Is There Hope For Humanity?

I wrote my most recent book (to be released soon) in an attempt to help humanity. However, I’m not the only person concerned about our future. One can’t talk to most anyone these days and not discuss the sorry state of our global society. Is this a unique phenomenon?



Okay, what the heck do I mean by those conflicting answers? I’ll explain.

Our society has crashed and burned in antiquity on several occasions. For that reason, this state that we are in is not unique. There will be an event that will seriously alter the way we live. That is easy to accept because anyone that has learned a bit of history knows that it has happened before. History often repeats itself if humans do not learn. And we are terrible learners because our “physical” existence is one of greed and selfishness. Furthermore, we simply do not want to learn if it means sacrifices or putting forth an effort to change things.

Now let’s address the “yes” answer. What makes our present society unique is that our world is physically mature. In antiquity, the large cites could be toppled and societies destroyed, but there was so much land, resources, and so many clans, that it was impossible to eliminate everyone with any single event created by humans. That is not the case today. We have a global economy that reaches EVERY country on the world and we have weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, we have altered the natural progression of our global climate so drastically that it may be irreversible. Our world is physically changing faster than it ever has in the past. That is going to be a game changer.

There is another obstacle that most people don’t readily understand that will affect the outcome of our world. Our societies live better than any other society in history. Frankly, we live better than kings lived only a few hundred years ago. Why would people that live that well want to change? They might bitch when the price of gas goes up, but heck… they still live better than Kings did.

Do we even need to change? I mean; why would anyone change when they can eat at restaurants every day, have as much wine as they want to drink, and have automobiles that enable them to go anywhere in the world?

I have an answer to that. It is in “The book.”

The book I wrote is a bit pessimistic and might leave one wondering if it is possible to fix our society. The answer to fix our society is written in there, but even I wrote it with the understanding that it may be too late. I wondered if all of my work would make any difference at all. Is there any real hope for our global society?

I found my answer recently. And that answer is… maybe.

Nothing like being confident, huh? Oh well. It is what it is. I deal with reality even if I don’t like it.

What gave me more hope are the people I spoke with recently on a vacation to another state. I had a very interesting conversation with two people that were about as opposite in their life styles as is possible in the USA. Both were equally pessimistic regarding our society. However, both were willing to listen to what I explained to them and “felt” the something I will teach you to understand in my book. It was incredible to experience. The meeting might have appeared to be a “chance” meeting, but I understand that it was not. Everyone there was supposed to be there. We all helped each other, but in different ways. It made my day, to say the least.

Before that gathering I was not sure if it was too late for people in our society to feel their real connection. Now here is where I can speak with the utmost confidence. You can. It is not too late to feel the “something” you know is there and to gain understanding of it. And to that beginning, I hope to meet many more people to help them to gain that understanding. No prayers, no worshiping, no religions, no bowing, no chants, and no money. Just people lowering their barrier and opening up their spirit with others. People being… humans. Not the selfish physical animals we have become.

People have been lied to for thousands of years. Enough! Do not accept the lies and deceit. Step out from under the veil of misunderstanding. Step out to be who you really are. Feel the spirits of those around you and those who have passed and are trying to help guide you. Be who you REALLY are. If you do not, then it is only YOUR doing that will create a spiritual death after physical death for yourself. Time is wasting. Just do it.

Oh… it is a bit scary at first because you will begin to feel things that may make you a bit uncomfortable. That will pass as you gain understanding and then those things that made you uncomfortable will give you warmth. My book will help you through that.

I leave you feeling confident that some of you will gain the understanding that your spirit has longed to gain and that some of you… will not.

Who are you going to be? It is only your decision… to reclaim your humanity before it is too late. When the number of people accepting their real “self” increases to a point that is greater than those that do not, then we are well on our way to saving humanity on our world.

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