Proud of Our Women and Families!

Yesterday our women throughout the United States and across the globe came together to defend their fundamental human rights. And they came out in a thunderclap in Washington DC. Their presence sent a fireball message to the new president of the United States that they are equal in every respect to men and they would fight to the bitter end to never let history reverse itself. Furthermore, they vowed to continue their fight for equal treatment, respect, and pay.

These are issues that should not have a page in our current time. They should have been resolved many years ago. But clearly they are not.

There were many issues on people’s agendas today that were not lost on me. International separatism, national protectionism, racism, healthcare, gay rights… the list goes on and on. Why all of a sudden? Because we still are not where we need to be, our rights and healthcare are being threatened, and we will be faced with a psychotic president that is unfit for office. We will now have an administration that will attempt to remove people’s basic human rights, health care, and proper place in society. They will be put down and ignored. Trump knows that he did not get their votes (see below) and he will make them pay. Trump is vindictive.

The fact that the (very non-violent) protesters overwhelmingly outnumbered the crowd at the inauguration infuriated him, sending his press secretary to the media room to blast the media for carrying the people’s message forward. He has NO RIGHT to tell the media how to conduct their business when covering an event in our country. That should send a chill up your spine. Trump insisted that there was over a million supporters yesterday at his inauguration. (That is not even close to being true by any metric I have seen) He said his attendance clearly overwhelmed the turnout today. Yet, pictures do not lie, except in his own eyes. There were significantly less people for him. In-fact, many of the people who showed up at the inauguration were there to protest against him. Yesterday the women of our great country trumped Trump. Our women, our immigrant citizens, our gays, and our hard working families won the first of many battles against a rogue administration. Congratulations to you!

A “Biker for Trump” man was interviewed yesterday at the march who still had his banner out. The man stated that he did not like to see children and families show up for the Women’s March. He said they should have stayed home. He and people like him do not get it. Women are caring people and they want to teach their daughters AND SONS to never let politicians take their basic human rights away and to take a stand when government works against the people. There is no better lesson than to get involved. Experience gives one understanding.

I also saw dads with their daughters on their shoulders walking around in support. (From video clips) Wonderful! Many men get it! It is not simply women’s rights that are under fire. When a government is allowed to attack its people, regardless of the issue, we all need to step up to the plate to defend them. We all have friends, relatives, neighbors, sons, daughters, and parents that will be affected by the new mindset in government.

Trump still refuses to recognize that 10,669,187 people in the United States did not vote for him. (Counting Hillary’s and the other party’s votes that did not vote Trump). Folks, that is HUGE! No wonder people are angry! To have such a racist and hate-filled person representing our country when he lost by that large of a margin is very disheartening. Furthermore, Hillary realistically only lost the electoral vote by 77,744 popular votes. That is true people. If you add the difference in popular votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, that is the total! That is only 77,744 votes out of 6,655,560 in those three states that put Trump into power. That is why you must ALWAYS VOTE! When you compare 10,669,187 votes to 77,744 then that is a solid indicator that democracy was not served. Okay, that is it for the statistics. I have a gripe with electoral votes and want them abolished. It fractures our democracy and we are now seeing the results when democracy fails us. The bottom line is that Trump realistically lost by over ten million votes. A LANDSLIDE LOSS in any reasonable person’s mind. And that is why we must stand together and protect ourselves. The citizens of the United States did NOT want his policies.

To see protests across the globe tells us that Trump’s protectionism policy is not acceptable, not only from his own people, but by society as a whole around the world. Smart people know that we cannot turn a blind eye to our neighbors around the world. Yes, we need to care for ourselves; however, our world also needs unity, not separatism. War will never be eliminated with Trump’s policies, especially if other countries follow in his tracks. We should be working together to form new strategies for job-building, new ways to vet immigrants, new ways to deal with terrorists, and new ways to address illegals. At the same time, we must always recognize that we are all people with the exact same genotype and with the same type of spirit, regardless of ethnicity, gender preference, or religion. We need to be moving toward global unity, rather than separatism.

Time and technology have changed our economics and the days of yesteryear will never return, regardless of what Trump will tell you. Technology and global competition changed everything. It is time to begin to formulate new economic strategies that are sustainable while protecting our environment. We never want to become an over-polluted country like what we see in Beijing, just to make a couple of bucks. Sustainable growth is what we need to achieve, not pollution driven flash-in-the-pan jobs that will disappear. Do not rely on our government to do this for you. Our government cannot. Even if it was a good government it could not be done. Government can only create temporary opportunities for economic growth. However, it is up to industry and creative people to make things happen. Don’t bitch and moan that jobs are not coming to your town. Find a way to bring commerce to where you live. Work with local governments, counties, and states. Be entrepreneurial and think of a new business solution. Assess your economic pressures and find an industry that fits. And then bring them in. You do not want just any ole business. Some can wreak havoc and make your area even more depressed.

I hope the people of this great nation will stay involved and continue to forge ahead to thwart the negative policies of the new administration and our legislative branches of government. Change is bound to occur with the changing of power, but ALWAYS remember that they are supposed to be there for YOU, not THEM. Our politicians get caught up in the polarizing party fighting and forget their duties as sworn representatives of the people they serve. It is all a game of play for them. Make SURE they hear you! They really are afraid of you when you come out in numbers. (That they clearly had to see yesterday at the Women’s March.) Make sure they know that their “jobs” will be in jeopardy if they do not listen. And on that note…

Begin to find GOOD candidates to run for the legislative branches of government now. And vet them well to be sure YOU are their prime interest. A candidate like Trump never passed the sanity test, which should always be done first. If our representatives know there is a movement to remove them, they WILL pay attention. I can assure you of that. Words are one thing, but when they see action at the same time that legislative votes come up, they WILL pay attention. Furthermore, find candidates to run for state seats as well. Sometimes state policy can help when the federal government does not. This is a call to action! Trump said he wants action, so give it to him!

I do not ask anyone to do what I am not willing to do myself. As you know, I will be running for the presidency in 2020. As impossible as it may appear today, I will make it happen. I WILL campaign alongside you as we work together to reverse the disgusting representation we now have. I only hope we can take back control of our government soon enough to save our country and our standing in the world. We are in serious jeopardy.

I also want to tell our international neighbors and friends around the world that we recognize that every country across the globe has wonderful people. Like I do not judge the people in other countries based on the behavior of their leaders and government policies, they should not judge the good people of America by our government. Real Americans are not like Trump and the polarized politicians in our government. We will accept responsibility to fix our problem here and then offer our hand in friendship once again when we do.

As always, live strong and true. When you do, you add value to your life that nobody can take away from you, even if the government takes away your rights.

Stay tuned; I have only just begun the journey to help our people. I will be your bridge to representation, I will be our nation’s bridge to unity, and I will be our world’s bridge for friendship. America will once again be strong and true!

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