. The fact of the matter is that we need a complete new election to restart our democracy. And I mean a complete reboot right back to a primary followed by a general election. I don’t even know if that is possible, but it needs to be done. If we do not remove Trump from office, we will lose our liberties, our foreign allies, our economy, and quite possibly our children when wars break out. And they WILL break out. Only this time, it will be HUGE. That catastrophic event I talk about in my latest book may already be set into motion. We must work together to stop the process before it is irreversible.

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