I have attempted to write several articles regarding the current state of political affairs; however, each time I get half-way through writing it, another bombshell hits related to the President-Elect. Never in the history of the United States has there been so much controversy BEFORE a president was sworn in! Unbelievable!

After the election I hoped that Trump would stop his tirades and attacks to settle into the job. As I said before, even incompetence can get lucky and do something good, if only by throwing a dart at a wall of ideas. It is similar to when a newspaper held a contest and gave people darts to throw at investments vs. professionals that picked them. It was a close match. In-fact, the investments selected with the darts went on to do better long-term. That is what I was hoping for with the new president. Not going to happen. He is so busy attacking and threatening, that he can’t even see the board to throw a dart at. Furthermore, he might just take the dart and throw it at somebody... who’s holding the board. Folks, this is really a problem!

And that is why I am astounded. Donald Trump simply does not make any sense at all. And he thinks everyone loves him. Really?  Instead of meeting his own deadline in December, he instead made a congratulatory campaign to congratulate… himself. His excuse for missing the deadline was that his affairs were too complicated. Maybe he should have stayed at work and finished working on them.

People, get YOUR affairs in order. I’m serious. Begin to think about what you will do if our country goes to heck in a handbasket. It appears that Vladimir Putin may have strategically placed a key operative into office. If you stop and think about that possibility, everything that you are seeing will make perfect sense.

Nobody in their right mind would have campaigned the way Trump did. Nobody. Not even a mentally handicapped person would have been so alienating. There is a reason. Russia could have something to use against him. Maybe they even forced him to run to cause a disturbance in the election process. By doing everything he could to lose, maybe he had hoped that the threat would go away after he lost. The latest bombshell newsfeed suggesting that Russia is blackmailing him has some credibility. Regardless, the stakes are now even higher for him as President. More importantly, if it is true, the stakes are dire for us!

According to people close to Trump, he cannot let go of ANYTHING related to his business. His life is his business and people have stated that he will do anything to keep it. Above ANYTHING else. That “anything” is now us, folks. We are in some serious deep weeds. I’m saying this not from a perspective of a political party. It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike Democrats or Republicans. This goes FAR beyond politics. It also goes beyond the ideas in people’s minds for why they elected him. This may be all about Trump and how he can hang on to his businesses and make them bigger, while trying to thwart a personal attack on him or his businesses by Russia. If there is something that Russia has on him, then he will pretty much do anything to appease the Russians so his businesses do not suffer. You see, Donald Trump appears to have the personality who would commit suicide if he lost his businesses. We have seen that happen many times before with business owners. There are some people that are so fearful of not living rich that they would sooner die than to have to deal with it. Think about this long and hard folks... If our president would sooner die than lose his fortunes, what type of decisions do you think he is going to make? If somebody holds a nuclear button to his businesses, what type of decisions do you think he will make?

And that is why a president is supposed to DIVEST his businesses COMPLETELY. And that is why he CANNOT; his businesses keep him alive and somebody may have their finger on a button that can destroy them. So it is a lose-lose situation for him. He cannot divest and he may be fearful of his business because of a variable unknown to us if he keeps them. This is one of the biggest reasons why we should never elect a big-business owner. The stakes are simply too high and there are too many opportunities for corruption and blackmail.

Take this one-step further and see what effect he has had globally already. His tweets are breeding distrust, fear, hate, threats of war, and global instability… all across the globe. Except… for Russia. Notice how he coddles them and is building a cabinet that likes Vladimir Putin. That isn’t by accident. Really! Look! Everything he has done has been to disrupt world peace and trade... except for Russia. He is even attacking United States businesses. And he still hugs Russia. He finally caved and admitted that Russia did the hacking during the election, but he later caught himself and said that it could have been anyone that did it. Really! He trusted a rapist on the run and Russia over our own government intelligence. Really?  Come on folks! Wake up! This isn’t good! The CIA was created to protect us. If you kick them to the curb, we are completely vulnerable to ANYTHING.

Strategic advantage. If there is global disruption between the largest and most influential countries in the world, Russia will gain a strategic advantage over everything. They will be sitting on the sidelines out of the foray while the other countries tear each other to pieces economically and violently. Some countries, including ours, may find itself in the midst of a civil war. It is similar to playing the game of Risk. Think about what is happening. Which country has Trump NOT angered? Think, think, think! Only Russia has anything to gain from everything that is happening. Only Russia. It is not for no reason that the United States just moved troops into Poland. You WILL see confrontations along the Russian borders during the next few years.

So… when I think back on this article… maybe it isn’t so astounding after all. When one does not know underlying motivations, then nothing makes sense. It is like a formula with missing variables; the results are never sensible or predictable. If those variables do exist, you can bet your house that they are being well-guarded. And without an intelligence department, they certainly will never surface to a substantiated level. Do you see the connection yet? Do you see how things begin to make sense when you connect the dots?

Or… he truly is psychotic. (Or both) Maybe I’ll pin those three options on the wall and throw a dart at them. Regardless of the outcome of the dart, it isn’t good.

Except for Russia.