The Two Visitors

Two days ago I had a visit from two gentlemen while I was working in my garden. Was it an unexpected visit? No, not really. It appears that I am on a list for Jehovah Witnesses to periodically visit because I actually answer the door and let them in when they come. Maybe I am a challenge to see who will be the pair that succeeds to sign me up.

I actually welcome their visits. In general, the ones that have come to my door appear to be good people. Yes, they are pushy with their bible pointing preaching, but I merely shrug that off and begin to inform them of what is real. None that show up are ever prepared for the lessons that they receive. All think that they will be the ones giving me lessons. I actually find it quite enjoyable!

On this particular day, the two were an older and younger man. Both were dressed in a suite and tie and had an accent that indicated they were from the UK. I guess the United Kingdom feels the need to save Americans from damnation. Moving along…

These two were interesting. The older was a bit more outspoken and heartily disagreed with what I said. The younger, having technology in-hand with his phone, tried desperately to support the elder by showing me the bible on the phone.

I told him that just because something is written, does not make it true. He smiled and was all too happy to begin poking the screen to bring up something else for me to see. He said, “Look at that! It proves that we are right! We have blah blah blah number of followers around the world.”  Again, I told him that it proves nothing and tried to explain the concept of “group think.” He then went on to say that his religion was growing leaps and bounds to get ready for the end of the world as we know it. He said that too proves that their religion is the true religion. Today I researched their growth. It is negative. Their explanation (on their own website) is that God (Jehovah) has decided to postpone Armageddon so “he” can save more people. Moving along…

There was no discussing things with them because they blocked all reasoning and had robotic answers for everything, constantly pointing to text on a very small cell phone. The older man was showing his frustrations, but held his composure. They were losing the battle to reel me in to their religion and I could sense that they felt they would have more luck convincing someone else.

I asked them how many religions there were in the world. They had no answer, but they knew there were between 30,000 to 40,000 different forms of Catholic religions. They went on to say that the Catholic religion was not true because they take money. Both assured me that Jehovah Witnesses do not get paid; everything is on a volunteer basis. Therefore, it proved that they were the real religion. I looked into that too. They only exist because they get money. The box to put money in is at every meeting and they also get money from big donors. Exactly like Catholics. Moving along…

The younger one went on to say that Jehovah Witnesses kept themselves clean. I looked down at my farmer overalls (that were soiled from gardening) and then looked at him. Suddenly he realized that he had insulted me unintentionally. I’m okay with that. I said, “So, that means that you do not garden and grow your own food?” The older one immediately saw the situation and tried to diffuse it by saying, “Oh yes, we do garden. We have a sister that plants things. All kinds of things!” Do note that neither said that “they” gardened.  Moving along…

Just before they left, the older man said, “It was a pleasure talking with you today. We’ll be leaving now so you can get to… (he looked over to the garden) … whatever it was you were doing.”

I told him, “I was planting garlic.”

The elderly man appeared surprised, “Really?” he said, trying to get a better look, “Planting garlic at this time of the year?”

“Yes,” I said with a chuckle, “Garlic needs to be planted in the fall of the year here. I’m also doing a test planting of other things as well.”

The man looked at me questioningly and decided he should begin to walk away, lest he get a lesson on gardening.  It was obvious that the man never so much as stepped into a garden. So much for the gardening skills they professed to have. In hind-sight, I should have asked them to help. I could have demonstrated a true spiral connection for them. Next time.

As the elderly man turned to walk away, he looked back and said, “It was a pleasure to speak with you today. Let Jesus into your life.”

I responded, “I can tell you the truth about Jesus Christ, but I am quite sure you will not want to hear it.”

He responded, “Yes, I am sure I do not.”

I’m not sure he realized what he had said. Do you?

We all smiled at each other and they went back to their car to look through their list for the next contact. I returned to my garden to prepare it for the leaves that would tilled-in the next day.

So… what do we have here? Blind faith and brainwashing. In other words; just another one of the over 4,000 religions that profess to be the one “true” religion.  Just another religion that is trying to build their numbers as “proof” that theirs is the real one. Just another religion recruiting members so donations go up.

I looked through their website to get more insights to their religion. People leave their religion in droves; however, members come back when there is a problem with the world. They admit to the fact that they come back thinking that Armageddon has started. They use the 9-11 attacks to show the change in membership.  In other words, if people feel that the end is near, they try to suck-up to a “god” right near the end so they will get saved. As if a “God” would not recognize that. (If there was one.) Their thinking must be that they will reap whatever they can from the world, but then beg forgiveness near the end so they can get as much for themselves as they can and then live in a “paradise” after they beg forgiveness and pledge themselves to the “god”. Unfortunately, most people play this card, not just the Jehovah Witnesses. I’m not picking on them for any purpose. They simply showed up in my yard, so they are the ones that I write about today.

As an aside, I find it interesting to see how many Catholics will receive communion during a funeral in the church. Yet, most of them do not attend services anymore. It is merely for the perception value to their friends and relatives. Who says religion isn’t about peer pressure? Not everyone does this, but there are enough to show a pattern of behavior. My point? We are all humans, regardless of a religion. (Or country)

Will there be an Armageddon? There certainly will be another catastrophic event. It could occur through the means of humans or simply be a random catastrophic event to the planet that is a constant throughout the Physical Universe. Having it occur does not prove that any one religion is the true religion. Someday the proverbial shit will hit the fan. Before it happens, if there is a warning, you will see an enormous amount of people sign-up to a religion. If people survive, expect religious wars to secure resources. Yes, history will certainly repeat itself if we do not change the way we are BEFORE the event.

If those two men wanted to make a spiritual impact on my life, all they needed to do was to bring some gardening tools, and walk into my garden to help me. Very simple.  We live in a time where people build walls to who they are in relationship to others. We no longer want to feel our connection because it would mean that we cannot ignore others if we do. Instead, we hide ourselves in boxes and let our communities wither away in weakness. It is more difficult to give others understanding and it is more difficult to learn how to interact with others in a true community relationship. It is easier to build financial numbers on a spreadsheet somewhere at a bank and remove ourselves from each other. So easy. However, we all intrinsically understand in our spirit that important and eternal things take time, effort, and work. And it requires us to work together side-by-side helping each other move forward in life. That is difficult, but it is something that you can take with you upon death.

If there is a so-called “Armageddon” (or a catastrophic event by some other name), then maybe they are correct in the fact that it is here already. When was the last time you let your barrier down to feel the spirits of others? Certainly, these two Jehovah Witnesses never lowered theirs to feel mine. It was more important to add a number onto their sheet so they could report the number of people they recruited. My spirit was right there in front of them, yet, they were insensitive to it.

I will mention that there was one young lady, of a pair of Jehovah Witnesses before this last pair, that did feel my spirit. She was a bit teary eyed just before they left. I too felt hers. She had a wonderful spirit and I felt it immensely. How beautiful, when this happens. So… I will continue to let them in to help them when they arrive. Maybe I will get lucky and feel the wonderful spirit of another in the process.

If you find this post interesting, then share it will others. The world needs more good to happen.