Mass Killings

Unfortunately, my blog about prayers not working to stop future mass killings was accurate. Prayers simply do not work and did not work. “WE” must fix this problem ourselves. Nothing “magical” or “holy” can fix it. Can you figure out why?

And as you should clearly be able to see, no gun law is going to stop the escalation of violence. The problem cannot be fixed with legislation and people will simply find a new weapon to achieve their killings if guns are taken away. Larger trucks are certainly registered, and knives can be made out of stones if somebody is desperate enough to want to kill somebody.

The problem is a societal issue with many feeders. There is not a single cause that can be identified that made these people kill. Therefore, there is no single counter action to stop it.  With that being said, there is one common denominator that rears its ugly head with many of these mass killings; the widening between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

When the number of “have nots” grows disproportionately relative to the “haves”, problems are going to eventually surface. It is human nature to constantly desire to have more. And when a group of people cut off another group of people from being able to get “more” (or at least a meager amount to survive), they will eventually retaliate. It has happened consistently since the beginning of the human race.

History books are written and we are forced to take history classes, but people still do not learn. Why? Because humans are the most greedy and selfish animal on the planet. We want everything without working for it and we want to take all of “it” away from others, even when we couldn’t possibly use all of it. When we can’t possibly use it all, we simply collect it and adore it like it is a god. That selfishness restrains societal equilibrium.

Well folks; that really pisses off the “have nots”. Many of the Have Nots work hard and see the fruits of their labor get stolen away from them. As I said previously, they eventually retaliate when they can no longer tolerate it or they have no opportunity to sustain a decent living. When that happens, some of those people will use religion to insight anger in others to help them to seek revenge. Religion becomes a means to recruit supporters. Others will simply “snap” and go solo to get revenge. When they do, they look for an opportunity to “make a mark”. The “mark” is human bodies. Mass killings or brutal murders always get attention.

The one thing that we should never withhold from any person on this world is opportunity. Nothing makes a person more desperate than the feeling of having no opportunity to live or raise a family. When a person feels that they have absolutely no opportunity to live a worthy life, they will often try to make somebody “pay” for making it so. Nobody blames themselves. It is always the fault of others in their minds. Sometimes it is not a perception; sometimes it is real.

The fuel additive to the proverbial fire is the way our society is living. Most people do not work. I mean “real” work. Real work takes physical energy to accomplish. When the real work is accomplished there is something to see for the labor put into it and generally the person can take the outcome with them. When people cannot perform real work, depression sets in. Why? Because a person takes nothing with them for the labor expended. In other words; they have earned no spiritual “Time of Living”. It would take a book to explain that term and I am about to publish it soon, so you will need to wait a bit longer to get a full explanation. It gets complicated, yet, it is incredibly simple.

A depressed person is a human whose spirit is weakened. We are most vulnerable when our spirit is not healthy. The more we “stew” over what is making us depressed, the more a person blocks their spirit. When a person’s spirit is blocked they are more likely to invoke violence. Decisions made at that point do not reflect the influence of their spirit. The decisions reflect the animal part of who we are. And without a spirit, we are simply a warring and killing animal. So when these mass murderers go out to kill, they have completely blocked their spirit in order to be able to do it. Understanding that is a good first step to learning how to correct the situation.

I am going to stop on that note because the problem we are witnessing in our society is multifaceted and a thorough explanation is certainly too much for a blog entry.

The one final point I will make before I end this blog (that is 100% true) is that none of the mass murderers wrote the statement I suggested and hung it where they could see it every day. Do you remember that statement? To refresh your memory, it is “I will Live Strong and True”. If the mass murderers would have taken that advice and adhered to it, I can tell you with certainty that they would not have committed the mass killings. That’s right; one simple phrase to live by would have stopped it all. No prayers, no new legislation, no money, no bombs, and no intelligence agencies.  One simple phrase WILL change your life if you live by it. Nothing can be more true.