The Yeath trilogy is being expanded to be a four-volume series

As of 7/10/2016 the Yeath trilogy will no longer be available for sale. RJ Seney has restructured the trilogy and added much more content, making it a four volume series. Furthermore, the name of the series has changed, as have the titles of the novels in it. The first novel in the series will be released sometime in 2016.

The new titles for the series are as follows:

Series - Losing Humanity

Book 1 - Finding Death

Book 2 - Spiritual Inversion

Book 3 - Lunar Apocalypse

Book 4 - Re-Evolution

RJ has also written a 5th book that is not a part of the series.  This book is a partial memoir of momentous events in his life, part historical in nature, and partially about the futuristic outlook of our world. This will not be a typical non-fiction book. It will be hard hitting, factual, controversial, and brutally honest. Be prepared to experience the most important document written in the past four millennia. With that being said, and quoted from RJ himself, "There is something in the book that everyone will dislike." However, he goes on to say, "The book is the 'something' that many people are looking for. And for them, the book will be life changing."

The novels in the series will be released every 6 months, with the first being released in 2016. The 5th book will be released near the same time-frame as the release of Finding Death. The series is actually a partial reflection of that which is described in the 5th book, encapsulated in fiction. When you read the 5th book you will begin to see it materialize in the series.

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