Chaos in Black and White

Who needs a twisted reality show when we get to see a real psychopath every day in the news. Unbelievable!

Here we go again folks. I’ll discuss a few topics that should be of interest to those that do not follow the news.

1.     Trump is furious about being beaten in popular votes. He goes into a denial tantrum in front of the media and the people he is meeting with. Can somebody tell him he’s the President already? Really Trump? You have nothing better on your plate to tend to? The other day it was about crowd numbers. Like… denying the numbers changes who was there. With that being said, I’m going to side with Trump on this one (hey, come on, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt sometimes). I’ll support Trump to… have a redo. Yes, I agree with him that the election was a hoax. So, let’s have another election! Certainly that will show him the numbers he thinks should be there. I’m only half joking. A group needs to organize a petition to have a new election. Any lawyers out there? I mean, Trump appears to want one and he is supposed to be the boss, right? Let him get more votes in a new election. Oh… and he and the media are wrong in the numbers. He did not lose the popular vote by 2.8 million. He lost by more than 10 MILLION votes. Read my previous post. I worked for a good part of the day yesterday to get those numbers. They are not made up. I am surprised that the media has not figured that out yet. Hillary was not the only candidate that received votes “against” Trump. Those numbers are the TRUE measure.

2.     Syria. After expending millions or possibly billions of dollars in Syria, Trump didn’t even send a single person to the Syrian peace talks. Some lone ambassador to Kazakhstan (appointed by former President Obama) decided to sit in on the meeting to listen. Essentially, this is Trump giving Russia complete control of that area. The other winner will be Iran, who backs the Syrian government militia. They were the two countries controlling the talks.

This is the first peace talk, geared mainly at establishing a complete cease-fire, before the UN steps in to help negotiate peace. With that being said, Trump is distancing himself from the UN. Folks, if we want to have any influence in establishing some type of coexistence with people of Islamic faith, we need to stay involved in the process to establish peace. Bombing the hell out of a civilization and walking away is not a strategy. I don’t like being caught up in the middle of this crap any more than the next guy. However, we also cannot put our heads in the sand and say that what happens in the Middle East will never affect what happens to us. I thought 9-11 taught us that lesson. The answer to the conflict in the Middle East is extremely complex. Why? Because they are religious based conflicts. Whenever religion becomes law, there will always be conflicts. And that is why we must ALWAYS insist on separation of law and government. People are fighting, not for their current life, but for their after-life. After-life is supposed to be eternal. Therefore, logic suggests that you can kill and fight so you will have an after-life. (According to the religion) If you let people govern themselves without the rule of religion, then things will go more smoothly. Therefore, the only way you will ever see peace in the Middle East is to remove religions that are law or find a way to separate them. That isn’t going to happen. War and religion are now their lifestyle. Only a catastrophic event that forces them to come together to save their society will save them from the horrors of many generations of war.

And with that said, we too may someday face the same situation in the United States if we allow religion to dictate the way we govern. We must keep government and religion separate. Furthermore, we need to crack down on any religion that enters into the United States whose scripts tell the followers to kill other people. For any reason. Any immigrant that enters must answer that question before they can enter. Any religious center must also prove that there are no such scripts that their followers read. Religious freedoms do not extend to terrorist type religions. Any script that condones killing in any sort is not a religion, but a terrorist activity. Religion should only be about spiritual positive guidance and peace with their fellow human.

And on that note…

3.     Trump's pick of Betsy DeVos for education secretary. Yes, this is related to religion and government. People really need to pay attention. Her idea of government funding for private schools is VERY problematic. It will take citizen’s local school tax money and divert it to private schooling for certain individuals. Some of those schools could be religious based education for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, etc, etc. Why is that a bad idea? If you are Catholic and a lot of local school tax money gets diverted to Muslim schools, and now your public school has to cut programs because of it, how is that going to go over? It is a problem if you insert any other religion into that equation.

Religion and education should be as separate from each other as that between religion and government. Our public school systems are a tool to integrate our people and to teach understanding of different cultures. It also teaches tolerance for others that are different. Why do you think terrorists close schools as soon as they take over? Think!  They need to keep people hating the enemy. If they had to sit along-side each other and learn to understand each other, they might even begin to make friends instead of enemies.

4.     Chaos in the White House. Some staffers are privately voicing frustration at how chaotic the White House has become. If you think your job is tough, step into their shoes. Your boss is a psychopathic control freak who has no management skills whatsoever.

Trump’s administration came in completely ill-prepared. Instead of leading his team, he instead spent his time campaigning around the country congratulating himself on his victory. You might be saying, “If Trump was a bad manager, then why has he been so successful as a business man?” That is a fair question. He isn’t a manager and he isn’t a leader. He works deals. He sells and buys. And he HIRES managers and administrators.

Look, he said he resigned from 400 positions within his companies. Think about that. Four HUNDRED positions. No, he didn’t go to work every day at 400 places. He was there in title only. Other people ran the businesses, not him. He is there in title to remind people who the real boss is and that they have to acknowledge his presence and power over them. But other people do all of the work. Donald Trump is now required to work. Furthermore, he did not inherit managers as president. He has to find them and put them into a position that they have never done before. And he has no experience doing it. His business administrators handled that for him. To add fuel to the fire, people walk away from him like the plague, unless they have an ulterior motive. It must be very difficult to hire people you trust in his administration. And we know now that Trump only trusts himself and his children. Period. And then there is the vindictiveness. Talk about tip-toeing across broken glass!

5.     Trump’s wife, Melania. This is one topic that hurts. I get a sense from seeing her that there is discomfort and possibly spiritual pain in their relationship. I sincerely feel sorrow for her. She has a husband that appears to hold her as a trophy only. There is never a mutual sharing of love or adoration that I have seen. Melania also had to endure months of seeing her husband denigrate women.

I felt a disconnect when I watched Donald and Melania dance. Man, if you can’t read body language, then you are blind. I refrained from discussing it, but today I read some articles from psychologists regarding their dance that confirmed what I felt. He held her tight to his pelvis and she pulled her shoulders away in defiance. Contrast that to Obama’s dance with his wife, and his tearful mention of her at his last speech. Heck, when Trump got out of his limousine at the White House, he left Melania behind and walked up the steps alone. She had to follow behind and catch up like a weened puppy. Again, in contrast, Obama turned to receive his wife and walk up together with her. Regardless of what you think about Obama, he has a true spirit and had to be very strong to keep trying to work with polarized people that hated him for eight years. It was disgusting for the republican legislature to not do their duty and work with him. There is not a company in the entire world that would have been able to stay in business that way. Yet, the public keeps electing representatives like that. Unbelievable!

I have a sense that there is more to Melania than what we see. It is possible that Trump is extremely dominant over her and it holds her back. She may also be trying to endure the turmoil for the sake of her son. That would be honorable, but in the end it will never be a good family situation for any of them. She voluntarily married a selfish self-centered billionaire. For that I do not feel sorrow for her. Maybe she felt that only her body was worth anything, so she better marry into money before she lost that asset. We all lose our youth.

People, burdens come in many forms. Being beautiful and rich are two things that most humans strive for. But it is a hollow pursuit that always fails. They are two of the most difficult burdens to endure because at some point they provide physical pleasure. As humans we can never get enough of anything, and with time, a person will keep pursuing more physical pleasures when the spirit becomes even more malnourished.  People like that don’t understand that what is missing in their lives is not MORE, but rather, they need LESS material things and more spiritual rewards. Spiritual enrichment is the goal we should all strive for. It is the only fulfillment that relieves us of burdens and allows us to enjoy others and the simple things in life.

I hope Melania develops the strength she needs to help her on her journey. I feel a good spirit that is lost, scared, and possibly lonely. It does not need to stay that way. If she ever reads this, she will find some understanding if she joins a women’s march and talks to other mothers. She needs that bond and does not have it. If you give it to her, you will not only help her, but you may also gain an advocate to help your cause when she receives understanding. Show her kindness and acceptance and she may surprise you.

And one other point; leave her son alone. Period. (I’m saying this to Trump’s critics and the media) I should not have to explain why.

6.     Trump has ordered a gag on all federal employees. They cannot talk to the media, to other agencies, departments, and sub-departments. Some cannot even talk to citizens regarding government benefits. We now see the dictator with an iron hand like Hitler. The dark cloud emerges over our government. This is insanity.

7.     Trump is going to reverse 75% of industrial regulations. There goes five decades of hard work at cleaning up our planet, keeping our water drinkable, and our air breathable. Your car might be completely made in the USA, but you will lose your country and health. Oh... and you won’t have health insurance once you get sick from it… but you will have “access” to it if you are an aristocrat.

This topic hit right at home for me. The big industries to our west were responsible for the acid rain that fell all over the Adirondack mountain region in the 70s. It completely killed all fish life in many brooks, stream, ponds, and lakes. Many were completely dead from the acid rain. I remember that time. In the late 60s and I could go fishing anywhere in the Adirondacks and catch fish. When I visited my hometown in 1978 all of the fish were gone in the places I previously fished. And I mean GONE! An entire ecosystem was devastated! That is one of the reasons for regulations. Government didn’t put regulations in place just to piss off millionaires. They put them there to protect our country and our environment. I remember eating snow in the Adirondacks as a small child. It tasted clean and refreshing. By 1970, it tasted like chemicals. Is that where we want to go back to? Heck, I still wouldn’t chance eating snow. We still are not where we need to be, and now we will be going backwards.

I could keep going on and on, but I already wrote more than most people will read. I do have to balance my other work as well. I have a feeling that Trump will make mistakes daily. I hope you keep up with the news.

One last point: Winter squashes are excellent storing vegetables that will help to feed you for a very long time if things get bad. I’m just saying. It does not hurt to prepare a bit for things to come. Learn to put-up food in jars as well.

Live Strong and True

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