Supporting Women Across the Nation

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the women and men participating in the Women’s March across the nation tomorrow. It is the first step in confronting the abhorrent insensitivity of the new administration. In the past, I have told people to be vocal and to participate in their democracy. Our honorable and strong women have stepped up to accept that responsibility.

I also thank the peaceful protesters that took their messages to the Capitol today. However, I do not condone the small amount of violence that broke out. Always remember; violence begets violence. Most protesters were adamant, but respectful. They were responsible Americans and demonstrated that the new president is NOT a part of the majority of Americans and those people have voices that will take action in taking back their government from aristocrats, millionaires, and billionaires. That movement began today. We must be relentless for our children and grandchildren because they will have to live in the aftermath of what is coming.

At this time I also would like to point out changes executed by the new President today that may not have been covered by the television news stations. It does affect you.

1.     Trump signed an order to overturn a recent mortgage-fee reduction that was aimed at helping first-time and low-income home buyers. That will cost young workers hundreds of dollars a year and make it more difficult to get their first home. So much for those working class people (that voted for Trump) trying to get their first house. I could be cynical and say that they could rent a room from the Trump hotel, but one just rented out at $500,000 for one night. That is the equivalent to 4 homes for working class young people. His inauguration already has caused a conflict of interest in that respect, as it probably would not have been rented at that price if he wasn’t going to be the President walking by. Trump received that money through his business. When was the last time that a room was rented out for $500,000 at a hotel that you stayed at? What did the room occupant get in return? Trump got out of his car and looked squarely at the Trump Hotel. The person probably took a picture of him from the room. No conflict of interest? Uh… right.

2.     Trump signed an executive order that directs all federal agencies “to minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the Affordable Care Act”. That is step #2 to developing the Unaffordable WealthCare Act.


This is only a small sign of things to come that will benefit the upper class. Less for the lower-income and working class so he can cut taxes for the wealthy.

Do not dishearten. Continue to be strong and true. This is your country. Refuse to lose it to the ultra-wealthy aristocrats who do not pay workers enough to live, that don’t pay their fair share of taxes, and who now have a death-grip on our government. Protect your rights and protect our future. Stay involved.

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