Do You Believe?

I should first define what the word BELIEVE means. According to a Google search, it is “to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so”. That pretty much sums it up.

Next, I should qualify the question; believe in what? Well, I’ve decided to not qualify that question. At least not at the moment.

There are many things that we cannot prove with absolute certainty. I will list a few:

Our spirit, god, the origin of the universe, heaven, life after death, validity of religions, life on other planets, if someone loves us, if someone is honest, evolution, that we need to be “saved” by a superhuman, etc.

That is a mixed bag of things to believe. My point is that we deal with believing on a daily basis.

The religious holidays are upon us again and it gave me reason to think about the validity of what humans believe in and why the beliefs even exist. I just walked away from a Christmas music special on TV to write this after seeing the passionate singers sing religious based songs that have been sung hundreds of millions of times over and over again. Why do humans do that?

It is all about repetitive reinforcement to validate their religious belief. It is a form of self brain-washing to make themselves feel good about what they decided to believe in. People are so passionate about getting what they believe in, that they will preach their belief to others, make songs to be sung repetitively, create stories to reinforce their hopes, and try to coerce others into believing in their religious fantasy. As the old adage goes; “there is safety in numbers”. The more people that one can convince to believe in what they do, the better the chances of them getting what they desire. (Or so they think) In reality, it only makes them feel better to be around people with the same acceptance. People prefer to be with others that do not cast doubt on their beliefs. It is much more comfortable to live a fantasy than to deal with reality.

So… can ANYTHING be proven? What about your spirit? Nearly all humans feel that there is something about us that separates us from animals. Yeah, I know there are atheists, but heck, even atheists don’t unanimously agree on what an atheist is. Some say it is not believing in anything. Others say that it only means that they do not believe in a god. (That implies that they believe in a spirit.) Notice how even defining an atheist requires the use of the word “believe”. Is that an oxymoron?

The simple fact is that most things we accept cannot be proven. However, they also cannot be disproven.  That leaves us in a conundrum, because as humans, we all want something to hang onto. Nobody wants to be the fool for accepting something that is wrong. Furthermore, we all have an underlying need to be accepted by our peers and the masses. Rulers recognized the power of utilizing peer pressure to make people follow a religion that the ruler used to control the people. It worked well because the people could not disprove the religion.

And therein lays the power of belief. It can neither be proven or disproven. And if something can never be disproven, there will always be those that will fervently believe in what they WANT for themselves.

Here we are as humans with over 4,000 religions to believe in. Really? That many? Yes, that many. So… which one is true? Is it yours? I bet most said yes. (Or they really wanted to) As Winnie the Pooh said, “Oh bother!”

What is a person to do? Go with the masses so their life is easier? Support a religion that promises the most after death? Adhere to the religion that forgives all of the crap that we do? Actually, most will follow the religion that they know about the most and/or that in which they were raised. It just makes their life much easier and they are much more accepted by their peers to do so. Again, humans have a desire to be accepted. There is a reason for that.

Here is where I will delve into the understanding of that which is true. I do not have the burden of believing it to be true because understanding is having experienced something. That is a very important distinction. However, my experience is not shared by others. Therefore, the most that anyone else could ever do with that knowledge is to believe it or not. In other words, it only serves to give you yet another option to consider. That is, unless you drop the wall of reduced vision to gain the understanding yourself.

What the heck does that mean?

The fact of the matter is that “you do not need to believe in anything”. Yes, that really is true. I will explain.

A very long time ago, humans developed to a point where a spirit could interface with their brain. It requires a certain amount of intelligence for that to happen, hence, why we differ from other animals. That interface is what some scientist call, “The spark of life”. Allen Alda hosted a PBS series called “The Human Spark” that addressed everything around that connection, but could not definitively identify it.

This blog entry would be much too long for me to describe that connection. If you want to read about it in more detail, then simply download my (free) book.

I will finish what I started, regarding belief, however.

Before the spark of life we were simply living like every other animal. We lived in packs called “clans” and were hunter gatherers. We lived off the land, eating whatever was there. We grew nothing and raised no livestock.

When the first humans received a spirit, we immediately changed. We now had a connection to each other and could feel the spirits of others. That feeling caused the first humans with spirits to make different choices. Most importantly, we could remember things. Not just immediate things in life, but our life experiences were being preserved. (See “Ark of Life” in the book) And because we had a connection amongst ourselves, we began to form communities and desired to be with others. Why did we desire to be with others? Because our spirits came from a place that is a unity of all spirits. And because of that, our spirits long to be close to other spirits here. For when we return home from whence our spirits came, we will again be within that unity. While here, we are still connected to each other and the unity, but are not “within” it.

When we formed communities we began to learn things and to teach others what we knew. Knowledge began to not be lost, but passed forward to the next generation. The development of a sophisticated language came next. That helped to bring us together considerably and enabled us to store knowledge. In contrast to animals, nothing is transferred forward for the next generation. A monkey might imitate another monkey poking a stick into a hole to get an ant, but the first monkey never made it a point to teach that trick.

And in regards to the Ark of Life that is preserved for each life, we experience the shadow of our prior life experiences through our spiritual connection. Have you ever heard the term “old spirit”? There is some validity to that.

So… what does that have to do with believing?

You do not need to believe. Life was much simpler at the beginning of the spark of life. Humans felt the spiritual connection clearly. There were no religions to get in the way. That has changed.

Most humans no longer feel the intensity of their spiritual connection. A belief system has superseded the connection and the physical part of our brain is now dominating the spiritual connection. In other words; our brain has developed so much that it controls the connection. It is suppressing our connection to each other and to where our spiritual connection came from. It has placed religions/superstitions in front of it.

My advice to you is to stop “believing” and begin to “feel” your true spiritual connection. Admittedly, that is much easier said than done. We have been taught to build a very strong wall against our spirituality and religions promise us everything we desire if we believe in that religion.

Religions would crumble if everyone embraced their true spiritual connection, and the fact is; religions will desperately cling to power. If you do not agree with that, one simply needs to read about ISIS. Do you think that is only an Islamic phenomenon? No, it is not. It is a human/religious one. We are all humans and can react similarly when our religion is in jeopardy or attacked. REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER! We are ALL humans! All share the identical genome and all share the same spiritual connection. Religion does not make that connection nor does it alter our genetic makeup. We are not Russian, Chinese, Islamic, Jews, Catholic, Republican, Democrats, or Americans. We are ALL humans with a spiritual connection to the same place. Countries are nothing more than giant animalistic clans that have developed protectionist tendencies. In other words; we are regressing back to animalistic behaviors.

When you feel your spiritual connection you will begin to feel what is right and what is wrong. You will also begin to recognize patterns of verification in your life. As time progresses you will become much more sensitive to the spirits of others; oftentimes feeling their hurt, happiness, and desires.  If everyone can embrace their spiritual connection it will begin to bring us closer together again to form better communities. Murders will decline, working together in social environments will begin to develop, and we will be less of an isolationist society.  The original spark of life gave us that and we have slowly been destroying it.

The spiritual connection is still there. Simply let it come through. That is it. Drop your resistance and accept it. You do not need to believe it is there. Once you let it come through you will understand that you no longer need to believe in anything. The truth is self-evident for all of us once we begin to feel it. From that day forward you will begin to grow stronger and more true. Life will begin to have more meaning.

With that being said, life will NOT get any easier to live. In-fact, it will most probably become more difficult. Why? Because your choices will begin to be less selfish, your desires for living will change, and you will focus more on quality of life instead of quantity of things to own. However, a tremendous burden of needing to believe will be removed. You will no longer fear death because you will eventually gain understanding that you are living a life to build your life after death. The old adage, “you reap what you sow” will make a whole lot more sense in that regard.

By living closer to your spiritual connection, you will live less like an animal. Our spirit is what makes us behave “civilized”.  When our spiritual connection is closed, we return to our animal instincts and become selfish and war-like. We take what we want, we kill for our desires, and we control everything we can to get as much as we can for ourselves. Don’t believe me? Then watch documentaries of animal behavior for the proof. Once you have proof, you will not need to believe me.

And on that note; once you begin to feel your true spirit you will not need proof to justify your spirituality. Remember; experience gives you understanding. Understanding is the truth without believing.

Everyone knows there is “something” that we cannot define in our lives. We all feel it behind the curtain. Pull the curtain back and embrace it. Your “real” life depends on you to be strong enough to do it. Don’t fail yourself.

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